3. Anomalous Experience Investigations Reveal Real Causes of a Stammer & How I Cured my Stutter & Speech Block

In a base line sense, it would be useful for you to know that I’ve expended considerable time researching on a vast scale as well as in ‘exceptional’ detail a lot of information sources as part of trying to figure out/understand a wide range of anomalous experiences, very specifically because I have ‘PERSONALLY’ as well as CONSISTENTLY/REGULARLY EXPERIENCED THESE ‘MYSELF’, including for ‘some’ specific types of anomalous experiences (the nature spirits for example) over a time span of literally decades . . . the outcome of which was that I started to more directly make efforts to try and figure out HOW THE BASE NATURE OF OUR REALITY WOULD ‘HAVE TO BE’ such that reality itself would somehow very specifically ONLY ‘ALLOW’ a very specific sub population of people/individuals ‘ONLY’ to consistently ‘see/become aware’ specifically of the nature spirit forms . . . .

Hence I’ve been Researching & Compiling Evidence to ‘Rationally’ Explain All Sorts & Types of Anomalous Experiences

In this respect, I have specifically used my realitywalker.com web site to present a representative ‘selection/spread’ of some of the wide variety of anomalous experiences that I myself have personally experienced and particularly of types of experiences that are for the most part relatively ‘common’ in that they are ‘obviously’ repeatedly experienced as well as experienced as ‘consistently equivalent’ by at least ‘some’ others too . . . however, I’ve also had other ‘anomalous’ experiences that I’ve not mentioned/written about anywhere either because they are EXTREMELY COMMON, for example:

  1. I’ve accessed literally 1000’s of specific past life times/events specifically as part of efforts to identify the ‘ORIGINATING’ causes of debilitating/limiting ‘personal’ issues/traumas for example.
  2. I’ve also had loads and loads of contacts with ghosts/dead people, including consistently interactive ones BUT I’ve only written one page on this site covering these . . .

However, in other instances I’ve not written about specific experiences because . . .

  1. They are exceptionally/utterly odd while also in some instances they only happened to myself ‘once’ and or because . . .
  2. I’ve not seen these described by anyone else, or because . . .
  3. They are also somewhat ‘extra difficult/convoluted’ and or (to be honest) pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to explain . . . such that, despite that they can ‘actually’ be explained BUT only by writing literally dozens and or even maybe 100’s of pages laying out the background circumstances and evidence line ‘logically’ that (for example) our reality is FAKE and of a VERY SPECIFIC DESIGN/CONFIGURATION etc. etc. such that it then requires people to spend days and or weeks reading these before they are actually in a position to ‘PROPERLY’ understand these experiences, which in our instant twittering response/idiot opinion focused/zero attention span age . . . it’s much easier as well as seemingly automatic to write a stupid as well as dismissive comment as opposed to actually MAKING SOME EFFORT, perhaps it’s actually possible that people’s ‘thinking’ abilities have been eroded so much over the last decade or so that they no longer have the ability to properly think about and or evaluate anything that’s longer than say 140 characters . . . it certainly seems to be the case to me!!!

Now, in that this series will focus primarily on the fae, fairies, nature spirits which have been consistently seen by a not insignificant number of people then I’m going to point out some of the quite obvious problems involved in assessing and evaluating these types of experiences . . .

I’m sure that most of you reading this will be aware that our ‘official’ researchers/academics/scientists have had a persistent fetish for ‘observation’ for about 3 centuries now!!!

Let me point out some exceptionally obvious readily observable flaws with respect to an ‘observation’ focused research/evaluation approach . . . which is that, you absolutely cannot ‘OBSERVE’ absolutely ‘ANY’ FACTOR AT ALL never mind ‘ALL’ factors with respect to ‘SOMEONE ELSE/ANYONE’ having ‘A SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE’ never mind of some ‘anomalous’ experiences that very specifically are recorded as consistently occurring within often remote nature places such that ‘rationally’ the only people that stand any chance of appraising/figuring out these types of experiences are those that actually experience these themselves.

The Sheer Irrationality of Science Evaluations/Investigations of Personal to the Individual Anomalous Experiences

Basically, anyone that hasn’t ever experienced any of these that is then attempting to evaluate and or understand these are then having to exclusively rely on ‘SECOND HAND/INDIRECT ‘HEARSAY’ ACCOUNTS . . . while also then very likely interpreting these experiences through the filter of their background, their own scale and variety of experiences never mind the severe limitations of a formal/typical university education which can be exceptionally poor, at least when compared to those having a large scale of interests whom spend most of their time reading and becoming knowledgeable of a vast diversity/variety of ALL SORTS OF THINGS . . .

In that science is ‘allegedly’ built on a foundation of academic ‘scepticism’ such that any ‘experiment/research’ and particularly any that lead to conclusions and or potential conclusions that are divergent from any already established ‘science/scientific’ narrative and or understandings are then often rigorously ‘DUPLICATED/REPLICATED/REPRODUCED’, often to such an extent that they are often ‘replicated’ by many different science research teams in efforts to confirm or deny previous results . . . it’s then unbelievably ‘strange’ (to say the least) that I’ve not heard of any scientist, scientists and or group of science researchers that have applied this ‘DUPLICATE THE EXPERIMENT & ALL KNOWN FACTORS WITH RESPECT TO THE ORIGINAL ‘EXPERIMENT’ CIRCUMSTANCES’ as part of them then very ‘rationally’ actually attempting to research, evaluate and maybe even ‘understand’ some specific as well as entire consistent anomalous experiences WITH RESPECT TO THEIR OWN, ALREADY WELL ESTABLISHED PROTOCOLS THAT THEY USE FOR EVERYTHING ELSE . . . by actually trying to DUPLICATE THE CONDITIONS OF THESE ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES FOR THEMSELVES PERSONALLY!!!!

In other words, if you substitute the word ‘EXPERIENCE’ for the word ‘EXPERIMENT’ in the above paragraphs then you’d expect that scientists THEMSELVES would have been trying to understand all factors with regards certain ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES as part of themselves individually and or as part of groups PERSONALLY TRYING TO ACCURATELY REPRODUCE/DUPLICATE the original circumstances that led to the conditions under which these experiences happened in the first place . . .

Coincidentally, in that on these pages I am presenting the details of my own decisions/actions/orientation efforts that directly RESULTED IN MY EXTREME SENSITIVITY ON THIS SPECIFIC ‘SERIES OF PAGES’ . . . then any scientist reading this now has all of the base line details that they would need for themselves to personally replicate my consistently held to personal orientations/efforts that as a side effect resulted in my increasing sensitivity/awareness that then very likely resulted in the many and varied anomalous experiences documented on this and my other web sites . . .

Just to give you some idea of how seemingly ‘befuddled’ the academic orientated and trained lot actually are from my own personal experience . . . I had a speech pathologist (whom from the e-mail gave me the impression they’d been a speech pathologist for 2 or 3 decades) whom also made it clear that he himself personally HAD A STUTTER (i.e. this is a speech pathologist whom after decades still has a stutter) whom actually sent me an e-mail actually stating (if I can recall the exact phrase correctly) that there was ‘something fishy’ with respect to my claims of essentially eradicating my stammer . . . in reply to this e-mail I sent him a list of my science papers and then a link to some of the audio pages . . . unfortunately I didn’t explain why I sent these because (at least to myself) it was STUPIDLY OBVIOUS, my science papers offer the full names of many of my past science/academic colleagues hence in making him aware of these individuals that you’d imagine would be trusted by a science/academic with respect to anyone wanting to check my ‘having a seriously bad STAMMER claims’, any of whom could confirm the severity of my stammer (and most of whom it would not be difficult to track down) . . . while my web sites in actually presenting many healing/issue session exploration audios are of me, you know, actually ‘SPEAKING’ . . . in some cases FOR MAYBE AN HOUR++’ . . . in other words I’d basically pointed out the information that he could use to check for himself that I DID INDEED have a very bad stammer/speech block in the past which I had/have 99%+ resolved BY MY OWN FIGURED OUT CONCERTED EFFORTS!!!!

Strangely however, I got a somewhat ‘bizarre/semi annoyed in tone/attitude’ reply to my email basically directly puzzled as to why I’d sent him this information!!! Which to be very honest had me quite speechless . . . so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise . . . that while writing this I actually find myself thinking THANK GOODNESS, that I never even thought of seeing a speech pathologist to ‘help’ me resolve my stammer/speech block 20/30/40 years ago . . . because, if I had, I might still have it now!!!!

Can you figure out the ‘problem’ that the above ‘incident’ highlights?

Well, in that I spend a lot of my time thinking about anomalous i.e. ‘DIFFICULT TO FIGURE OUT/PUZZLING THINGS’ and specifically to figure out what these anomalous/puzzling things actually REALLY ‘LOGICALLY’ IMPLY/MEAN/REPRESENT then I sort of expect academics/science types to be able to do the same . . . hence then why would I need to ‘explicitly’ explain why I’m giving specific information when from my perspective the explanation as to why I’d send that specific information was self evident based on the content of e-mail I received and hence then didn’t need to be directly explained in the reply!!!

Although, to be honest, I am also UTTERLY STAGGERED/SHOCKED, I find it incredulous that I cannot find any ‘stammering/stuttering’ information where anyone has actually figured out and or then directly POINTED OUT/STATED that BREATHING is KEY/ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL/CRITICAL TO SPEAKING (without ‘BREATH’ you absolutely CANNOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!) and as such (as it was for me) it is likely KEY/CRITICAL to investigate with respect to checking for a dysfunctional and or stressed breathing mechanism (as described on the previous page) . . . and particularly for people whom have a chronic/very bad STAMMER, which I USED TO HAVE!!!!

I Challenge Any Scientist/Academic (with a Stammer/Stutter) to Duplicate the Conditions That Resulted in the Awareness & Conclusions that I Describe Below

It should also be exceptionally obvious, and particularly to anyone with an orientation/preference for ‘rational, objective, logical approaches/evaluations’, that it would specifically be those whom ‘regularly/consistently’ have some specific anomalous experience/experiences, whom would therefore not only have the FULL SPECTRUM SENSE/PERCEPTIONS/INNER SENSATIONS/SENSING ABILITIES related to these, but that they would also have the full scale of embedded knowledge/awareness/experiences of the VERY SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES/CONDITIONS/ENVIRONMENTS THAT ARE THEN ASSOCIATED WITH THEMSELVES HAVING THESE EXPERIENCES (both of the external ‘viewed/seen/perceived’ as well as what is internally ‘sensed/felt’) which for fae, fairies, nature spirit encounter experiences specifically would (at least for some people) include the past historical unfolding of the development and progression of these experiences and particularly over extended periods of time . . . which for myself personally with regards to myself gradually becoming aware of ‘nature’ spirits, then the awareness of these ‘forms’ actually happened very, very gradually over a time scale of at least a decade (if not longer) . . .

However, the above perhaps also applies to some specific personal afflictions that are the outcome of specific past personal circumstances/experiences too!!!

Details of the Root Causes, the Stress/Traumatic Origins, Causes of a Stammer/Stutter/Speech Block

I personally found it somewhat ‘ironic’ that on the previous page (which then expanded into this one) that in going into my own personal experiences of my efforts to combat a stammer in extreme detail that I ended up somewhat indirectly realising/figuring out how my original very, very stressful early childhood circumstances would actually very ‘logically’ result in an abnormal/constrained and hence then ‘dysfunctional’ breathing mechanism which is then exceptionally likely to be responsible for myself being unable to speak properly i.e. my very, very stressful early childhood circumstances very likely resulted in myself becoming so stressed as well as ‘shocked/being subjected to ‘SHOCKS” at times that this would sabotage the normal unstressed breathing mechanism, causing me to develop a stammer/speech block, whilst also being unable to speak AT ALL at times too!!!

It is an indisputable ‘fact’ that you can only speak/say something/ANYTHING AT ALL in fact, while you are DEFINITIVELY & CONSISTENTLY BREATHING OUT . . . TRY THIS:

. . . speak/say, and keep speaking/saying . . . ” . . . I AM BREATHING OUT NOW . . . I AM BREATHING OUT NOW . . . “ . . . over and over again while taking notice of your chest while you do this . . . until you are eventually unable to continue saying this, specifically because at some point YOU AUTOMATICALLY BREATHE IN AGAIN i.e. it is the intake of and hence then the build up of ‘AIR’ in your now inflated lungs that provides you with the ability to actually speak/say something . . . BUT, ONLY while you are smoothly and continuously exhaling . . . hence then you can only speak well/consistently if the exhalation of breath is gradual and consistent/uninterrupted . . . coincidentally an interrupted exhalation will result in you either being completely blocked from continuing to speak/say something OR if the ‘interruption’ is only temporary BUT keeps happening then you’ll and up continuously repeating the starting ‘sound’ . . . in other words, you’ll likely find yourself stammering/stuttering, specifically because you are being continuously subjected to a repeatedly blocked/stalled out breath/exhalation ‘glitch’ . . .

. . . it is therefore exceptionally logical that so called ‘experts’ in speech/speaking problems and particularly those with a PhD focused on themselves OBSERVING ALL FACTORS THAT ARE IMPORTANT WITH RESPECT TO SPEAKING such that you’d imagine they’d all then be experts in the human breathing inhalation/exhalation mechanisms, such that they’d all then be primarily focused on investigating the original root causes/circumstances that resulted in the ‘OUT BREATHING, EXHALATION MECHANISM ABNORMALITIES/INTERRUPTIONS’ . . . because in the vast majority of cases it will be these that are the root cause of an individual’s stammer/stuttering problems/afflictions!!!!

How I cured my Stammer/Stutter/Speech Block & How to Cure a Stammer

HOWEVER, to actually ‘resolve’ a stammer/speech block it is exceptionally likely that you need to investigate your distant past and perhaps particularly early childhood to teens circumstances (times before the stammer started), specifically for circumstances/phases that were consistently stressful, traumatic and or shocking . . . AND then try and find means to resolve the build up of STILL NOT DEALT WITH BODILY IMPRESSED/IMPRINTED stress/tension/fear/anxiety/shock etc . . . specifically because, it is highly likely that these will be the root cause of what is sabotaging the human body’s normal/natural breathing mechanisms . . . this was certainly the case with respect to my own stammer!!!!

I started my unfolding/adapting persistently orientating to my internal states, self awareness ‘program’ (as part of my eradicate the stammer/speech block program) when I was 21, and, I’m pretty sure that I started to feel/sense the nature spirit forms as remote ‘presences’ in my mid to late 20’s . . . although, before this, I also had direct awareness of an exceptionally weird unfolding PERSONAL TO MYSELF ONLY experience that was very coherently presented to myself as an internal background/happening within what I can only describe as some sort of internal to myself only alternate/parallel reality space experience that specifically ONLY HAPPENED while I was at work within the university and specifically ONLY when I was sitting/working within my lab space and ONLY when I was setting up and or in the process of carrying out assays as part of the diabetes research work I was involved in likely when I was about 23 or 24 years old.

Basically, it seemed as if I was not aware of (or wasn’t allowed to become aware of) and or didn’t have or WASN’T GIVEN ACCESS TO this parallel experience space/reality/domain even just outside of my specific lab work space/area. So, for example I’m pretty sure that I didn’t have access to/wasn’t allowed to be aware of this alternate parallel space while having a cup of tea during my morning or afternoon tea breaks nor when I was out for lunch or at home either!!!!

I recently spent time re-accessing and reviewing these specific experiences and then writing about these in exceptional detail (which I’ve written about here).

It was this specific effort of myself writing about this specific exceptionally bizarre ‘parallel/reality alternate ‘research’ experience’ in excruciating detail, (over a two month period) that (like these pages) went through many re-writes while also repeatedly returning to this experience while consistently ‘feeling into it’ again and again before the full details and the final version of that page ‘resolved’ that then resulted in myself figuring out enough to make it worthwhile to attempt to write this specific ‘what are the nature spirits’ series on realitywalker in an attempt to try and ‘explicitly’ explain what the nature spirits actually really are!!!!

Based on the logical/rational progression I’ve presented on the previous page and above, then you would ‘actually’ imagine that any individual and or group and particularly one that has a fetish for ‘rational objectivity’ would have to acknowledge that the only people in any position to evaluate at least some very specific ‘anomalous’ experiences are actually those that have REGULARLY & CONSISTENTLY EXPERIENCED THESE & PARTICULARLY OVER A LONG SPAN OF TIME . . .

Now, the majority of all of the ‘anomalous’ experiences that I describe on my realitywalker.com web site are of encounters with ‘nature’ spirits, the vast majority of which are associated with VERY SPECIFIC PLACES/LOCATIONS that coincidentally are, for the most part in out of the way/remote/isolated locations that are also UN-SPOILT such that they are ABSOLUTELY FREE OF LITTER/RUBBISH for example.

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