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RealityWalker is about giving you perhaps a different perspective on our ‘reality’. Most pages here offer tales and descriptions of accessing other realities and the beings that are encountered in these in very coherent detail. These pages are not a joke. A recent survey in the UK has half the population ‘believing’ in ‘spooky’, esp or psi type things.

Half these people stated that they had some experience of these. That’s 25% of the population.

As a scientist I can state quite categorically that the ‘modality’ called Science has got itself wedged down a little narrow cul de sac with it appears little or no ability to turn around. I’m not impressed. I’m particular not impressed with regards the closed off attitudes, superstitious stances or the delusional ‘assumed’ explanations that in fact do nothing more than encourage people to keep their own experiences hidden else face ridicule or worse which might be reassuring for science but NOT for any having such experiences.

So, for those of you perhaps sensitive enough to have some experiences that correspond to what I write here or even just a deeper feeling that things are not as ‘rational’ as some would have us believe then you may find some reassurance with regards yourself on these pages here. For others whom don’t enjoy such experiences than these pages just might make you more amenable with regards others whom do.

So, the MD Article Archives contains pages in different categories that describe real meetings with such ‘people’ as; fairies & pixies, elves & unicorns, angels & demons, Gods & Goddesses while directly exploring other realms, past lives, spiritual levels, time warps and other planetary worlds.

With experience, humour and depth they blur and challenge the line between reality & myth, consciousness & concrete, spirit & science while weaving though past lives, other realms and spiritual levels . . . . sometimes hinting of deeper things.

and so . . . .

RealityWalker invites each of you to consider your own outer edges and what may lie even further beyond these than you have so far dared contemplate . . . . . .

I am Clive Hetherington a former research scientist with published papers in various subject areas but particularly in the medical fields whom has spent the last 14 years exploring other dimensional realities, domains and realms consciously.

Although I present a number of web sites that focus around multidimensional awareness, remote viewing, consciousness, spirituality and healing, this site is more about presenting my matter of fact daily experiences of walking in other realms and of what I encounter there. This is my most relaxed site where if I had hair I would let it down :-).

Here I describe not only my personal experiences but some real time interactive experiences of accessing with another over the phone simultaneously. You might then become slightly more open to possibilities beyond your own experience and perhaps what artificial boundaries we are being held to – boundaries you are being held to. I can access other realities and realms and walk around in them almost as easily as I can wander around my local supermarket. I can also read and communicate with those I meet as easily as with people here; in some ways more so. I access very broadly entering many realms, meeting many different being types on many different levels.

I am writing to help you become aware of the possibilities of the existence of other realities and dimensions and I do this by giving you a broad range of examples covering different circumstances, realms and levels. I also have pages offering more in depth background information about subtle energies, accessing and tuning in as well as exercises for those of you whom wish to try accessing other dimensions yourself – if you’re the adventurous type?

I was opened to abilities to very consciously access other realities during a spiritual awakening at the age of 36 (Click here for this article). As the manager of a Laboratory at this time, a scientist by profession with a background as a medical researcher you can imagine that this event stretched my understandings (and sanity) to the limit. In some ways not so much stretched as torn apart.

As I had such strong access, very coherent and direct communication with the beings I encountered while also being with someone whom was relating and confirming the same then I had absolutely no chance to deny the validity of this experience although it did take about 18 months to really become settled with what I had moved into.

How do you go from being a scientist to having such experiences? Perhaps a better question would be “Why are we each aligned and glued to some ‘beliefs’ that DON’T allow us to relate to others or to REALLY listen to others experiences or perspectives?”

All of that I write here is written directly from my experiences. If you deny the validity of them to myself then you are in a sense denying the right that your own experiences (whatever they are) are equally as valid. What makes YOUR experience AND mine equally valid?

Is that possible?

Under what circumstances would this be true? How do you, yes YOU reading this bridge your own experiences with what I write here?


Explanations & Advice

These pages give basic but comprehensive information about subtle energies, accessing other dimensions, how to interpret what is perceived and so on. The following pages are presented here . . . .

Subtle Energies & other Dimensions Explained

What are subtle energies, how these differ from ‘material’ matter, how people perceive these as flows and densities and not as solids. How subtle energies have nothing to do with ‘work’ as science defines things.

‘Tuning In’ to Subtle Energies and other Dimensions

Some examples of what people tuning in ‘see’ or sense. How different people pick up different things in different ways with respect to their back  ground, experience, training and expectations . . . .

What are beings in ‘Spirit’, entities and so on . . .

What are spirit beings? How best to think of these. Some notes on negative entities, how entity attachments happen and examples of how you can have an attachment.

To Trust or NOT to TRUST

How there is much useless and fear based crap about spirits, accessing spirit realms and exploring subtle energies and some discussion and reassurance on these areas.

MultiDimensional Awareness Exercises

So, for those whom would like to push the edges of themselves we give you some exercises here that will help you to expand your awareness, increase your sensitivity and stretch your abilities to enter, access or remote view other dimensions, realms and realities so you can say hi to your spirit guides, friends in other places, nature spirits, devas and so on.

Sensing subtle energies

This exercise will introduce you to ‘subtle energies’ and help you start to sense or perceive these. Working with this over time will make you more sensitive to subtle energies.

Contacting friends in other realities

This is the most comprehensive advice and guidance page we have yet seen explaining in detail how to attune yourself to the information you are picking up internally when scanning and accessing other realms and realities. It helps entrain you to take notice of the subtle information that most of us are picking up all of the time but either ignore or dismiss.

Engaging with Nature spirits

The is very comprehensive and is the perfect start to getting in touch with these beings. It includes advice on doing this with many different nature spirit types including; dwarfs, gnomes, faeries, pixies, water spirits, tree spirits, elves, trolls, sand spirits, mermaids, leprechauns and more . . .

So, keep an open mind and have fun and remember nothing is probably as any think it is, so explore and give yourself the opportunity to start to find out for yourself.

Multi Dimensional Tales Describing Accessing other Realities

You will find these under MD Article Archives. They describe my experiences of remote viewing and are an attempt on my part to give you a glimpse of these realms, of what else there is beyond what we have here and of the magic that there can be when connecting to particular beings. Some points;

  • There are many articles describing encounters with nature spirits, devas and elementals as I both have strong connections with these beings and it was this dimension that I had my first experience of stepping into / accessing. I feel a strong kinship with nature spirits. There are articles on site describing encounters with; dwarfs, trolls, gnomes, fairies, leprechauns, unicorns, pixies, mermaids, a dragon, water nymph, fairies and more . . .
  • I also include some articles that make the point of showing that many of these journeys were part of a larger lets say multidimensional agenda to educate me and help me understand things and myself at deeper levels. So, I was educated and trained to not rely on my spirit guides exclusively to identify trouble and keep me safe. To learn about energy and psychic protection methods, clearing earth energies and so on.
  • I have also presented some experiences that contradict what others perhaps hold to in these areas, so you might find some here that push your boundaries; my experience of the Reiki healing and initiations for example.
  • I have also included some articles writing about energy healing sessions with clients while exploring an issue to find the cause. All of these articles include audio of that session. These examples are not typical of our healing sessions rather they illustrate;
    • Multidimensional awareness and remote viewing abilities in action. They show just how coherent accessing can be when both myself and the client over the phone are completely locked into the same multi-dimensional landscape.
    • The variety and levels of dimensions and realities we may enter as well as past lives we may access.
    • The range of ‘interesting’ beings; demons, witches, wizards, magicians, guardians, gods and goddesses, entity attachments that we have to engage with and figure out how to deal with.
    • Most are presented because they are interesting, different and often funny
    • All the client session examples include audio files for you to listen to directly. It is worth reading the page ‘About audio files’ as this puts certain things of these files into context like; all are done over the phone, there is some editing, clients give permissions for them to be presented on this site.

I hope you enjoy reading and listening to these as much as I have enjoyed partaking of them. For me these adventures were a natural side effect of my focus to find and become more of what I feel I really am. All of the encounters that I describe here have been a very fun part of this movement; a broadening of understandings, a growing into deeper levels of myself and also a continuous extending and stretching of my abilities to access other realms.