Exercise: Identifying Issue Origins

This is an exercise to help you sense and identify the deeper origins of issues that relate to blockages in the physical body as well as maybe release them.

Read this full page through once so that you are familiar with what is presented here.

It’s probably better to print it out so you can have it in front of you to refer to . .  .

Starting Recommendations

Before trying this exercise, make sure you are relaxed, have taken the phone off the hook and won’t be disturbed in any way for say at least 45 minutes. You cannot hope to make any progress if you cannot give yourself any quality time.

Some background to the exercise

Most of us (if not all) are very insensitive to our bodies and inner processes. We have been cajoled and convinced by our cultures to treat the body as a mechanical thing that may be ignored and marginalized unless it starts to prevent us from leading a normal (and for most people) stressful life. If this happens, we then cart it off to the doctors for a check up and dose of something to make the inconvenience go away. How can you grow if you are not sensitive to yourself. How can you identify what is out of alignment or what does not feel right if you cannot forge a deep and feeling relationship with yourself? This is what we help you to do with this exercise.

Some things to consider about self awareness and sensitivities

Sometimes either from this or other lifetimes you have often made a decision to not feel or to only feel selectively or to ignore, hide, suppress or bypass certain feelings. For some people it can take time (weeks, months to years) to release themselves from these constraints so that they may be fully in touch with themselves. The process of growth is primarily a feeling one. You can only get as far on a path to self awareness as you are willing to feel what you are feeling to deeper and deeper levels.

The aim of this exercise

This exercise will help you to start to feel yourself and your inner processes. It also gives you a huge range of options to explore the origins of what you are feeling. You can then understand them and move to release and resolve any associated issues and traumas.

Exploring, Sensing & Releasing from your Body

Here we are asking you to feel what you are feeling within your body at this moment NOW. This could be feelings or physical discomfort or pain or tension or even something very subtle or a real disease. So, relax make yourself comfortable, put yourself into an appropriate environment. Then activate the energies by using the following statement of INTENT:

‘From my Heart and with all of my Being, I invite my Divine Soul Self to fully merge and to be with me NOW. In a good and Sacred way I invite Divine Light into my heart and into my entire Being on all Levels. I invite the highest Divine Light Beings and all those on all levels that can truly facilitate me to raise my awareness and understanding of other levels and other realms. I ask that this room, the space I occupy, be completely filled and surrounded with Divine Light and Divine Love, as I continue . . .’

. . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . .

‘Í ask that these energies permeate my Being and work to amplify and make me aware of all that I am feeling within myself. I ask these energies to support me to honestly explore and investigate all that I am feeling at this time NOW.’

. . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . .

‘I ask for everything that I need to make me as sensitive as possible to myself and what I am feeling. I ask for this NOW and so it is.’

. . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . .

‘I also ask for support to both acknowledge what I am feeling and to understand the true origins of these feelings. I also ask for support and guidance so that I may receive ALL THAT I NEED to resolve the causes and to move on. I ask for this now and so it is. Thank YOU.’

Advice and guidance for this self exploration exercise

After activating the energies with the above statement then breathe in and ask that the energies amplify what you are feeling. Ask them to make it very obvious. Then touch the areas that are most affected both physically with your hands and with your inner feelings / vision / senses.

Now imagine that you, yourself are a ball of energy, a point of light, an energy cloud that exists and can sense in its own right. Imagine you are a very sophisticated probe and that you can go anywhere and see anything within yourself. As this energy form then move and investigate each place in your body that does not feel right at this time. Go deeper and deeper exploring all your bodies both physically based and those that are pure energy.

You then invite all the members of your spirit support team to be with you. You ask them to help you to be directly aware of the origins of the cause of what you are investigating. Ask them to work with you NOW to explore through all your different bodies on all levels, existences and dimensions as necessary to root out the original cause.

Opening to Memories

Then ask that if it is right for you at this time to open all the memories to the original cause or causes. Ask that the energies go very deep to do this and make it very clear that this is what you want and that you are very serious about achieving this. So, NOW feel what is being presented to you as this is happening. Here you may find yourself viewing a scene much like watching a film of a situation or event. You may be detached or you may be directly involved as a participant.

Ask for clarification, while at the same time try and see what is happening and where you are and what the situation is. This could be a real life representation, or a more symbolic presentation. A Being may come to you. Is it a guide to help you? Is it a Being who was connected with the original cause of your feelings? What is this presentation telling you? Is it an enemy or friend or representative? Is it an aspect of your self? Is it lost part of yourself? Feel what it is? Ask it what it is?

Ask questions to focus your intent

The key here is to ask yourself questions much like the last exercise. What am I seeing? What do I smell? What am I hearing? What am I touching? And what do I taste? All of these will prompt inner senses to provide more information. Also take note of your reactions as this is happening. How are you reacting to what you are being presented? This reaction could be the important element?

Help yourself to engage with your senses and feelings

So, ask that you support team make the connection between what you are experiencing now and what you were feeling within your body so that you can take this investigation deeper? Both feel and sense these connections. NOW, are you flowing? Are you aware of being resistant to this process? If this resistance is you then ask to have this blockage released. Is it someone else? Who? What is their relationship to you? Is it an aspect of yourself? Or is the resistance a thought? Is it a way of thinking? A conditioned reaction? A belief? Ask that the energies amplify this feeling and blockage.

Spending time engaging with how are you feeling

Ask when did these thoughts start and which parts of you started this? What are you seeing? What are the feelings? Is it anguish? Fear? Sadness? Detachment? Feel this and express it. So, if it is anguish say “I feel anguish because . . . . .” then start to breath this feeling out. How does it change if you express it? Does it want to be expressed? Is it still blocked? Keep breathing more and more deeply into this feeling? Feel it on these deeper levels and ask yourself what do you need to do that will really change and balance it inside of you. What do you need to embrace, accept and to be at one with this? Express with your whole body. Make movements that feel right and that represent this and that perhaps also facilitate you to release this blockage? Go deeper and deeper releasing and moving with this feeling until you feel it is completely balanced.

Keep going through the above to go deeper

Keep going through these processes feeling and expressing until you feel at peace and are content with the original feelings. Then ask if you need to have further support to make this change? If so, then ask your guides to provide you with this? Ask them to give you everything you need to make this change a part of your day-to-day reality and ask them to work with you until it is completed.

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