2. An Example of a Past Life Trauma Release & Finding What are the Real Causes of a Stammer/Stutter

At the bottom of the previous page I wrote . . . “have a think about these very basic ‘logical’ 2+2 = 4 type factors related to the Walkers Crisps Packet Mandela Effect and try and become aware of as many as you can before reading the next page . . . ”

Below are just ‘some’ of the factors what I gradually became aware of as being very important/critical with respect to analysing this specific Mandela Effect . . .

  1. For example what is the probability of 2 out of 9 specific things being consistently seen?
  2. Which crisp packets would you/people most likely remember and which ones would you/most people most likely forget?
  3. Which specific crisp varieties are the most commonly purchased and which are the least purchased?
  4. As you’ve a 1 in 9 chance of misremembering one packet/variety out of 9 then which two packets are most commonly purchased and hence then would be the two most commonly seen/viewed and hence you’d imagine would then be the two crisp packets that are the least likely to be MISREMEMBERED!!!!

The page that I wrote that actually provides the missing information and hence then gives a proper ‘rational/reasoned/objective’ analysis, as opposed to a mentally retarded one, which is what you get everywhere else (including on science based ME evaluating pages) is here.

So, if you actually educate yourself with the missing information AND then spend time thinking about the above (as opposed to NOT AT ALL as far as I could tell doing web searches) then it becomes stupidly easy to evaluate how realistic it is to ‘misremember’ these two specific items compared to all other paired combinations!!!

In figuring this out then it turns out that it’s exceptionally unlikely that you’d specifically misremember these two specific packets/flavours very specifically because these are the two most commonly purchased and hence therefore they are the most commonly seen . . . in other words misremembering these specific packets ISN’T LIKELY AT ALL, it’s more likely to happen to any other crisp packet combination!!!

I should also point out (and I’m being very serious about this) that the explanation most commonly presented on most Mandela Effect pages is that we are having memories from another duplicated version of ourselves in some parallel universe/reality/dimension COPIED to ourselves such that we are then in a sense being ‘updated’ with the memories of this duplicate version of ourselves from somewhere else!!!!!

I kid you not, that this is the most mentioned, the most prevalent ‘explanation’!!!

The Parallel Universe Theory Copied & Pasted Mandela Effect Faulty Memory Alterations Hypothesis

I’d also like to point out here that ‘strangely’ I cannot find any discussions anywhere of how an assumed ‘natural/real’ universe could ‘somehow’ apparently update someone/anyone in our universe with the very ‘specific’ altered memories supposedly of the same person that is living within another universe presumably because in that universe the specific ‘common’ item is different in the way the memory here is altered/converted to!!!!

On the other hand, if we are living within a duplicated copied software defined population type simulation such that everyone here would then by and large be a duplicated copy of someone else already living within another multiverse somewhere else then having slightly different memories of specific ‘common’ items, would not only be feasible (because in the original/other population some identical items may then actually be different in a significant way), ‘AND’ in having a software defined everything is DATA reality/configuration such an update of memories is then also absolutely ‘feasible’ . . . however if we are actually all duplicated copies of other people such that we’d all then ‘by and large’ be living out someone else’s life then it doesn’t take much thinking to figure out some of the potential anomalies that such a reality would present and or of then having a quick look around to see if we’ve got any of them here . . . ‘coincidentally’ . . . I’ve already done this AND these investigations AND the logic of figuring out the anomalies (which we do have) are explained in detail on this page here)!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I want you to at least be aware of the possibility that we could each be a copy, a ‘duplicate’ of someone else whom is already living (and existing now) within another parallel multiverse AND in ourselves each being a copy of someone else then ALL OF US HERE are then (by and large) absolutely living out an already pre-defined life based on the life and experiences of this other person, this over version of ourselves.

I want you to at least ‘try’ and conceptually get your head around this possibility, ‘AND’ I want you to attempt to do this, because, ‘IF’ we are living out a duplicated life of SOME OTHER PERSON, AND ‘IF’ for our specific parallel universe version one of the agendas of its design IS TO ‘ONLY’ PRESENT OURSELVES WITHIN THE PHYSICAL AS IF WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN THIS PHYSICAL HUMAN FORM, WHILE ALSO TRYING TO DISAPPEAR & OR PRESENT THE SUBTLE FORMS LIVED EXPERIENCES OF THE PERSON WE ARE A COPY OF by having these aspects/experiences of ‘OURSELVES, specifically presented in an archaic difficult to figure out, “SYMBOLIC/REPRESENTATIONAL’ FORM’ which even more bizarrely is specifically ONLY PRESENTED/MADE VIEWABLE/PERCEIVABLE in a form that is specifically depicted as being INDEPENDENT/SEPARATE/REMOTE FROM THEMSELVES . . . while also very particularly being presented, made visible, perceivable JUST TO SOME VERY, VERY SPECIFIC PEOPLE/INDIVIDUALS HERE ‘ONLY’!!!!

Let me be ‘explicit’, if ‘you’ reading this ‘have had’ some type of nature spirit, fae, fairy, elemental sighting/experience then it would be extremely helpful for you to attempt to get your head around this possibility/what I describe above. Yes, the above linked page (on this page here) is indeed HORRIFYINGLY LONG. To be explicit it’s 35 A4 pages long, and it’s 35 pages long because it provides not just one vague maybe, maybe not smidgen of evidence BUT many different HARD TO REFUTE ‘EVIDENCE’ ANGLES that are in fact then, VERY VERY SUGGESTIVE of the possibility that we are each living out someone else’s already lived life.

Getting ‘Spontaneous’ Access to Myself as a Stressed Fetus & then Past Life Trauma While Investigating the Origins of Current Life ‘Disturbing STATES/FEELINGS’

Within my Mandela Effect altered memory investigation series you might find the following two pages interesting/useful to read because they ‘illustrate’ in fine detail the progression of the consistent effort that I was ALL THE TIME MAKING to become as aware of the origins, the originating past circumstances that were specifically contributing to any of my ‘current’ persistently negative/disabling internal states which in the efforts described in the two examples below eventually lead to myself understanding the very past distant originating circumstances/origins of some very current IN MY LIFE NOW debilitating states/feelings/facets of myself!!!!

  1. Becoming Aware of the Long Term Negative Impact of Pre-Birth Experiences/Traumas & Stresses on Myself
  2. Where are the Anomalous Memories of Ancient Past Lives, Held/Stored?

The first page above describes how I started to became aware that my breathing was all utterly wrong/completely dysfunctional AND that this was caused by extreme stress and tension that very likely started before I was born while also then continuing during my early life for many years . . . .

Now in re-reading the first page above, I was reminded of the time I started to become aware of my seriously contained/seriously restricted/dysfunctional ‘breathing’ mechanism which had me sort of realising in a very distant background/indirect way that my very, very early life circumstances were actually the base contributing factor to myself developing a stammer . . . however in now again re-reading both these pages a few times I ‘eventually’ figure out how my early life circumstances would have directly resulted in myself as a toddler actually developing a stammer and speech block . . . which I’ll now explain below!!!

The road accident as experienced by my father (as mentioned on the first page above) & resulting fractured skull injury (i.e. a massive head trauma), made my father extremely on edge as well as hypersensitive to any noise/disturbance, such that even the ‘click’ of a door being carefully opened ‘could’ have him seriously erupting in startled shock as well as to be honest ‘uncontrollable’ rage at times too. So, be very aware that this was my permanent/all the time home life circumstances/situation as a baby and toddler, specifically because my father was at home for likely at least a year or two or more before he recovered enough to go back to work.

In other words as a toddler permanently living within these circumstances, then it is highly likely that I’d be ON EDGE/ULTRA STRESSED OUT and hence then HARDLY BREATHING AT ALL, REGULARLY if not permanently!!! Coincidentally, if you are permanently on edge, sort of holding your breath and or are being trained that MAKING A NOISE/ANY NOISE including perhaps EVEN SPEAKING can result in a MASSIVELY STRESSFUL REACTION (as an example, I remember my father literally picking up and throwing a hand made wooden three seater sofa (as a woodworking teacher he’d made it himself) across the room during one of his out of control ‘reactions’) then it’s highly likely that eventually after years of continually living with these circumstances ALL THE TIME, that just trying to normally speak to anyone would be extremely difficult AND WITHOUT ‘BREATH’ WHICH IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF SPEAKING IT WOULD MAKE SPEAKING PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE.

What are the Real Causes of a Stammer/Stutter: A Dysfunctional Breathing Mechanism Caused by Early Childhood Stressing Traumatizing Circumstances?

For example it’s then possible that you only have enough intake of breath to only just ‘begin’ to say a word before you would run out of breath when breathing out while speaking. As a direct illustration of this, try speaking while NOT breathing out, it’s actually not possible to speak without exhaling and it’s not possible to speak properly if your exhalation is not smooth and continuous WHILE YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SPEAKING.

Just to demonstrate this to yourself, try directly speaking/saying out loud what I’ve written on this line here ‘now’ WITHOUT BREATHING OUT!!!!

The specific circumstances that I describe on the paragraphs above are very likely to result in the development of a stammer a stutter because, due to the impact of and accumulation of body held stress over many years this will result in a ‘held in stressed/rigid’ abdomen/chest areas no longer being able to allow a full in and out normal/free breathing capacity/functioning . . . coincidentally the awareness of my dysfunctional breathing only happened because I made a pretty much all the time, day in day out effort to become more and more aware of myself and PARTICULARLY of my internal ‘body’ states/body functioning, as well as of then trying and find a way to do something about/sort out/resolve what I did eventually became aware of.

Now, in my case, while specifically working on my abdomen area in a more and more focused fashion while also then deeply massaging this area I became aware of what I can only describe as a steel icicle (almost like a rod of trapped/contained ‘energy’) rigidly internally positioned between my anus and belly button area. When I did the extended rebirthing session (on my own) specifically to determinedly ‘crack/open/gain access to this’ then when it DID CRACK OPEN AND THEN START TO BREAK DOWN/RELEASE WHAT IT CONTAINED/HELD it literally went from being an icicle to a raging furnace. My entire body temperature went through the roof and I become literally drenched in hot sweat that literally seemed to be poring from myself, it was seriously unbelievable what had been accumulated and trapped as extreme stress/tension for almost three decades at this point in time.

So, a normal chest/abdomen focused breathing system/mechanism that through persistent stressful/tense and perhaps at times traumatic circumstances will very gradually becomes more and more limited/constrained/dysfunctional such that it will eventually have a more and more degrading negative impact on a person’s ability to speak normally and particularly with respect to the quality and consistency of speech specifically because exceptionally stressful circumstances have over time gradually degraded the natural normal inhaling/exhaling breathing mechanisms which are actually required for ourselves to speak properly/normally.

In this respect, based on what I write above, it is perhaps likely that most people with stammers/stutters are actually NOT BREATHING CORRECTLY/NORMALLY perhaps because they too were subjected to extreme stress due to extremely difficult circumstances/experiences perhaps inclusive of HAVING TO TRY AND STAY QUIET during their early years!!!

Hence, people with a stammer/stutter are perhaps being detrimentally impacted by an accumulation of early childhood accumulated stress & tension and maybe trauma, the build up of which is likely due to persistent/extremely difficult circumstances perhaps including having to forcibly make an effort to keep quiet & or having negative reactions/consequences if you make a noise/sound including just TRYING TO SPEAK/TALK!!!!

It is actually very likely that the efforts I made to gain access to and to ‘crack’ the locked/embedded always ‘on edge/alert’ accumulations of stress/tension within the base of my abdomen and chest areas seriously contributed to myself re-normalising my breathing as I released all of the accumulated abdomen focused tension/stress this likely correlated with my stammer pretty much completely disappearing.

Interestingly, in having a quick look at health service sites presenting information on stammering/stuttering and then specifically checking out what they present as the ’causes of stammering’ you don’t really get anything ‘coherent/solid’. Yes, brain functioning gets a mention BUT strangely absolutely nothing on breathing or breath (it’s perhaps possible that as breath is well, ‘sort of invisible’ they might have missed it). The somewhat ‘worrying bottom line here’ is that, ‘the engine/driving force’ that speech/speaking absolutely 100% depends upon isn’t even mentioned!!!’ . . .

I’ll mention in passing that the second linked example I give above (Where are the Anomalous Memories of Ancient Past Lives, Held/Stored?) is also ‘interesting’ because it describes yet another massive many, many months effort of LITERALLY SPENDING HOURS ‘DAILY’ DOING NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT FOCUSING MY ‘ENTIRE SELF’ INTO FEELING INTO/TRYING TO GET ACCESS TO THE ORIGINS OF SOME PERSISTENT FEELINGS OF ANGUISH & DESPAIR, which had ABSOLUTELY no correlation with respect to anything of my current life ‘except’ that the girl friend I split up from maybe a year before this was South American AND the shit feelings when I eventually got access to them related to a trauma very specifically from a South American past life (I kid you not)!!! I also ended up living in Brazil a few years later!!!!

Spontaneous Access to a Mayan Past Life Emotional Trauma Release Past Life Relationship Example

When I state ‘HOURS’ ‘and’ DAILY above this is not an exaggeration. I’d spend 2 hours in the evening during the week and then on a weekend sometimes up to 6 hours at a stretch doing nothing else except quietly sitting (or sometimes all the time standing and maybe in some very specific physical body stressing positions to help prod/provoke/release anything stored within these areas of my body) while ALL THE TIME continually putting/keeping my entire awareness/sensory/perceptive ‘matrix’ onto these specific feelings as part of trying to become directly aware of their origins/originating causes.

How long could ‘YOU’ reading this absolutely hold your attention ‘fixated’ on some ‘feelings/internal sensations’ for? A ‘minute’, 5 minutes, maybe 10 before your mind/attention drifts off as you get bored or distracted? After many ‘years’ of doing this daily I could literally hold an absolute attention for up to 6 hours!!!

Can you appreciate how in consistently doing this in my late 20’s while doing this DAILY such that by the time I was doing this specifically to track these specific feelings of anguish and despair (in my early to mid 30’s) I’d been doing this pretty much every day for 7 to 8 years!!!! This was also why I was EXCEPTIONALLY PUZZLED with respect to these specific feelings because when I’d track other feelings/sensations down I’d ‘eventually’ get to some past and in most cases childhood incident/experience which is how I got access to myself as a fetus in my mother’s womb that I described in the previous example which likely happened because I’d have been tracing back other feelings and sensations, very likely of background stress/anxiety/base insecurity from what I can recall/feel ‘NOW’!!!!

Can you appreciate the degree of laser like ‘focused attention/unwavering absolutely held to awareness’ that was the eventual outcome of the progression of my ANTI STAMMER CAMPAIGN that I initiated when I was 21?

So, in determinedly trying to gain access to the origins or the ‘SOURCE WITHIN MYSELF’ of some feelings that are to myself absolutely ‘anomalous’ specifically because I cannot correlate these with anything going on as a trigger in my current life, I eventually after 7/8 months of daily effort ‘spontaneously’ get access to a past life.

In other words/let me make this very clear, I WASN’T & NEVER HAD BEEN TRYING TO SPECIFICALLY GAIN ACCESS TO PAST LIVES, so, gaining access to this past life not only ‘just happened’ in then directly engaging with this alleged ‘past life’ all of these ‘shit’ feelings THAT I’D HAD, ALL THE TIME FOR ABOUT 7/8 MONTHS then completely ‘dissipated/disappeared’ over the next few days AND all of this was going on while I was working as the Manager of a University Central Resources Facility . . .

Let me point out some of the very, very logical implications of the above . . . I’m finding myself consistently in feelings and emotions that have absolutely no correlation that I can fathom with respect to any aspect of my current life that I ‘eventually’ (after 7/8 months of ‘SERIOUS’ daily effort) find are actually of a past life from 1000’s of years ago . . . such that in myself being originally a science/academic type and hence then have an utterly rational/reasoned/logical thinking/evaluating base/foundation (a ‘real’ one) . . . then I’d absolutely have to be suspicious about the possibility that I’m being reincarnated and have been for at least 1000+ years . . . which if you’ve any actual ‘REAL’ capacity for logical/reasoned ‘evaluations’ then you’d hard pushed to not then realise that as the human form has an easily observable limited life span before then actually dying/pegging out, actually then DIRECTLY IMPLICITLY/LOGICALLY IMPLIES THAT:


What this actually logically suggests is that whom I actually really ‘am’ ABSOLUTELY must be separate from/independent of the physical human body form while also then being interfaced to it and or it to me, for me to have/experience my ‘now’ current physical life/incarnation, after which it then seems likely that I’ll be interfaced to yet another human animal form in the future as part of having my next incarnated/interfaced to a human ‘life’ . . . all of which suggests that the human body is then nothing more than a temporary remote vehicle/avatar AND that my ‘REAL’ body form is then permanently somewhere else, AND in that this other/separate remote/hidden form is then ACTUALLY REALLY ‘REALLY’ ME, it must then LOGICALLY be this hidden body form, THIS ‘FORM/PERSON’, that was then DIRECTLY impacted by the TRAUMA IN A DISTANT PAST LIFE because ‘LOGICALLY’ it would ABSOLUTELY be this specific ‘hidden’ form that in being TIME & TIME AGAIN CONTINUALLY RE-INTERFACED to yet another human body yet again lifetime after lifetime that would then be DIRECTLY impacted in the very distant historical past life that from my perspective happened at least 1000+ years ago . . . DOESN’T THIS LOGICALLY EXPLAIN ALL THE ‘ANOMALOUS’ FACTORS OF THESE ‘NOT FROM THIS LIFE’ FEELINGS/EMOTIONS?!?!?, that I was explicitly being ‘SERIOUSLY’ negatively impacted by!!!!



How many of you reading this, are IN THIS MOMENT NOW OR ARE ‘SOMETIMES/ON AND OFF’, in some ‘disturbing psychological states’ and or are generally in some ‘persistent feelings/emotions’ that actually DON’T ORIGINATE FROM CIRCUMSTANCES FROM THIS LIFE/THIS ‘LIFETIME’?!?!?!?


I’m also sure that some of you reading this (the third page of an entire series of very likely 10+ similar sized pages) will find what I write, let’s say, either . . . ‘daunting or seemingly long winded . . . ‘, to such and extent that you might be having thoughts along the lines of:

“Why cannot he, ‘IN A PARAGRAPH OR TWO’ explain the nature spirits . . . why am I having to read all of this background shit”!!!!

Coincidentally, it’s myself describing my past BACKGROUND ‘SHIT’ & SHIT ‘STATES’ and my unbelievably determined efforts to resolve these that BECAUSE I MADE THESE EFFORTS are actually the reasons as to why I had both the ‘sensitivity’, the scale of experiences AND the incentive to figure these forms out AND unfortunately it’s extremely unlikely that more than a handful of people on this entire planet have a similar background!!!!


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