A hilarious encounter with Archangel Gabriel and other angelic forms while contemplating in the bath Picture of archangel Gabrian

About six months after experiencing my spiritual awakening I started to become very physically interactive with spirit. I had been focused for many years on trying to understand why I had certain life issues and of course finding the means to really resolve them (not bury, cover them up or get rid of the symptoms). Becoming multidimensionally and spiritually aware with abilities to see energies and interact very strongly with my guides provided new avenues for me to step into that were giving me new perspectives on my issues and the means to try and resolve them. So, every day I was doing on average 6 hours of self healing, I took this line for over a year with it eventually dropping to about an hour most days.

Intense Self Healing Sessions

So, with this focus in mind then on some days I would initiate what I would call standing meditation / healing sessions during which my spirit teams would then actively move me as part of the session. They would take me through physical exercises while the energies were actively channelling through me to facilitate me with whatever I needed at that time to bring me closer to myself.

Initially when I started these type of session they would last between 30 and 40 minutes but after just a few sessions they progressively became longer and longer. Eventually the sessions were taking hours. I would start them by calling in the beings and activating the energies. I would then ask them to give me whatever I needed at that time to facilitate me in my healing and spiritual growth to take me to the origins of my issues and to provide me with everything I need to do this.

Sometimes what they put me through was unbelievable to say the least. Some examples;

  • They would have me standing up straight, facing forwards and then with my feet firmly planted on the ground they would swivel my body repeatedly back and forward until my head and shoulders would be facing the opposite direction to my feet. It took about 20 minutes gently moving my upper body further and further around until this was achieved. They would do this moving me clockwise and then when they got me fully round in that direction they would do the same anti-clockwise.
  • Another time they had me standing straight and then keeping my lower body immobile they slowly bent my upper body over to the right from my hips until my upper body was literally at right angles to my lower body. It took about 15 minutes to do this and it was excruciating for the last five.

Releasing energy blockages reducing my level of awareness

All of this work (during this phase) seemed to be about releasing energy blockages to fully open my energy channels to both increase my level of awareness and my ability to access other realities as a human. While they are moving me this is exposing energy blockages in my body which they are working to release as they become aware of them. So, in a sense I have beings working directly within my body as these self healing sessions are happening. I had done Yoga for a few years maybe 10 years before this time and the positions were similar to but not the same as what I did then. A client that I had during this time was also put through the same sort of unblocking as part of the session. So, he found himself gently pushed off the chair he was sitting and put through Yoga type exercises on the floor – these went on for about 90 minutes. As he was in a phase practising Yoga he was astounded at the positions they could get him into as there is no way he could get close to these on his own.

Too much self healing and too intense

Over probably about 6 weeks to two months these sessions became progressively longer and more intense. The final session lasted for 7 hours and was probably equivalent to about two years of intensive yoga – I am not kidding. The last two hours were very different with seemingly very little going on. It took me all of these two hours to realize that they were winding me up. As I keep mentioning I have a very strong focus as regards what I am doing. This intense focus although extremely useful to getting myself started and moving effectively is in itself a major imbalance. This path is about having a choice in all areas of your life. So at this time all of my being was focused on the energy work and my spiritual evolution to the exclusion of all else. There’s no balance in this position so every now and again my guides would take the opportunity to wind me up as this was the only way that they could get me to relax and ease up on myself.

So after two hours of getting more and more perplexed and confused I decided to have a look at what my teams were doing. I was extremely annoyed to find them doing the equivalent of standing around having a tea break occasionally one of them would do some half hearted work with me just to give me the impression that they were actually doing something.

A bantering high spirited exchange with spirit guides

I was absolutely livid as it was about two o’clock in the morning at this point, I had nothing to eat since coming in from work at about six. I was not impressed. I went storming off calling them all sorts of names and announced that I was going to have a bath. I kept up this tirade until I was in the bath, by this time I was getting a bit more relaxed about the situation and it was beginning to amuse me.

I was telling them all that they were all a complete waste of time and that I would not even employ them as roads sweepers.

Archangel Gabriel in the bath?

At this point Archangel Gabriel materialized in the corner of my bathroom in the same space as my toilet. Entirely not a good position considering the mood I was in. ”You’re perfectly placed for a negative entity release Gabriel” I said. ”I’m not impressed with this bunch of beings that you have sent to work with me”. By this time the bathroom was filling up (it felt as if there were thousands there) and it seemed as if they were queuing to get in.

They could not resist eaves dropping on this humorous exchange.

Casting aspersions on a Guardian Angel

I noticed an angel off to one side who was lying on the floor ill with laughter. “Is she one of my Guardian Angels?” I asked Archangel Gabriel in a contemptuous tone. “Look at her, what if I’m in need or a ‘guardian angel’ now, there is no chance – she’s incapable – I think you should give her a harp and send her off to a cloud somewhere.”.

Archangel Gabriel then proceeds to unfurl a scroll. It takes me all of my awareness to tune in to what is written on this scroll. It says “Clive Hetherington entity release rating B minus”. I rise to this bait “In which case this lot (my spirit support team) should get an F for FAILURE – the miserable bunch – they’re are waste of time”. Archangel Gabriel then brings out another scroll which he then ceremoniously begins to unfurl. This one say is “Everyone else A+”.

This banter continues getting more and more humorous and irreverent over the next 20 minutes or so. All the time during this it feels as if the bathroom and surrounding space is filling with more and more beings all coming to listen and laugh at this exchange, in the end there are literally thousands – standing room only.

The feeling of connectedness with these beings and their sharing and comradeship was immensely heart warming. I had very good relationships with both Gabriel and Archangel Michael during this phase.

They put me into similar wind up situations at least two or three other times as a means to facilitate me to be more light-hearted, less intense and to help me understand that life is for living too.

Self healing Hand Book

For any out there wanting to have good information for their own self healing then check out the SelfHealingHandBook which you will find HERE. This is a free (donation if you work wit hit) 200+ page e-book offered in a flip e-book format as well as in .pdf.