So, continuing on from the previous pages ‘invisible’ extraterrestrial in a parkland sightings, this page gives yet more of my experiences of encountering these types of inconveniently ‘invisible’ aliens.

While visiting Brazil in I think September 1997 on an invitation from Cris to work with her as a healer in Sao Paulo for a few weeks, she persuaded me to extend my visit so that I could go with her to a place that she considered very special within Brazil.

This trip was to a town called Alto Paraiso (High Paradise) located in the Brazilian state of Goias. Alto Paraiso is a place that acts as focus for and attracts subtle energy worker, healers, therapists and people interested in spiritual matters and alternate life styles, perhaps much like Glastonbury does in England.

Flying Saucer UFO’s & Alien Star Being Encounters While Flying

So, I ended up flying with them from Sao Paulo to Brasilia. As the plane was gathering speed to take off, I noticed a small flying saucer off the left wing, it was very light blue in colour and about two meters in diameter. I did not see this out through the window, but via my inner (clairvoyant) vision. In other words this UFO saucer wasn’t physically visible. Some people would consider this to be a craft flying in some subtle domain or higher dimension, on the other hand it could equally well be an entirely physical craft with some sort of cloaking device that makes it invisible to physical based objective observations.

The invisible saucer shaped UFO held, steady seemingly ‘glued’ in position a few meters off the left wing. I thought, ‘interesting’ I’ll keep my eye on this.

About ten minutes later I spotted it again, but this time it had moved position and was now in the aisle of the plane about three meters in front of us and it looked as if it was resting on the physical floor of the aisle. Great I thought, lets see what happens now.

I nudged both Cris and her mother Heloisa and started to point vaguely in the direction of the craft, but before I could say anything they both said:

“Yea: ‘Flying Saucer’, we always get them on internal flights, the mother ship will be along later”

. . . and promptly went back to reading their books.

I was completely taken back by this reaction. Apparently having higher dimensional UFO’s engaging with aircraft was within certain circles so normal that they did not even think it was worth mentioning to me.

ET, Extra Terrestrial, Alien Sightings & Encounters of the Higher Dimensional Personal Experiences kind?

So, I kept me eye on this small flying saucer and it wasn’t long before three little extraterrestrial aliens each about a half meter tall came out of this small craft to then generally wander around the plane. The general impression I got was that they were checking out all the people on our flight in a general sense and not doing anything in particular. About twenty minutes later however, a very big mother ship (a giant flying saucer, with a diameter much bigger than the length of the plane) approached the air craft and positioned itself such that the whole plane was embedded within it.

Alien, UFO, flying saucer
Alien, UFO, flying saucer

Again this very large Flying Saucer seemed to be perfectly locked on in position terms to the aircraft itself. Star Trek style tractor beams come to mind with respect to this ‘locked solid’ positioning.

The plane then became awash with the same little alien type that had appeared earlier. There were dozens of them each doing different things with different people and they seemed to be doing something to everyone on the plane.

As part of what they were doing, one came and stood on my lap and placed what I can only describe as a very sophisticated subtle technology based subtle energy jacket around my upper body. Once this was in position the little alien made some adjustments to it via what appeared to be a small panel which was present on the front of the jacket. During the last twenty minutes of the flight my head dropped and I went into a very deep inner space, meditative type state. I was conscious but totally in an empty mental void space.

Again for Cris and Heloisa, they didn’t bat an eye while all of this was going on.

To them, these higher dimensional UFO’s and their extraterrestrial alien occupants engaging with internal to Brazil flights were a normal everyday occurrence and absolutely nothing to get excited about.

I came out of my zoned out, deep meditative state as the plane made preparations to land at Brasilia airport.

The Real Truth about UFO, Extra Terrestrial, Alien Sightings & Experiences?

ufo-et-2So, some people claim they’ve seen physical aliens, then we have a great number of either higher dimensional alien or star being sightings or both. The star beings are apparently for the most part mostly ‘good’ aliens (depending on what you read) whom are also in most cases from well defined specific star systems and in some cases even specific worlds.

How come there are apparently two sets of aliens or perhaps even three? I personally now find this suspicious.

Perhaps the name ‘star beings’ is used to describe these so called higher dimensional alien beings because the use of this name tends to psychologically negate or short circuit ‘thinking’ of these beings as real alien ‘aliens’ while also avoiding invoking images of alien looking ‘aliens’ either.

An example of a none humanoid looking alien, extraterrestrial
An example of a none humanoid looking alien, extraterrestrial

There has even been speculation that some that are presenting themselves as higher dimensional aliens are actually ‘spiritual’ beings or beings of the spirit realms. Never mind that no matter what ‘aliens’ we are talking about there seems to be a bias that has all of them being very strongly presented in some obvious humanoid form. With a torso, two arms, two legs, a recognizable head with eyes, mouth and ears.

Is there some perceptual, slight of hand, reality initiated ‘conversion’ process being instigated? Perhaps to deliberately keep ‘thinking’ contained and limited?

Another perhaps very pertinent question to ask is: why does ‘reality’ seem to be very selectively, as in to very, very personally to present very specific people with different versions of UFO and ‘alien’ sightings experiences while suspiciously gifting imagined ‘rational’ types with the same only rarely?

Is our reality entirely, Universally Consistent or is it Inconsistent?

More particularly, why are such sightings ALWAYS personal with no conclusive physical evidence that would help confirm the validity of these experiences to others?

If I was a sceptical type I’d likely become suspicious about the MAKE UP OF REALITY rather than the MAKE UP OF SPECIFIC PEOPLE.

Why are scientists and why is science as a whole orientated to automatically dismiss odd ‘experiences’ even though these experiences are often entirely consistent (alien abduction experiences for example) while scientists themselves continue to work to a set of assumptions that only has them personally being comfortable if they themselves can directly confirm these experiences while bizarrely virtually exclusively not actually orientating themselves to attempt to duplicate these experiences FOR THEMSELVES, as EXPERIENCES? I find this suspicious too now.

It seems to me that the science approach itself isn’t what you’d call ‘fit for purpose’ under these conditions.

If I was at all sceptical as well as imaginative I’d likely become suspicious that perhaps reality itself might also be acting on scientists in very, very personal ways with the aim to very specifically facilitate them to remain unaware of the contradictions that they themselves present with regards accurately, diligently and openly trying to understand our very own, decidedly very odd earth reality space here?

A reality, that if you’re even vaguely ‘observant’ seems to consistently present very interesting BUT very, very personal ‘odd’ experiences very selectively. Just how would reality have to be to achieve this?

Universally consistent doesn’t seem to quite fit in with this does it? Perhaps reality isn’t universally consistent at all, perhaps it’s only personally consistent?

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 Air Travel UFO and Alien Experience

UFO, Alien, Extraterrestrial Experiences Series . . . .

The next page in the series is: 7. Air Travel UFO and Alien Experience

This series presents (for the most part) my own personal experiences of physical and none physical UFO sightings as well as none physical extraterrestrial and alien encounters.

These experiences are intermixed with unusual general observations as well as some ‘off the edge’ speculations relating to these incidents.