A ‘Schematic’ Defining ‘How Reality Would Have to Be’ to Validate Many Paranormal & Anomalous Experiences & Spiritual Realities Ver-2

This is the third page in the ‘Nature of Reality’ articles series. After getting the first schematic attempting to formulate, describe and lay out ‘how would reality have to be to account for a specific set of anomalous experiences’ completed I then spending time ‘musing’ on this ‘visual’. This gradually has me becoming more aware of other anomalous experiences that could also be explained by the two bodies in two different environments possibilities.

For example, astral travelling and out of body experiences would also fit, people exchanging consciousness and becoming SOMEONE ELSE as walk-ins could be easily explained if some subtle beings are spending scheduled time using one physical vehicle.

How Many Anomalous & Psychic Experiences Can be Coherently Explained

It is also becomes more obvious that, because this model / framework is SERIOUSLY OBVIOUS then it is ALSO obvious that a great deal of effort is being made to block ourselves from thinking in REALISTIC, stupidly ‘obvious’ ways with respect to many anomalous experiences.

As an abundance of weird experiences can be coherently and OBVIOUSLY explained by this model AND because in this new version I realise that this ‘framework’ is actually describing a ‘Matrix’ reality then after putting together this second version and starting on the third I also then start to think ‘inversely’ and begin to write out how a ‘Matrix’ reality would impact the interfaced inhabitants. I then spend time doing this, as I feel this will likely make me aware of even more areas that I can ‘check’ if there are anomalous experiences for.

The Nature of Reality ‘Framework / Hypothesis’ that Validates many Anomalous & Paranormal Experiences

The ‘Visual/Schematic’ is below. Moving your mouse cursor over the graphics below will popup pages of information (a full explanation of how this works can be found on this page here). Please note: the visual below is unlikely to play well on a mobile phone.


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