‘EXERCISE’ Perception & Awareness of Beings in other Realities & Dimensions

This is a subtle awareness exercise to help connect you with your spirit guide, angel, deva, elemental, star being, alien, other subtle spirit folks and friends all resident in subtle dimensions, the none physical domains. This exercise will help those with no or little experience to start learning to access other realms and to engage with the presence of subtle friends and spirit associates and to start becoming more deeply aware of them.

Exercise to Develop Awareness of Beings in Spirit; Guides and Spirit Friends

So, I want you to read through this page once so you have your orientation then you can work with the exercise when you’ve ‘quiet’ time.

For the most part, accessing other dimensions, strata’s of reality and particularly more ‘energetic/none physical’ types of environments are not considered a normal everyday practice. There is both miss-information and myths surrounding this activity and or people whom have some awareness’s of obviously none ‘physical’ aspects of reality. Often people interested in these areas are considered superstitious or irrational at best and associated with the Devil and or being ‘delusional’ too. You could say that none of these attitudes are positive or shall we say supportive of these abilities.

As a scientist by training and a very competent explorer of the more subtle and or ‘finer’ energtic environments I can only say that people will always find arguments that support their fears, restrictions and limited views of reality and particularly with respect to their own limited scale of experiences.

Be open to possibilities and your own strengths & ways

So, be open to possibilities and try to put down your preconceptions and expectations. I know that this is a very difficult thing for most people to do. Also try and accept yourself, accept who you are and accept that you are unique as we all are.

I access in particular ways, I don’t expect others to be able to access like me, in the same way that we each have a different driving style we also each have preferences and strengths in different senses, perceptions and awareness’s. I am very visual, I don’t hear anything; but that is just me. Use what you are best at.

Although this is web site has a range of articles covering interactions with many being types this exercise is about connecting with a spirit energy friend, someone you know and have a strong positive connection with somewhere.

As such this is a good exercise to start with and to practice particularly at home before you try connecting with nature spirits for example.

Learning to ‘Tune Into’ & Engage with your own Inner Responses as Inner ‘States’ Feelings, Senses & Perceptions

Your ability to access the beyond is related to how well you are prepared to feel, sense, perceive what is going on inside of you. So, to start with I want to help you to familiarize yourself with your inner feelings, reactions and responses.

We do this as follows;

Take yourself back to the memory of meeting someone for the first time that you felt uneasy with. Maybe on the outside they were very friendly and open but some part of you knows that this is a front, an illusion.

Put yourself into this feeling, this sense, this perception, this awareness – whatever it is to you. Then recognize this as your inner response that is saying to you that ‘something is not right‘.

Now put yourself into memory feelings of a situation of when you first met someone with whom you resonated very positively. Let yourself move into these feelings and stay there for a while. NOW feel, sense, perceive where you are feeling this.

Also try and feel how you are sensing them, as this is a different feeling sense to the original. Feel this NOW. Remember what this feels like. This is one of your inner feeling responses telling you that something is right.

Exercise to Help you Understand how you Relate to & Engage with Inner Subtle Sensory Information & Awareness’s

OK imagine you are in a restaurant and you are about to choose what you will eat? So, you are reading down the menu. How do you know what you want? Do you know how YOU internally actually make the choice of what you want to eat? What do you do to make such a choice?

Well, as you read down the list you are actually checking out what each menu selection tastes like by using your inner senses. For most people, as a child, they did this process slowly and step by step. They would imagine what is tasted like to eat a fried egg on toast, how this would taste inside of themselves and whether you would like it or not. They then do this for each menu item to decide if they would like to eat that now or not; this is why kids can take ages to make a choice.

Now, as you practice with this process and get better you can get to do it fairly instantly. So, most adults can scan quite quickly down a menu list and ‘know’ what they want. So, you know that today fish and chips are great but a curry would be Yuk and yet yesterday the opposite was true. When you first did this you likely imagined or felt/sensed what eating fish and chips, or beef steak and so on would make you feel like.

OK so, I want you to do the same for the following list of food types!!! Spend a few minutes reminding yourself and putting yourself back into the experiences of eating these and particularly of the inner awareness’s, inner sensations as well as any emotions/feelings that you associate with particular foods . . .

  • Fried egg on toast
  • Madras curry
  • Fish and chips
  • Beef steak
  • Vegetable lasagne
  • Cheese salad
  • Sweet and sour pork

In doing this you ‘should’ find yourself more and more tuning into and becoming aware of (let’s say) your inner senses/perceptions and awareness’s?

Subtle Perceptions & Unconscious Sensory Awareness’s are happening ALL THE TIME ‘WITHIN’ Yourself!!!!

All the time you are picking up sensory, feeling, inner subtle and perceptual information in many different ways via many different inner senses and awareness’s while often;

  • Taking these for granted and or of not taking notice of or being aware of them . . . or . . .
  • Over time, you’ve more and more filtered these out such that you end up having no direct awareness of them . . . or . . .
  • You have actually blocked these off in the past, perhaps even in previous lifetimes, perhaps because using them got you into trouble or caused you other problems (say because as a witch you we’re perhaps dunked and drowned in a pond)!!!

You/everyone actually have a huge range of sensory, feeling, perception and awareness information impacting on you all of the time. It’s just a matter of you re-tuning your filters to not exclude these/what you ‘NOW’ want to become more aware of. To put it another way, it often takes practice and effort to learn to tune into yourself well enough such that you can start to become aware of the internal sensations that would allow you to gradually more and more become aware of all sorts of things!!!!

So, part of being able to do this is about you allowing yourself to become more and more sensitive to yourself. The calmer, more quiet and relaxed and ‘inner’ self ‘orientated’ you become, the more you’ll become ‘in tune’ with yourself resulting in you more and more picking up very subtle sensations within yourself.

Perceiving & Sensing Spirit & Beings in Spirit and Becoming aware of them

So, this is what you should practice doing when you are trying to sense any ‘friendly’ presence, when you have a feeling of something there use a menu type ‘reminder’ list to get you started.

For example, is this presence more male or female? That’s an easy one to start? So, what do you do? Well, you put a male (you project a male figure) into the same energy space that you can feel your presence, then you feel if this presence resonates / is similar to a male energy. You see or listen or sense if this feels right? Also, remember all of this is about ‘feelings/inner sensations’ it’s not about ‘vision’ as in EYE SIGHT, it’s about ‘seeing’ with other senses and inner awareness’s. So, if the ‘male’ doesn’t feel right then try a female and see if that resonates better? If, for example a female image feels better but is still not quite right, then try different female types. For example try an old female or young one. Put them in the space at different heights. Put a 5cm woman/girl in that space. How does that ‘feel’, does it feel right? Put a 30cm woman there, what does that feel like? Try 2 meters? What about 20 meters (could be you’ve a giant hanging around? – haha). Now you may think that 20 meters is over the top but it could be an alien giraffe (I am not kidding). It is also possible that it might even be hermaphrodite/genderless or gender ambiguous. So, if neither male or female feels right try something else.

Re- Engaging with Extra Sensory Perceptions, ESP, Senses,  Subtle Abilities & Skills

Now in one sense doing the above is re-introducing you to your senses and helping you to become more sensitive to what you are already picking up. This is sort of what I was doing when I started. Even if you do not consciously know what a ‘male’ feels like at a distance your energy system and inner senses do. So, this is about getting you attuned to your own energy system; which is a fancy way of saying getting you attuned to your senses, perceptions and awareness’s.

After a while you can do this automatically like you did as a child reading the restaurant menu. You will then just ‘know’ it is a male fairy for example instantly, because you have now recognized a male energy three times and it is in your sensory memory. Easy.

Now, I am being biased here with my visual senses as this is my strongest. Others of you will be more orientated to your hearing sense or touch or smell or even taste. Adapt the above, use the above to become more aware of how you take in information. Do you hear the food being cooked? Do you know what you would like by the smell? You are your own expert on you?

Conceptual, belief and personal background considerations

You have your own sets of ideas and concepts which are quite different to mine. You have a preference to a different set of senses to me. You use different conceptual symbols internally. What I am saying is that each person picks things up; senses things which are translated by their own internal structures into information that you can relate to or learn to relate to and that the form you get this information is very specific to you. So, three people may be tuning into the same fairy but each may be presented with the information of a fairy in completely different ways. This is normal, as we all have different internal conceptual, cultural and belief ridden inner landscapes.

For example, I think in English from an English culture point of view and would have a lot of trouble initially trying to understand a Japanese person and relating to their cultural background until I understood more to translate concepts and ideas from mine into hers. We would need time to build up a frame work to translate each others view points.

What I am saying here is that you are unique and you need to allow yourself the possibility to find your way to access and relate to what you get. Many people make trouble for themselves because they want to access in a certain way; because that is how they have heard it is done. There is no one way that this is done. There is my way and their is your way.

Blocks and filters to Sensing & Perceiving The Subtle & Spirit

It wont surprise you to know that at this very subtle level your beliefs, ideas and so on can influence you quite strongly. You may also have in other lives done something to stop you from gaining access to this information as part of your experience and beliefs at that time. These types of conceptual blocks may make accessing difficult. But then practising will help you understand if you have these. For example as a child you may have been frightened by invisible monsters to such an extent that you blocked yourself from seeing them. Invisible monsters or other beings in spirit that you were seeing. Or it could be that you had an invisible friend. As an invisible friend is a person in spirit then if you had one then you already accessed and you just need to allow yourself to do the same.

An Exercise to Help you Engage with Subtle Sensory Awareness & Inner Senses & Perceptions

In this exercise you are going to invite some Beings to come work with you to help increase your sensitivity and perceptions so that you may access other realms and energy levels more easily. You are then going to ask for a Being to be with you that you have known from another existence, where your relationship was positive and supportive. This presence will then be used for you to practice accessing and being aware of what is beyond.

To start this exercise you ask for help and support and guidance or training from within and beyond yourself. Use the following invocation to help with this. Say it internally with intent and focus. You can also say it aloud if you want.

I invite the TrueSpirit teams to work with me now.


I ask for everything that I need, all resources, energies and support to help me access and be aware of the energy space around me and all that it contains. I ask that everything and anything within ALL THAT I AM that is blocking my ability to access or that would reduce my sensitivity or awareness to be released from me. I ask for this NOW and so it is.


I ask for everything that I need to make me as open and as sensitive as possible to the Beings and energies around me. I ask for this NOW and so it is.


I invite a good and trusted friend in spirit to stand with me NOW. I ask for help to become aware of our relationship, how we met and what we mean to each other. I ask that the best means possible be used to convey this information to me. I ask for this now and so it is.

Thank YOU.

Now, FEEL . . . feel what you are feeling and sensing within yourself . . . do not use your head, just feel, sense, be aware.

Remember where your feelings were within you when you felt negative and positive about meeting someone? Feel in the same places. What are your senses picking up in response to your inquiries?

Advice to help you Become Aware of and to Sense & Perceive Ghosts, Spirit and Subtle Presences . . .

Project and place your consciousness in different places in the room. Do this by INTENT.

Use whatever is your most sensitive sense to do this. Are you visual or audial, or is your sense of smell the best. So, try and see, or hear or smell a presence.

So, for example is someone sitting on your right? Yes or No? Is there someone sitting on your left? Is your friend standing? Feel the room, put your consciousness in different places in the room and feel if someone is there. If you find this difficult then ask them to help by making their presence more solid. Now for most people this will be a very vague feeling that you will probably not even want to acknowledge because of its subtleness, but that feeling is it. To say that it is a feeling is not quite right; it is a sense of something. OK go with it. So, most of you should have a feeling of something somewhere. Chuck out all rationalizations and contrary thinking and crap beliefs about whether this is right or not . . . . IT almost certainly IS.

OK you have some feeling or sense about some place in the room that contains the presence of your friend. What do you do next? This is where you can check off different characteristics from an imaginary menu. Is it male or female? Well, you put a male in that space and see if it feels right. Then you put a female and see if that resonates better? If, for example a female image feels better but is still not quite right, then try different female types. For example try an old female or young one. Put them in the space at different heights. Put a 5cm woman in that space. Is that right? Put a 30cm woman there, what does that feel like? Try 2 meters? What about 20 meters? Now you may think that 20 meters is over the top but it could be an alien giraffe (I am not kidding). It may also be hermaphrodite. So, if neither male of female feels right try some thing else.

What are they wearing? Try different colors on your photo fit person what works? What feels right? Are they wearing shoes? Is this a human? Is it a friend from another planet? Then put your best idea for an alien there and see if that feels right? You do this step by step until you build up a complete picture of what it looks like. Now? Why is it there? Does it feel friendly? Is it laughing? In what circumstances did you live with this Being? Try different environments and see which feels right. Is it happy? Was your friendship social or was it associated with work or a group or as a neighbor. There is nothing that you cannot track down with this approach. Now as with the child with the menu, the more you practice the more you go straight to what it is with regard to all the menu suggestions that you have already covered. If you get an image but it feels wrong in some way then that is a sign that you need to explore more options, that there is something not right with the image you currently have.

The last time I did this with a group, everyone got it. We had everything from a huge giant that was three times the size of the house, to an alien butterfly creature with a pair of pistols, an eight legged 30cm high virus looking creature which used to be a pet / friend of mine on another level and a couple of people size amoeba type creatures and more.

All of which is of course very educational . . . . .

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