star being

‘Tuning In’ to subtle energies & other realities

Tuning in, sensing, seeing and scanning energies When sensitives ‘tune in’ they are using specialised ‘internal’ senses to attune themselves to other frequencies of matter, none matter and or other dimensional realities. The information they receive by these internal senses is then translated so that it can be presented in a form understandable within the […]

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Et and Star Being encounters in the highlands of Brasil

Encounters with multiple types of et’s while in the highlands of Brazil.Alto Paraiso half circle entrance

During my visit to Brazil in September 1998 I flew with my wife and her mother Heloisa from Sao Paulo to Brasilia (further North towards the equator).

This was the start of our journey to a place called Alto Paraiso (High Paradise) which acts a focus for energies, energy work and therapists much like Glastonbury does in England.

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