Although my awakening to the ability to access other realms was very quick and then continuous it took a while to get my head around some of the being types. One type that I was not sure about was Angels.angel spirit guide

On the one hand everyone even vaguely connected with this sort of thing seemed to be convinced that they have either an Angel or Native American with them. At the same time Angels to me had strictly religious connotations and as I am not aligned to religion then in my mind they were filed away as possibly very dodgy.

Unsure about ‘Angels’ but becoming open to them

angleeeAnyway after about four months I had made enough friends who seemed to have better ideas about other realities and who seemed more grounded and realistic about them. These people also had Angel guides (mind you they also had some ET’s guides too and one had a huge whale spirit guide as well, which at that time really stretched me). Anyway I decided that Angels were probably OK, so when my spirit support team was due for its (by now) regular change I made it clear that I would be open to having some Angels.

Spirit Angel guides eventually come to work with me

So, this is of course what happened? When the next team change occurred (my spirit support teams changed on average every six weeks during this early phase) a couple of Angels turned up. Now, because my visual sense is very good I would have expected to see wings, halo’s and so on.

However I just got some normal looking women guides whom glowed really brightly. I did not need to have a classical presentation (as it were). They were great, we got on well and they were accepted as a normal part of my support team.

Archangel Gabriel & Michael were some I worked with too

I always had Angels as part of my teams for at least two years after that. I regularly worked with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael for many years. Then you could say I progressed to a point where I no longer could be helped by these beings, although I am sure others would argue otherwise.

Angelic Realm Missions to help others

So, to me, Angels are one of the groups of Beings who are consigned to help us here and other beings in other places. They work directly with the administration (spiritual hierarchy) of this reality to facilitate people to grow and change here.

I have had existences as an Angelic form (aspects existing as Angels), very few in number compared to the time spent as a nature spirit, but some experience all the same. Real people living here whom originate from the angelic realm may be on a mission to help others here . . .