Subtle & Psychic Awareness Exercises Introduced

Exercises to Improve awareness of Subtle Energies & Spiritual Dimensions

I have written some exercises for those of you wanting to learn how to access other realities, to either start or more strongly engage with beings in spirit and or develop or increase your sensitivity and awareness of all of these areas.

For me, the aim is to directly and consciously access other dimensional realities. That is you are able to place part of your consciousness from here, into another reality so that you (yourself) can directly perceive what is there. This to me is what all people accessing or wanting to access should be aiming to achieve.

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Exercise to Learn to Perceive and Sense Subtle Energies

This is an exercise to help you become more sensitive to energies to amplify and increase your own energies so that you can start to play with these. It basically helps you to engage with your energy self in more direct ways and helps you to become more comfortable sensing energies and becoming aware of your self as an energy based being.

How to Improve Perception & Awareness of Beings & Spirit Guides in Spiritual Dimensions

This is an exercise to help you connect with spirit friends whom you already know in other realities. This too is a very safe one to work with. It is focused on connecting you to friends whom therefore you will have more of a ‘real’ connection with because you already know them. This page is very extensive and works to help put you in touch with your inner responses, intuition, sensitivities and knowings. It describes how we respond to subtle perceptions and how our mind deals with this information. So, this exercise aligns you with how we learn new information so that you have the opportunity to learn to do this as fast as possible.

How to Learn to Meet, Contact & Connect with Nature Spirits, Divas & Elementals

This page describes how to approach getting in touch with nature spirits. It starts things off in a natural way by in effect setting you up to start a friendship with these beings and it takes you through achieving this in a very detailed and comprehensive way. It finishes with advice on the best ways of connecting with many different nature spirit types including; dwarfs, gnomes, faeries, pixies, water spirits, tree spirits, elves, trolls, sand spirits, mermaids, leprechauns and more . . .

How to Help yourself to Become more Sensitive to Yourself the Subtle & the Spirit Realms?

This is an exercise to help you sense and identify the deeper origins of issues that relate to blockages in the physical body as well as maybe release them.

So, you have a few pages here to help you get started or improve on what you can already do.

Activating Subtle Awareness’s & Psychic Perceptions may require patience

I suspect that how well you do with these exercises will be a combination of hard work and perseverance coupled with your use or awakening of any inherent awareness or accessing capabilities that you have.

I am not sure if we all have this type of capability naturally. I am sure that because these types of capabilities are not only NOT easily accepted but often ‘ridiculed’ then the bias is for people to not show that they have these AND with this attempts to shut themselves down.

Erosion of Psychic and Subtle Capabilities and Awareness’s

Unfortunately, doing this lifetime after lifetime results in a steady erosion of these types of capabilities such that they probably only seem to be rare when they are probably not. All of my clients and myself have had things blocking and sabotaging these areas too.

So, learning to do this such that you are able to stand on your own in virtually any reality dealing with any situation or being will take many years even if you have a strong desire to do this.

Final Advice on Gaining Psychic & Subtle Awareness

It would be useful for those serious about multidimensionally exploring that you work with all three of the exercise pages that I present here. Working with one every day or every few days over a period each one will support and strengthen what you get in the others.

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