Learning to Access Invisible Spirit & ‘Subtle’ Realms Explanations & Advice Introduction

These pages give basic but comprehensive information about subtle energies, accessing other dimensions, how to interpret what is perceived and so on. There are 4 pages in this section . . . .

Click on the titles below to get to that specific page, although better would be to read them in order by clicking the ‘nextpage’ link at the very bottom

What are Spiritual Energies & Developing a Sense of Spirit & a Spiritual Awareness

What are subtle energies, how these differ from ‘material’ matter, how people perceive these as flows and densities and not as solids. How subtle energies have nothing to do with ‘work’ as science defines things.

How to Tune Into to Spiritual Energies, Sense Spirit & Develop Awareness of Other Dimensions/Domains of Reality

Some examples of what people tuning in ‘see’, how different people pick up different things in relation  to their back  ground, experience, training and expectations . . . .

What are Beings in ‘Spirit’, Entities and so on . . .

What are spirit beings? How best to think of them as people. Some notes on negative entities, how these happen and examples of how you can have an entity attachment.

To Trust or NOT t0 TRUST

How there is much useless and fear based crap about spirits, accessing spirit realms and exploring subtle energies and some discussion and reassurance on these areas.

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