4. How I Developed Extra Sensory Perception & Awareness of Invisible Spirit Presences & Spirits of Nature

So, to properly ‘set the scene’ with respect to myself ‘eventually’ becoming directly aware of various invisible beings/forms but particularly nature spirits, then I need to walk you through some of my parents’ and then our family’s regular interests/activities and hence then my experiences as a child, teenager and adult which it seems to me now somehow ‘naturally’ led to myself having the nature spirit experiences/encounters . . .

I’m from a family whom on most weekends when I was a child and teenager would drive to somewhere ‘nice’ in the countryside, where we’d then spend most of that day walking IN SOME ‘REMOTE/NATURAL’ PLACE . . . as a baby, I was taken from Tynemouth camping by my parents, while lying in a small cot in the back window space of a bubble car to the Lake District (a mountainous region with a lot of lakes/woods in the north-west of England)!!

So, after buying a car in my mid 20’s then on most weekends I too was also out walking, sometimes with friends but mostly on my own.

Now in my mid/late 20’s I also started a walking club specifically with people at work (within the university research department) to organise for a group of us to go out walking together once a month or so, this was partially because I liked walking BUT it was also part of my continuous evolving eroding the stammer speech block program/efforts . . . specifically because I had to talk to people to organise these walking events . . . and then ‘shock horror’ I might find myself having the opportunity to talk to them on the walk too.

At around the same time within the university research department and specifically because for a BAD stammerer you tend to avoid socialising I also nominated/elected myself as the department’s ‘events and outings’ organiser which had many of us going to theatre and even opera performances while often going for a meal before or after these, during which I could practice attempting to have a proper conversation!!!

All of which also coincidentally had me having to approach EVERYONE IN THE DEPARTMENT to explain the next social event and then ‘again’ to collect the money, which meant that I ‘ALSO’ ABSOLUTELY HAD TO SPEAK TO ALL OF THOSE THAT I HAD THE MOST PROBLEMS SPEAKING TO!!!

Let me ‘make’ it very clear!!!!

For years and years and then decades I pushed beyond my ‘comfort zone’ boundaries, basically ALL THE TIME, it’s been ‘built in’ for a very, very long time now, so despite that I’m 60 at the present time, I’m currently spending my time trying to figure out how to properly and ‘explicitly’ explain what the nature spirits actually are to you reading this . . . which you ‘could’ take as being yet another in a very, very long line of efforts to push beyond my own ‘current’ boundaries too?

A Self Initiated, Self Awareness Program Increases My Awareness, Sense of Presences & Invisible Phenomena

So, as there were some very, very specific walks that ‘I REALLY LIKED’ then I’d generally go back and re-walk these maybe twice or more each year . . . over a time scale of likely 5/6 years of repeating some very specific walks, then within these they’d be some very specific places where I’d stop and just sit quietly, specifically because they were ‘extra’ nice/special in a ‘nature/natural environment way’ AND because I also noticed that some of these specific places also seemed to have what can only be described as a noticeable ‘nice/pleasant’ atmosphere/feeling . . .

Now, I’m going to remind you here that over the same span of time and in parallel to the above, (as I mentioned on the previous page) and specifically because I had a bad stammer/speech block which had prompted me to define and initiate a daily as well as at times a moment by moment PERSONAL SELF AWARENESS PROGRAM, which very specifically, had me making an effort ALL THE TIME to absolutely ‘ORIENTATE TO’ AND TO KEEP MY ATTENTION/BECOME MORE AWARE OF MY OWN INTERNAL STATE/STATES/SENSATIONS/PROCESSES . . . AND ‘MORE’ SPECIFICALLY DURING INTERACTIONS WITH SPECIFIC OTHER PEOPLE . . .

Now, I started to do this ‘specifically because I wanted to become more aware, or as aware as possible of my own INTERNAL STATES/FUNCTIONING AS PART OF EFFORTS TO HELP ME BECOME AWARE OF ‘ANYTHING’ WITHIN MYSELF THAT WAS ‘DETRIMENTALLY’ CONTRIBUTING TO MY STAMMER/SPEECH BLOCK!!!

However, after continually consciously maintaining this orientation to internal states for months and then YEARS and then many, MANY YEARS . . . I very gradually started to become aware of BEING AWARE OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY ‘FEELING’ AS WELL AS OF THEIR ‘INTERNAL STATES/SENSATIONS’ . . . never mind that the same thing was happening with respect to ‘ME’ becoming more and more aware of and ‘sensitive to’ my own internal states and sensations too . . .

Basically, myself consistently ‘consciously’ making an effort to orientate myself to become as aware as possible of my internal states/inner sensations and ‘functioning’ (and particularly while with others that I had trouble speaking to) made me more and more sensitive/aware not only of my own internal states BUT it also made me more and more aware of very subtle ‘perceptions/sensations’ relating to the external environment as well as other people’s INTERNAL STATES TOO (at least initially with respect to people that I was in close proximity to) . . .

So, in parallel to the above, as my general ‘sensitivity’ increased and particularly with respect to the PRESENCE OF OTHERS’ INTERNAL STATES then on the specific walks that I described above, I found that the locations with the ‘atmospheres’ were over time more and more ‘resolving/becoming stronger’ such that I very gradually started to ‘feel’ actual noticeable ‘presences’ within these specific nature places . . .

Let me make what I mean by this more definitively unambiguous!!!!

I started to become more and more ‘remotely’ sensitive to basically ‘EVERYTHING’ such that at work I started to more and more directly pick up, feel and ‘sense’ the internal states of at least ‘some’ of the people whom were in close proximity to myself. The same thing would also happen at times when I sat in a restaurant to have lunch with respect to those that were sitting close to myself in that location too.

Extra Sensory Perception Increases My Awareness of Invisible Nature Spirit Presences of Spirit Atmospheres

In this respect, ‘IF’ while sitting in some restaurant I was ‘blind and deaf’ then while sitting there I would actually start to ‘feel’ at least certain people sitting around myself within the restaurant as invisible ‘presences’ because of the emotions/feelings and or moods that they are emitting . . . so at some very, very specific places/locations within some very pristine natural places then when I sat quietly within these spaces I’d find myself very gradually becoming more and more aware of the presence of . . . what I can only ‘now’ accurately describe as invisible ‘something’s’ that were very specifically more and more resolving into presenting themselves as being equivalent to PEOPLE, because I was basically picking up the same sort of sensations in these nature places as I was with the PEOPLE AT WORK and of people around myself WITHIN RESTAURANTS . . .

In other words the places in woods with the atmospheres, I’d find myself feeling an equivalent level of emissions/sensations with respect to feeling/sensing the presence of others’/people comparable to when I’d be sitting eating within a restaurant (for example) during which I’d also start to ‘feel/sense’ the presence of people within the restaurant whom where within a certain distance from myself over an approximate equivalent length of time (maybe 5 to 10 minutes)!!!

Just to make this as clear as possible!!!! The ‘presences’ within this specific place within this wood by and large felt equivalent in invisible emission terms to the ’emissions/presences’ I was feeling/sensing from real people within an an equivalent space/distance from myself within a restaurant!!!!

Now, at one point I met and became friends with ‘Joan’ someone whom became a friend and whom was EXCEPTIONALLY / UNBELIEVABLY SENSITIVE such that when the opportunity arose I took her on one of these walks, and more specifically to the main place/places where I most felt these presences AND had felt them each time in the same places for quite a long time (likely for 2 to 3 years at least at this point).

Also, because it’s ‘HARD/VERY DIFFICULT’ to convey the feelings/feeling sensations/inklings I’m sensitive to and or have been becoming more and more aware of as well as feeling/sensing specifically within what turns out to be a nature spirit occupied space/environment, then I decided to ‘sprinkle’ various images/depictions of forest spaces/environments and of specific trees into this page in attempts to present something of the feeling/sensations/atmospheres and the resonances/emissions/feelings ‘impacts/sensations’ of and or within this specific place that more accurately represents the internal feeling sense/resonances of the presences that I’ve been picking up/feeling within this place/space of the forms here that we then directly encountered and interacted with as ‘NATURE SPIRITS’ during this direct encounter experience!!!!

So, while with Joan at this specific place, I found that what in the past I had felt/sensed as remote ‘presences only’, actually gradually transformed and then resolved into an internal, inner type of visual perception into some ‘classic’ i.e. eminently recognisable as well as very coherent/very real ‘nature spirit’ type forms/figures of some very specific types!!!!

Let me make it as clear as possible at this point, as to how I personally ‘saw/perceived’ these nature spirit forms (I obviously cannot speak for others whom ‘see’ nature spirits).

I was seeing them as images in ways which I’d have to describe as being represented INTERNALLY TO MYSELF ONLY in the form of a virtual ‘mind’s eye’ visual overlay . . . let me make this clearer, they were internally generated visual images being presented as ‘projections/representations’ being somewhat overlaid within or ‘on to’ the external environment . . . so, I was automatically as well as immediately aware that these forms are NOT ‘PHYSICAL’, THEY ARE NOT ‘PHYSICALLY’ PRESENT . . . and as such I wasn’t then going to try to shake their hand or pat them on the shoulder or give them a hug . . . because THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE, as they are not part of our ‘physical’ reality!!

Just to make what I’m trying to describe here as explicitly clear as possible!!!!

These specific forms, as ‘nature spirits’ are (at least to myself) being ‘rendered’ internally as external ‘projections’ visually overlaid on to our external physical reality backdrop . . . so, even when internally, ‘visually’ seeing/perceiving them, I can still ‘feel’ them, ‘feel the presence’ of them where they are being shown/rendered as ‘standing’ . . . i.e. I don’t need to ‘see’ them to be aware of them or to know where they are!!!!

These specific forms seem to be, or could be accurately described as inhabiting a parallel and seemingly quite different alternate environment/parallel reality space that in some way and for some reason is the best symbolic equivalent match to whatever the local/immediate earth environment space actually is, which for myself and Joan at this time and place was in a very quiet, remote and pristine ‘nature’ wood/generally mixed forest habitat space . . .

Now, because I suspect that the majority of people whom themselves ‘HAVE HAD’ nature spirit experiences may find it difficult to relate to or even ‘accept’ nature spirit sightings/experiences as being ‘sort of’ equivalent to looking through a window into a parallel world or an alternate ‘dimension’ then I’m going to present some completely different (none nature spirit) types of anomalous experiences on a later page that will perhaps help to make it easier for you to begin to get your head around these possibilities!!!

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