The crazy across the planet connections and events to bring together soul mates

soul mates - two heartsShortly after leaving my nice and secure but unsatisfying job at Newcastle University to start as a self employed energy worker I received a phone call from Isabella – a Brazilian friend whom I had not seen for about three years. She was in London attending a three week English language training course and after the telephone call came to visit me for the weekend (November 1997).

We spent most of the time talking about healing and energy work. Regularly during these exchanges she would say ”OH – my friend Cris says the same thing”. After a while she looked at me and said that Cris and I would get on very well with each other. What she really said was. “Mmm, you and Cris are very similar, you would get on very well – and – she is very beautiful.” . The last was said with a very intense look.

Anyway, I thought nothing of this but when she left to re-join her course I gave her some energy tools (early versions of the PERSONAL UNITY facilitator) to take with her. One of which was for Cris. Over the next few months I received two or three e-mails from Cris via Isabella telling me about how she was working with the healing subtle energy tool and the effects it was having on her.

Then out of the blue in March I received a letter from Cris. There were poems, brief paragraphs about what she had been doing the last few months (spending time visiting a high energy area of Brazil called Alto Paraiso (High Paradise)), some photos and finally an invitation to come work with her and her clients in Sao Paulo.

The final wording of this invitation was as follows ”What I really want to tell you my dearest friend is that I will be waiting for you here for when you come. It will be a quite moment for each of us in Alto Paraiso sitting, holding each others hands and looking into each others eyes. I don’t understand the feelings that I have – but I trust”.

This letter astounded me. The photo’s of her time in Alto Paraiso were something else and she was (as Isabella had said) extremely beautiful. Well, I could not quite handle it? I would check the address to make sure it was really for me, feel somewhat embarrassed and uncomfortable to find that – yes it still was – again? I put the letter away and every few weeks would get it out and re-read it just to make sure that I was not dreaming.

This went on for about two months. I could not think about it properly, part of me thought – this invitation is mad, travel to Brazil again, and more practically that it would take at least a year maybe two to get properly up and running so that I could have enough money to go. Incredibly this was not the case, the work took off and by June I had money to spare for a trip to Brazil. I booked this for September.

The Start of Over the top Meaningful Coincidences & Synchronicity Leading Up to myself Eventual Meeting my Soul Mate. . .

Even after booking I still considered that this was a business trip with both the opportunity to work with someone different and to do what I was guided to do with the energies there. This was how it was for all the training trips I was doing around Britain and Ireland. I should also say that every time I had started a relationship I had known that it was going to happen long before it actually did. The feeling I had of Cris at this time was that of a good friend and nothing more.

In late August I worked in Southern Ireland training people and giving healing sessions. There I met Jeannie and her Husband Mike whom I stayed with. Jeannie, as a very sensitive channel got the amusing name of ”Cow Woman” while working on an Irish Psychics line after three farmers independently rang up enquiring about lost cattle. The outcome of which was the recovery of the cattle and the arrest of the cow thieves.

One morning Jeannie presented me with a boxed Silver ring. ”This is not for you, don’t know who it’s for but you will know when you meet them”. As soon as I took the ring a larger than life goddess materialized in front of me and the hand with the ring in it was very dramatically moved around for about 10 minutes. This was followed by “Take it to Brasil with you” and later with “OH – and do you know that this woman you’ve been waiting for – your soul mate is very close – and she is not English?”

Well, I spent the rest of the time in Ireland trying to figure out if any of the women there might be the one? (Not that I was desperate?). I eventually had enough consistent messages while on this trip to be awakened to the possibility that Cris was my soul mate (more synchronicities).

On returning to England my Irish friend Dee came to chat about my trip. Had I enjoyed myself? Did I like Ireland? How had the work gone? Dee is another very sensitive person so, after talking for a while I passed her the ring – “Feel what you get from this?”. Her response was that this ring was for Cris, she then described what Cris’s reaction would be to receiving it and what effects it would have on her. Tears then came to her eyes. “It going to be amazing for the both of you – absolutely magic”. “Is she who I think she is?”, “Yes I think so” – says Dee.

Soulmate Signs, Coincidences & Synchronicities Are On Going for many Weeks . . .

The weekend after this meeting with Dee (the last before I would fly to Brazil) I was attending a Health, Healing and Spiritual Fair. On the second day a friend Lisa sat in front of my stall while she waited to have a taro reading. ‘What’s this I hear about you going to South America?’ She says. ‘Well’ I say, ‘I think it’s to meet my soul mate’. She gives me a very strange look and begins to tell me about an argument she had that morning with her guides. Lisa programs crystals and for each one she asks her guidance what the focus should be. That morning, she had been told to program a crystal to bring together soul mates. She refused – ‘I’m not doing that!! Some poor bugger will get it and think that that is all they need to attract their soul mate. – No way!!’. They insist, she refuses. Lisa tells me that this went on for 25 minutes until she gives in and does it. “So”, she says – looking at me “Is this for you?”. I check – “yes definitely. We wander down to her stall – all five meters of table space with hundreds of crystals. We cannot find it. Ok I say “If this crystal is for me then get me to it?”. Immediately and very strongly my right hand is taken and I am dragged to a table around the corner where my hand is placed precisely over a particular crystal – and guess what? – it’s the one. As soon as I pick it up. My hand is lifted up and moves in the same strange way as happened with the ring. Thanks Lisa.

Before leaving for Ireland I had been given an audio tape called ‘Connecting with your Soul Mate’ (yet more synchronicities). This is not something I am normally attracted to never mind actually using. However in this case it felt right. The effect was amazing within minutes of starting the inner journey I was met by a immense light Being whose effect on me was so overwhelming that tears came to my eyes and I openly cried.

The next day (after returning form Ireland) I play the tape again (this is the third time). The effect is more subtle. I go to bed. I wake up in the morning. I have a woman lying next to me. Ok not a regular occurrence, but not irregular either. I phase into this form and it eventually dawns on me that this spirit woman is a part of Cris. “So” I say, getting straight to the point – “are you my soul mate?”. The reply is “yes”. This is Tuesday morning – I am due to fly at 6.00 Sunday morning. This ‘Cris’ is with me from this time on. She walks with her arm through mine as I am flying around Newcastle like a headless chicken trying to get everything organized for the trip. ‘Hey, chill out, take it easy – everything is going to be fine.’ she says.

From the Monday of that week. I have a huge amount of fear and in trepidation coming out to be released. What is hitting me is this – exactly how do you approach meeting someone that you have never met that you know you will spend the rest of your life with? And how do you tell them?’. This releasing eases off and by Friday I am fine. In fact I am quite chilled about it all. So, my feeling is that I will flow with what happens and wait until she tells me?

Flight from Newcastle Amsterdam is almost as amusing as Amsterdam to Sao Paulo. Cris is always with me – sitting in the next seat (which is always occupied by a normal this level reality person). So, sometimes I am have two conversations at once.

I arrive, get out of customs. See Isabella, we hug. She then turns and says “This is Cris”. Well it just doesn’t feel right. I cannot understand this – we hug. I ask her if she is ok. (Cris speaks very good English – just as well really as I am following the typical British tradition – barely competent in English never mind another language). Cris sort of nods slightly – but I am not convinced. I am then introduced to their friend Carlos who has brought them to the airport. He is taking us to Isabella’s and so we leave.

Carlos drives like a complete maniac from the airport into Sao Paulo hitting 90 mph at times while fortunately not hitting anything else. We arrive, Carlos says that he has had a traumatic day and needs his own space he says good bye and leaves. In Isabella’s apartment we have something to eat, get comfortable, relax and start to talk. I have bought quite a few things for Cris each of which has jumped at me to come. So, there are crystals, a hand made wooden ornament (I made myself) and other things including the ring which I give to her a week later. All of these are activating something within her. Over the following two hours I can feel the energies building (and folks I really mean just energies) something very special is happening. There was a deep connection revealing itself which I can only say was a feeling of being deeply comfortable with each other.

The next day Cris leaves very early to work with her clients, Isabella goes to her marketing job and I lie in bed both adjusting to a new time zone and a 18 hour journey. Cris returns late afternoon, Isabella later. This was the day that I found out that Carlos was Cris’s ex boyfriend. As they were driving to the airport, Cris’s guides were providing a final ultimatum. They were very insistent that she finish the relationship before arriving at the airport. They were not going to allow her to arrive if this was not done. Cris said that it was very traumatic and at one point Carlos had screeched to a halt on the motorway (in the fast lane) and would not budge while they talked for an hour. This was the reason why it felt that Cris was very much ‘out of sorts’ at the airport.

What is responsible for Exaggerated Meaningful Coincidences Particularly Related to an Important Relationship?

The next day I Cris and I work together with her clients. She has one client in particular that she wants me to help with. During this session we are releasing and removing huge amounts of negativity and breaking entity attachments. One of which is very dark and mean looking. I then realize that this nasty entity was me from another existence. This was of course one of the reasons I had to come to Sao Paulo – to resolve many past life issues I had with individual people there. I pull lots of very nasty looking things that are impaled in her body out – all put there by this part of myself from some other existence. As we finish and Cris is explaining what we have done I look down and find as many things sticking in me that have been put there by her. As Cris takes this Client out I tell her that it will take me about 30 minutes to clear myself of these things.

So, sitting cross legged on Cris’s therapy couch I begin. After 5 minutes I am crying my eyes out with anguish and pain while at the same time pulling out all the bits and pieces sticking into me. Cris returns puts a mat on the floor lies down and she starts crying. I finish. It has taken about 30 minutes. I go over to Cris and touch her face. Turning to me and in a sharp and annoyed tone says “And just where have you been? I’ve been incarnating on hundreds of different planets trying to find you.”

And so, the first day of our relationship began.

It was bizarre experiences like these and many more than eventually had me figuring out HOW REALITY WOULD HAVE TO BE for meaningful to automatically happen under specific circumstances.

Have you Noticed unlikely Synchronicity or OTT Coincidences leading UP TO an Important life event or a Soul Mate Connection?

‘IF’ we are in a simulation hen we will each be living out someone else’s life. As such, then each persons life will unfold in the opposite way to what you’d imagine because we will each already have all our their life events and experiences pre defined by our script.

For a copied persons life to be kept accurately aligned to your script then your life choices and decisions will have to be ‘finessed’ to make sure that you absolutely live through defining and important life events and experiences. ‘IF’ we are simulated copies of other people then life our lives will automatically be directly manipulated and indirectly influenced to ensure we align to our script defined experiences.

In directly manipulating peoples lives to a pre-defined important outcome and in some cases will be very strongly managed or ‘guided’ which will result in you experiencing very specific coincidental causal events all determinedly maneuvering you to make specific choices that will lead and guide you to very specific outcomes. Pre-defined outcomes that are very life defining and therefore very important will likely have the person being managed experiencing a a barrage of coincidental ‘pointers’ and synchronistic ‘steering’ information all designed to lead yourself to the required very specific outcome YOU HAVE TO LIVE THROUGH.

If this is correct, then then it is pretty much guaranteed that a great deal of people will experience obvious life synchronicity and or coincidences leading up to ‘important’ events. In some cases, some people will perhaps feel very strongly ‘guided’ to very specific events.

‘IF’ more than a few people experience such synchronicity or ‘lucky’ coincidences leading up to a specific and or likely significant event then we’d definitely have to suspect that we are not in one of those mythical ‘real’ realities. The previous relationship I had before meeting Cris I had a very strong pre-warning indication as to whom I’d get involved with next, this was despite that she was married to my best friend . . . ??? making it basically impossible anyway for a lot of different reasons . . . except two years later they split up and we then later did start a relationship . . . after the relationship with Cris finished and we split up (and I came back to the UK) . . . I also pre felt/became aware of my next pre defined partner . . . however as I was getting very suspicious about these pre-defined/pre destination ‘relationship’ events I spent time ‘tracking into the future’ and actually started to pick up a lot of details about this person . . . despite that I did actually meet her about 3 months later (many ‘important’ details about her turned out to be very accurate) . . . BUT/HOWEVER . . . for various reasons I decided to ‘keep to myself’ as I knew I was going to be very very busy and that it was best to stay single . . . so, I’ve consciously derailed what was pre defined within our duplicated reality/living out someone else’s life . . .

Have you experienced any relationship coincidences or anything similar? If you have or even if you haven’t then can you tick what applies to you in the poll below.

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After thinking about ‘duplicated’ life possibilities, it then becomes obvious that there will be another ‘experience’ of a very specific nature that will also ABSOLUTELY result in reality having to make a BIG effort to absolutely make sure these specific events/experiences either absolutely happen to certain people at certain times and or for other people efforts have to be made to make sure that the same events absolutely don’t happen . . . can you think of what these specific events will be?

Is Reality Pre-Defining Accidents & Injuries are Injuries & Accidents Pre-Destined?

Have You Ever felt directly Guided as part of being Steered TOWARD/TO or AWAY FROM being hurt in an Accident?

If we are living out ‘someone’ else’s life then if the person you are simulating had an accident such that you are then NO MATTER WHAT . . . GOING TO HAVE THAT ACCIDENT then there will likely be some very weird circumstances/setups pre defined TO ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE that some people absolutely have an accident while the same sort of effort will be applied to others to make sure that they DON’T HAVE AN ACCIDENT . . . which if correct then it’s very likely that some people with have really bad luck when experiencing having an accident (because they are predefined as having one) while other people will then seemingly have amazingly good/magical luck avoiding having an accident . . .

Are Some Life ‘Defining/Critical’ Events pre-Defined such that you either absolutely cannot Avoid them OR they Absolutely won’t be Allowed to Happen!!!!

So, have you ever felt directly ‘GUIDED/FACILITATED/FATED & OR STEERED’ in a particular direction or toward a particular outcome and particularly to ensure that something either absolutely happens and or absolutely doesn’t happen because it’s likely that for a duplicated reality some people whom are pre-defined as having an accident will very likely feel as if they had very unlucky circumstances contributing to the accident (because it was MADE TO HAPPEN) while others (whom are not supposed to have an accident) will find the opposite, that they are LUCKY/ INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have ‘somehow’ avoided having a bad accident (car crash or similar)!!!!

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If you would like to understand why we might be in a simulation in more detail then read this page here. This page also has a separate poll that about finding how many people feel personally guided. It also have a youtube video of an example of a seriously coincidental meeting that someone experienced.

Polls Designed to Collect Evidence that we are in a Dupliced Simulation i.e. All aspects of our lives are Predestined we don’t really have any Free Will at all . . .

For other polls gathering evidence on the incidence of different anomalies presented by our reality then check out the following pages . . .

Post Script- The Outcome of the above Meaningful Coincidences . . .

The above happened in September 1998 we spent 3 magic weeks together and got married the following June. We spend most of the time apart for another two years with me just able to visit for 1-2 months in a year. Cris has been refused entry by immigration in the UK because we are having a relationship (how crazy is that) and I am trying to sell my house to go be with her there. There were lots trying very strongly to keep us apart. I went to live in Brazil in early 2001, we bought some land in Minas Gerais and built our own house there. For what we did there then read the following pages held on;

Early in 2004 we finished what we were there for and sold the land and travelled for 10 months eventually entering Europe in October 2004. A short while later we parted and Cris is now back living in Brazil and I am in the UK. Cris was the soul mate of my soul twin; which would take too much explaining here and being together was about both of us understanding our selves and our ‘soul’ relationships to deeper levels to resolve challenges and traumas held within us. As we did this then it was time to move on and resolve challenges within other parts of ourselves. A soul mate is someone whom you have had a relationship with at soul level being relived here. However as we have often lived much more than just this relationship then the time soul mates are together reflect the time you have had at original levels and of course what agenda you brought here?