After my so called ‘awakening’ experience (described here) I was permanently aware of ‘subtle’ reality encounters for about 18 months. In other words for 18 months I automatically easily ‘perceived’ none physical people, beings and phenomenon wherever I was.

Becoming Consciously Aware of ‘Dead’ People . . .

ghost1During this phase I ended up making an effort to avoid walking past cemetery’s because when I did I’d automatically became aware of what looked like ghosts standing beside what turned out to have been their partner (husband or wife’s) grave. They were standing there because their partner had been the first to die and on dying they’d gone to their spouses last known location (obviously hoping for a meet up).

There were ALWAYS a few of these ghosts in cemeteries and based on the dates of death on the headstone of their already deceased partner some of them could have been hanging around for up to 200 years.

“Eh . . . are you the wife of . . . ‘Jason Hunterly’? . . . who . . . eh . . . died in 1837?!!!”

After the first 18 months my perceptional abilities seemed to automatically change such that I then had to consciously decide/choose to perceive what was present within the parallel none physical reality.

So, after this change happened I then reverted to ‘choosing’ to have a look into the subtle space if I felt prompted to or if I felt a distinct presence or atmosphere indicating that something ‘interesting’ may be present in the parallel subtle strata.

A Consciously Activated Interactive Awareness of Ghosts & Subtle People

For example, one day on visiting my parents house, while hanging around after ringing the doorbell I noticed an ambulance standing outside a neighbours house at the end of the street.

When my mother opened the door I mentioned this and she told me that she and some of the neighbours thought that the son of the neighbour with the ambulance standing outside had collapsed. She said that she and some of the other neighbours had speculated about the son having a heart attack and that he may have died. As this was a young and very fit guy (he was often out jogging / running) then I felt that this was very unlikely.

However, as we were standing there chatting and idly ‘speculating’ I started to sense/feel a presence . . . on tuning into this presence . . . then sure enough the neighbours son (as a ghost’ form) was standing next to us . . . OK . . . he’s definitely dead then . . .

He was obviously somewhat disturbed and disoriented and wasn’t sure what was happening quite likely because he was finding himself actually dead but also ‘not really’ dead.

Because of him being ‘obviously’ disturbed then ‘internally’ I connected to / engaged with his father whom had died a few years previously. His dad (as a ghost) then arrived / materialised next to us.

How to Approach Explaining to a Confused Dead Person that our so called ‘Facts’ about Reality have been a little OFF!!!!

I then left him to explain to his son what was happening. The son then started to become more settled. They hung around for about a half hour or so then disappeared off, presumably to the official “‘your dead now’ administration space“!!!

So, as we are all actually ‘subtle’ beings interfaced by invisible subtle energetic interfacing material to an apparently easy to observe physical ‘animal’ form then it’s not in the slightest odd that we have ghosts and other ‘clues’ all conspiring to give validity to this possibility!!! If you want to become aware of more clues that support this possibility then there is a huge amount of information presented in this page here which you may find worth reading although it’s also ‘disturbing’ (not just for those that imagine they are rational and objective).

The above happened about 25 years ago. As I write this, then it was about 4 years ago that my mother died.

As my mother had a health condition that would lead to her dying then a few weeks before this was expected to happen I directly contacted and arranged for her already dead best friend to support her when it was her time to leave this particular physical life.

A few weeks later, I could see her best friends subtle body or ‘ghost’ form with her in her hospital room when I came to visit. She was obviously there to support my mother as the friend she was and also as a death transition ‘advisor’ person.

At the same time I also noticed that my mothers ‘ghost’ form was already half way out of her physical body (in other words her subtle body to physical body interfacing was well on the way to being fully disengaged). Her physical body was lying down with her upper body propped up with pillows while her subtle interfaced ‘ghost’ form subtle body actually appeared to be standing upright through her propped up upper physical body.

My mother was on morphine and didn’t interact with myself or my father during this visit BUT the nurse that was looking after her took me to one side and explained to me that she was sure my mother would die that night because she’d been exhibiting all the ‘it’s close to the end’ signs the nurse had come to recognise.

The Transition from Dying to Disengaging the Subtle Interfacing to Subtle Form Described

She was somewhat taken back when I described the above and agreed with her assessment. My mother’s physical body died very early the next morning.

Now, I’m also quite certain that some people will consider that I’m a little strange because I’m actually seriously NOT bothered by people dying (although I am bothered about people having painful deaths). On physically dying their none physical ‘real’ self is now simply ‘somewhere else’ AND if they decide that they would like to visit me then that’s fine by me AND if they don’t want to visit I’m fine with that too. So, I don’t particularly have an grief or bereavement beyond what you’d expect if someone close to you went to live in a far away country such that you would only have occasional contact with each other.

So, with my mother now physically ‘dead’ and hence being elsewhere I was having to deal with all of the funeral arrangements relating to her physical death.

Two days after her death my mother turned up (obviously as a ghost subtle form) which was the perfect time because it allowed me to go though her own funeral arrangements WITH HERSELF. This allowed me to make extra sure that everything was as she would like it to be.

My father (being someone that imagines himself as more rational than most) doesn’t ‘believe’ in life after the physical body death. Which is very interesting because from my perspective very confused and seriously befuddled people seem to automatically expect that I myself must believe in life after death.

“AHHH . . . so, . . . you believe in life after death then?”

“EH!! . . . . NOPE . . . . I DON’T ‘believe’ in life after death actually!!!”

Do ‘You’ just ‘Believe’ in Life After Death or Do you have Regular & Consistent Experiences of Life After Death?

I don’t ‘believe’ in life after death, in the same way that I don’t believe in desks, clouds or even cars. The thing is that cars, desks and clouds are as perceptually coherent, consistent and predictable as dead people are to myself.

Apparently people believing that I must have this ‘as a belief’ is reassuring to themselves!!! At least I ‘believe’ that they must get some psychological comfort from theselves ‘believing’ that I ‘believe’ in life after death because this is perhaps more acceptable than of them daring to contemplate what may be way more ‘frightening’ but perhaps decidedly more realistic ‘alternate’ possibilities with regards our reality here.

As my dad has the same sort of sense of humor as myself then I told him that when he died and then decided to come and have a chat with me, I’d just laugh and say . . .

“Hahaha . . . I told you so . . .”

I was with him when he died and all of his old already dead friends turned up a few hours before he eventually completely disengaged from his now expired (failed it’s latest MOT test) physical vehicle.

“Hahaha . . . what did I tell you!!!”

At his funeral, I was the lead into the service which meant that I was supposed to walk to the end of the first row and then sit down. It was a good plan, BUT unfortunately the very end two seats in the first row were already taken up by completely unannounced, uninvited, invisible guests!!! After I sat down three seats in it didn’t take long before I noticed that the rest of the front row seats were actually in many cases double occupied as many invisible guests arrived later than the visible ones (does anyone know if two people to a seat is a health hazard or violates fire regulations?).

Even more bizarre was that amongst the invisible and definitely uninvited guests were my physically dead father and mother accompanied by many of their dead friends all there to attend my dad’s funeral.

‘Statistically’, What is the Observable Incidence of Dead People ‘Gate Crashing’ their own Funeral?

I managed to restrain myself by not mentioning any of this to the humanist who gave the service, for some reason I intuited that they’d react ‘irrationally’ to such information. My brother was quite impressed with my restraint.

Here is a question!!! . . . . If you reading this ‘died’ BUT then became aware that you were still alive then what are you very likely going to be THINKING about when it sinks in that you’re not actually ‘really’ dead?

Well, you are very likely going to be thinking about all of the physical incarnate people that you cared about as friends and family that you will in all likelihood still miss very much.

It is in fact VERY likely that most actually dead (but now aware that they are not really dead people) will be pre-occupied with the family and friends that they have left behind. In these circumstances you are particularly likely to THINK about family and friends that you would suspect might be WORRIED ABOUT YOU.

Once again . . . under these circumstances then what would you reading this try and do ‘IF’ you were able?

Well, what I’d personally try and do is I’d try and arrange to visit my family and friends and I’d be trying to convey to them that ‘YEA . . . BIT OF A BUMMER’ in that ‘I’M APPARENTLY DEAD’ . . . while also in fact being ‘fine’ about being dead (because you’ve now found out that you’re not actually really dead, ‘DEAD’) . . . and particularly to let them know that they should not worry about you.

Evidence of Alleged ‘Rational & Objective’ People Being Unable to Join Simple ‘Clue’ Dots

Unbelievably, being visited or feeling that you’ve been visited by someone recently dead is actually quite common.

Surveys in different cultures have shown that up to 50% of people have had some experience indicating that someone they knew that recently died came to visit them. Basically, a huge number of people have seen or heard a person after they have died. Read this page here for more details of what is apparently a ‘natural’ phenomenon.

We have a percentage of physical people here that are colour blind. That is we have some people that don’t ‘perceive’ colours, they just ‘see’ everything in black and white and shades of grey. It is quite possible that some of these people might ‘believe’ that colours exist because other people seem to be convinced they can see many different colours.

For 10,000’s of years it was unknown as to ‘why’ some people couldn’t see in colours while others could. It was a mystery as to why certain people would see colours differently compared to the majority. It’s also a mystery as to why people whom have the same ‘enhancements’ can under most conditions ‘see’ the same things that others without these abilities CANNOT see are ‘apparently’ often described as being psychotic or suffering from a mass delusion ‘specifically’ by people that imagine themselves to be rational.

By the very same ‘logic’ colour blind people whom all see the same things in shades of grey should have ‘rationally’ been described as suffering from a mass perceptual delusion. Shouldn’t they!!!!

If we are actually subtle beings interfaced to a physical animal form vehicle then anyone ‘rational’ should with just some slight effort be able to figure out that we would then in FACT have two bodies. We would have an easily seen physical avatar body AND we would also have a subtle body too. Under these circumstances it is entirely possible that ‘faulty’ interfacing and or genetic differences relating to the SUBTLE BODY (not the separate physical body) could result in some people receiving a perceptual input overlay or a perceptual translation of what their subtle forms perceptual system can actually percieve.

There is a page here (there was already a link above to this page) presenting a huge and diverse range of evidence clues that we are none physical ‘subtle’ people interfaced to an animal form.

For a much more detailed page on the subtle interfacing and how what we sometime see as a ghost (particularly in cemetries) is actually the ‘shell’ of the discarded body interfacing suit then read this page here.