About Audio Files

All the audio files are edited sections taken from client sessions while exploring and resolving life issues over the phone. All the clients were told that the conversations were recorded (of course) and all the files presented here are done so with their knowledge and agreement. For this I thank them.

You need to listen to them in context. By this I mean you have to take the following into account:

That for most of the examples there are times when we are focusing to become aware of and to reveal what is causing challenges to a client with regards a particular life issue. These focuses ‘stirs things up’ or more accurately in WholeSoulWork terms they “brings things forward” they reveal what we are focusing on. So, after we complete these focuses then I spend time scanning to identify and understand what has appeared within or close to the energy environment of all of the ‘client’ energy bodies or forms and anything up to a 2 mile radius around these points. For the real time unedited sessions this scanning or checking time results in ‘pauses’ of anything up to a minute or more as I do  this. All of these pauses have been edited to make them about one tenth of what they really are – enough for you to get a feel of it without drifting off in the silences.

The way I work with each client is different in two ways:

  • I work with each person as they are, I adapt to each client and fit in to who they are at this moment as much as possible. This means that my approach to working with one client can be very different to another. You will notice this if you listen to enough examples from different clients.
  • Each client has different capabilities and levels of inner and multidimensional awareness in terms of accessing and what we are dealing with. This is reflected in how I work with each person too. All clients at the present time can communicate with their spirit guides, or guardians as well as belligerent entities if necessary. Most clients can feel changes, blocks, seals and so on happening or present in their own bodies when we are working on these areas during a session. About half are aware of what we are dealing with in a multidimensional sense to varying degrees and some have full and extraordinary abilities such that over the phone we are completely synchronised while dealing with whatever is happening in a multidimensional sense in whatever realities and situations we are exploring.

As for me this RealityWalker web site is more about fun than lets say seriously educational then this is reflected in the choices of examples. As these sessions are dealing with things that are most of the time VERY serious and perhaps frightening then I take a light hearted attitude and at times have an irreverent sense of humour. I have no problem stating things as they are and beings are treated with regards their attitude rather than assumed ‘divine’ or ‘specialness’ – respect is earned it not a title right.

Audio files and technical information

All audio files are in mp3 format (MPEG Audio Layer-3, 32kbps, 22050Hz Mono). They are small enough that you should have no problems listening to them if your connection speed in more than 40kbs. That is you should have no problems if you are using a reasonable quality phone line connection. It may take a few second for an audio file to start playing as it starts to download the file. The mp3 files are played in Flash Player which is included as part of most browsers.

Virtually all of the examples have been edited to remove such things like coughs, background noise (where possible), sometimes some parts of a session are swapped around to provide a more logical order. All have long focusing sections (silence) edited out and certain focuses key to WSW and some specific techniques are not presented.

All of the audio files were edited using goldwave audio editing software which I cannot recommend to highly. You can find this at www.goldwave.com.

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