What are Spiritual Energies & Developing a Sense of Spirit & a Spiritual Awareness

What are Subtle & Spiritual Energies; An Introduction

What are subtle energies and how do they differ from ‘energies’ as described by science?

To science the word ‘energy’ is a term that describes the energetic state or potential of something. In a sense the amount of ‘work’ something can do, particularly as heat or movement and so on.

There are plenty of examples in science that demonstrate that ‘fluxes’ of ‘energies’ move through matter. For example if you have an iron bar and apply energy to one end of it in the form of heat, this heat travels through the bar as an ‘energy’ flow. This heat is transferred through the bar material by the movement of the ‘energetic state’ from one atom to the next along the bar.

The above is a ‘gross’ physical and hence ‘measurable’ example showing that a ‘flux’ of ‘energies’ can and do ‘flow’ through physical matter.

How to Develop a Sense of Spirit & Detect, ‘Feel’, Sense, Be Aware of Spiritual Energies . . .

A much more ‘hidden’ or subtle example of ‘energies’ and or specific ‘frequencies’ passing through physical matter would be a radio or TV signal passing through various mediums to effect a response somewhere else? An even more ‘removed’ example would be neutrinos that are of such a nature that they can pass through the earth unimpeded; they flow through the earth, they are not stopped by it. Then you have things like x-rays, sonar, radar and so on.

The ‘discovery’ of invisible ‘things’ passing through matter likely happened in the order as listed below from earliest to most recent.

  1. Heat (1000’s of years),
  2. Electricity (100’s years),
  3. Radio, Sonar, Radar, (100+ years)
  4. TV, X Rays, (less than 100 years)
  5. Neutrino’s (decades)

So, we have plenty of examples of invisible things passing through physical matter and many of which (in historical terms) that we were not even aware of until relatively recently.

How to Detect The flow of Invisible, Subtle ‘Energies’ Through Matter?

My first example above is easily demonstrably physically if you hold one end of an iron bar with the other end stuck in a heat source then you will feel the heat moving to your end.

The others require equipment to detect; as they are not detectable by human senses (Although I am sure that there will be some people with the senses/abilities to do this). For example it has been scientifically demonstrated that some ‘blind’ people can ‘see’ colours by touch. In other words they are sensitive enough to be able to distinguish the differences in vibration that exists between one colour and the next. Science has adequate examples of people being extraordinarily sensitive.

So, science has plenty of examples of ‘energies’ passing through physical mediums. However, it is not these ‘material’ types of energies that healers and multidimensionally competent people are aware of. For the most part they are accessing none physical material layers or strata’s of reality.

Just as an aside here; other than the iron bar example above the others were unknown until recently. So, until recently there were plenty of ‘hidden’ things that science was oblivious to and yet it strangely ‘automatically’ dismissive of huge volumes of information about more ‘hidden’ things that it cannot detect. Or lets say cannot YET detect.

On the other hand there are plenty of web sites presenting information of ‘scientifically’ based ‘detectors’ picking up ‘spirit’ and other realities informations which bizarrely are still ignored by mainstream science. Why is that one wonders? How can scientists be so . . . well unscientific; what is making them filter information to keep them locked in a ‘material’ ONLY world shoebox?

So, enough about ‘invisible’ things existing and science being strangely unscientific.

What do Subtle, ‘Spiritually’ Sensitive People mean by the Term Subtle or Spiritual Energies or Sense of Spirit?

Sensitive or extra dimensionally aware people can sense or perceive beyond both the spectrum of material matter and this dimensional reality.

What these people see or sense that they call ‘energy’ are actually ‘flows’ of different ‘somethings’ of different ‘energy densities’ that they directly see, feel, sense, perceive as shaded, textures or colours or ‘whatever’ . . . .

In some ways these ‘look’ more like gaseous states as they can be moving through each other like lead flowing through glass which in a physical sense is impossible (but things like this are often seen with our inner senses as things like this are happening all the time). So, you can have two energy materials pass through each other and have each come out the other side holding to their original integrity.

Distorted, Missing, Lacking and ‘Extra’ Senses & ‘Extra’ Sensory Perception Discussed . . .

Absolutely, everyone’s senses work perfectly don’t they? We’ve no examples that people are missing any senses or that they are missing part of them do we? Everyone can hear, everyone can see AND each can do so with the same efficiency and effectiveness?

At least this is ‘obviously’ what most people imagine!!!

Unfortunately this is not the case as about 5% of the population have vision defects and a few of these people are actually completely colour blind. In other words, some people only see in black, white and shades of grey.

Interestingly, from a ‘rational’ perspective ‘IF’ 99% of people were colour blind, i.e. they only ever saw and only expected to see ‘EVERYTHING’ in black, white and shades of grey because this is how they have ALWAYS seen EVERYTHING all of the time, then most if not all researchers, researching vision would be colour blind. Wouldn’t they?

colour-bw-visionThe huge majority in being colour blind would likely be rather resistant to anyone claiming to see colours that the colour blind couldn’t even conceive of, because ‘colours’ were not and never had been part of their experience EVER?

In other words, under these ‘missing’ senses circumstances, it would only be rational and objective to have those with the ENHANCED colour senses researching and studying themselves. Wouldn’t it?

I this respect, it would be completely and utterly ‘crazy’ verging on insane, never mind obviously ‘irrational’ to have people with defective or severely limited senses of any type evaluating others whom were perceiving things the ‘defective/regressive’ people couldn’t even conceptually imagine never mind perceive.

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