Extensive, Indepth Anomalous Experiences Research into a Wide Variety of Anomalous Experience Types

You could say that anomalous experiences are considered ‘anomalous’ with respect to what is expected or considered ‘normal’ of ‘CONSENSUS’ realty, i.e. of what has been/is generally consistently/globally ‘OBSERVED/OBSERVABLE’ by perhaps the majority of the population!!!

I’ve personally experienced many, many, many, ‘MANY’ anomalous experiences, and of many different types and often ‘regularly’ and even over MANY decades then this site is not only offering exceptional in depth analysis of many of these, inclusive of ‘rational’ speculation as to how REALITY WOULD HAVE TO BE to explain at least some types or categories of anomalous experiences . . . BUT, I’ve a medical research science background including being the manager of a university central resources facility for over a decade and that it was during this time that I first began to consistently have anomalous of some very specific types. In this respect, this site may perhaps be ‘worrying’ not only to ex academic colleagues but perhaps academics/scientists in general when they find that the vast majority of pages/posts presented on this site cover an exceptionally diverse range of extremely odd, aka highly anomalous experiences that were experienced by myself. Most of which I’m presenting coherent evidence to explain their origins!!!!

Despite that I had lots of offers to do a PHD I was fortunate enough to notice that a Phd from my perspective (and in being already an expert at observation) meant you’d be forced to ‘specialise’ and hence then end up doing research within such a small tiny/microscopic area of a sub sub subject research area, that is so small it’s NOT ACTUALLY POSSIBLE TO ACTUALLY KNOW IF ANY RESEARCH FITS/IS ACCURATE with respect to larger scales of knowledge/research. Strangely I was not aware of anyone being employed to have an encompassing overview of at least related ‘fields’ of research. In other words people with Msc’s and Phd’s have an exceedingly poor scale of education/understanding i.e. they are each an expert in a fraction of sweet FA . . . which is odd because they only way that you can know if ‘anything’ of absolutely any research within science is correct is to have an encompassing overview of a very large scale of research/understandings . . . science is equivalent to having a 1,000,000 million piece jigsaw puzzle with each scientist/academic clutching 1 or 2 or at best 3 pieces . . . ‘somehow’ actually imagining that they have some ‘clue’ about how their pieces relate to all others!!!!!

We ‘used’ to have some scientists mentioning the word ‘reductionism’ which is a testament to how badly they can choose a word to ‘represent’ some important aspects of how utterly COMPARTMENTALISED science, ALL SCIENCE actually is . . . Definition of ‘compartmentalised’ :

“Divided up into compartments or categories;most sciences have become woefully compartmentalized’. Most closely associated words include: cut up, disunite, separate, part and divide.”

How To Approach Investigating and Researching Anomalous Experiences?

In that it’s a well know FACT that science is focused on ‘observation’ and particularly with respect to evaluating and appraising ‘everything’ and given that it would be pretty much impossible to observe someone else’s anomalous experience/experiences then I’d expect that academics and scientists investigating anomalous experiences would be doing the rational thing which would be for them to PERSONALLY attempt to duplicate these experiences for THEMSELVES!!!!

Doing anything else would ‘essentially’ be, MMMmmm not very rational or objective or reasoned or ‘logical’!!!!

Below are some ‘introduction/orientation’ pages for those serious about ‘evaluating’ what I present on the rest of this site as well as for anyone interested in having similar and or equivalent experiences!!!!


Anomalous & ‘Odd’ Experiences Introduced

What ‘odd, anomalous and or unusual’ experiences have ‘you’ had? RealityWalker is about offering  some different perspective on the nature of our ‘reality’ based for the most part on what I’ve personally and consistently experienced over many decades.

There are many unusual and different experiences written about here. For example, of nature spirit encounters (trolls, dwarfs & fairies for example) as well as many other ‘fae / fairy /little people‘ types.

There are pages describing sleep paralyses ‘apparitions’ and also ‘ghosts encounters’ i.e. experiences of ‘people’ that are ‘obviously’ physically dead but whom ‘irritatingly’ still seem to persist in existing elsewhere (including my own recently ‘dead’ mother as I describe here).

I also write about past lives and accessing portals into the past too. Some UFO sightings as well as quite a few none physical ‘alien’ encounters.

Could there be a ‘Rational’ Basis for Anomalous ‘Paranormal’ Experiences?

Because I have a lot of experience of accessing & engaging with different none physical aspects of reality then I also include advice and exercises here to help people learn to try and do the same.

VUE-graphicMore recently, in taking the time to think about and to write about many of my diverse and ‘odd’ experiences then I have become aware of some recurring patterns that it appears are often directly associated with ‘anomalous’ experiences specifically.

For example; these types of experiences seem to fade from memory faster and are then more difficult to recall compared to more ‘normal’ experiences. These effects are also ‘experienced’ by people that are actually perfectly comfortable with many ‘anomalous’ experiences because they are a perfectly normal and natural part of their everyday functioning (as many are for me).

So, there are also pages here pointing out these extra ‘oddities’ that are associated with ‘anomalous’ experiences AND there is now a graphical interconnected ‘Visuals’ page presenting a ‘conceptual’ framework linking all sorts of ‘common’ anomalous experiences to How Reality would ‘HAVE TO BE’ to Account for these.

You can find this visual / framework / model on this page here.

How ‘Usual’ are Unusual Experiences, Paranormal Phenomenon?

A recent survey in the UK has half the population (50%) ‘believing’ in ‘spooky’, esp or psi type things.

Even ‘worse’ is that half these people stated that they had some direct experience of one or more of these. In other words 25% of the UK population have likely experienced something ‘anomalous’. That’s an awful lot of anomalous experiences (around 15 million) . . .

As a medical scientist by ‘original’ profession (research papers here) I can state quite categorically and confidently that the ‘modality’ called Science has got itself wedged into a very narrow cul de sac with it appears little or no ability to turn around.

I’m personally not impressed. I’m particular not impressed with regards the closed off attitudes, superstitious stances as well as the entirely delusional, assumed to be ‘rational’ explanations (often offered by people whom haven’t had any ‘odd’ experiences (not even one) and whom therefore actually have no personal context or baseline to make evaluations). Strangely, these purported to be  ‘rational’ explanations do nothing more than encourage people to keep their own experiences hidden else face ridicule or worse. This might be ‘psychologically’ reassuring for scientists, academics and perhaps others but NOT for any having such experiences.

So, for those of you either lucky or unfortunate enough to have had some ‘odd’ experiences and particularly any that correspond to what I write here as well as any whom have a feeling that ‘reality’ or ‘things’ are not as ‘rational’ as some would like us to believe then you may find some reassurance from what I present on these pages.

For anyone reading these pages that havn’t yet been gifted with any ‘weird’ experiences than these pages just might make you more amenable with regards others whom have had such experiences.

Finding the Anomalous Experiences Articles that Interest you on this site . . .

The Archives drop down above contains articles pages in different categories that describe real encounters and ‘COHERENT / REPRODUCIBLE’ experiences with the likes of different ‘none’ physically observable ‘people’ such as; fairies & pixies, elves & unicorns, angels & demons as well as some Gods & Goddesses while directly exploring other realms or reality, past lives, spiritual domains, levels, time warps and other planetary worlds.

With experience, humour and depth they blur and challenge the line between reality & myth, consciousness & concrete, spirit & science while weaving though past lives, other realms and spiritual levels . . . . sometimes hinting of deeper things.

and so . . . .

RealityWalker invites each of you to consider what might be beyond your own outer edges and what may lie even further beyond these than you have so far dared even contemplate . . . . . .

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Anomalous Experiences Science Based Academic Research Perspectives

In reading the ‘conclusions’ sections of the first paper listed, then they seem to be realising that anomalous experiences are rather more common than they originally thought!!!

Phenomena such as near-death and out-of-body experiences have often been ignored or ridiculed by mainstream psychology. In this volume, leading scholars explore these areas, as well as experiences of hallucinations, lucid dreams, alien abductions, mysticism, anomalous healings, psi events, and past lives, in an effort to explain the totality of human experience. In an accessible style, contributors review and discuss current research about unusual but important events, creating a mesmerizing account of activity at the boundaries of conventional psychology. The contributors examine current research and theories, methodological issues, related psychopathology, individual and cultural differences, after effects, and clinical implications of anomalous experiences.

Samples confirmed the previously found positive correlation between psychic or paranormal experiences and rating artistic creativity as an important purpose of life. Likewise, both samples confirmed that spiritual interests, overall meaning in life, and reports of psychic experiences were all correlated with reports of transcendent/spiritual experiences.

Anomalous Experience Associated Keywords: psychic states, paranormal, anomalous experiences, trauma outcomes, hallucinations, altered states of consciousness, psychic abilities, symbolization, extra sensory perceptions (ESP).

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