This is an audio of what we encountered while working with a client (Sharon) to find out what was blocking her focus as well as encountering witches - good arty graphic of a witchmaking her sleepy and crash out. We cleared lots of beings and ‘things’ contributing to this but were left at the end with a weird energy barrier.

This was not something we would normally expect for what we were exploring to resolve . . . . . .

So, I can now see an energy barrier with a squadron of witches on broom sticks on the other side of this. The barrier is ‘weird’ in that normally it would be a bubble with her in the centre to afford protection from all directions. Rather this barrier looks more like an undulating curtain and is only positioned in front of her (about 100 meters away).

Perhaps even more strange is that you would expect any witches to fly round this rather than fly back and forward along it’s length.

A spell of protection is our Magical barrier Blocking ALL Healing Efforts

It turns out that this was a barrier put there magically by Sharon in a past life to protect her from some witches attacking her; probably a spell of protection.

The barrier makes the witches behave as if they are in a gold fish bowl flying round and round. So, we have to get Sharon to withdraw this protection spell to clear the barrier so that we can talk to these witches directly and find out what the original problem was.

Talking to a Coven of Spirit Witches to sort out a Past Life Problem

This is not a solution for the faint hearted in healing terms; however this is what I do with all clients; remove their protection keeping them separate from something so that whatever happened that needed this to be done can be resolved.

So Sharon gives her permission for our teams in a sense to remove the barrier and then we have a laugh as the witches fly to a skidding halt in front of her.

The next question is; “why are they mad at her?” It turns out that they were after her because she had in fact stolen their spell book. Getting her to give this back in energy terms resolves this and they all disperse.

Witch’s Book of Spells was Stolen in a Past Life

All of this on the audio is happening in real time with me tuning into these beings trying to ‘feel’ what is going on as it is happening; getting Sharon to confirm or otherwise what I am picking up and acting on this.

I do this type of in depth clearing as a matter of course and take a light hearted relaxed attitude. For me this sort of negotiation is run of the mill; in fact often they are much more scary if not more complicated. In actuality this barrier although put up in a previous life will always be there unless it is dealt with. This is not something that people appreciate; that something set up in a previous life time can be having a major effect on them now and will continue to do so until it is dealt with properly.

The quality of audio for this session was not too good as there was a crackle on the phone line when; this does not interfere with you being able to listen to it properly and in some ways adds to the ‘witchy’ ambiance.

Past Life Healing Reveals & Resolves Attacks from a Coven of Witches

witch on a broom stickSo, this audio is about investigating this barrier, finding out how to clear it and also thenwitch on a broom stick to deal with the coven of witches flying around behind it all after the stolen spell book. Sharon does not perceive these things but has good spirit communication with guides to confirm what is going on.

As she and I have the same sense of humour then we can get a little carried away laughing about this as opposed to actually dealing with what we are supposed to. As Sharon says her sessions are the best in entertainment she experiences. Be warned.

Difficulties & Problems trying to get rid of a Past Life Spell of Protection

Before getting to the curtain barrier we find another barrier which Sharon actually created from her own energy and which was acting to prevent her focus from projecting out. So, the next audio is about us dealing with this; getting her to take this back into her own energy field rather than have it discarded. This is very funny.

Explanations about different types of Magical Spells plus Dealings with a Wizard in another healing Session

robed wizard casting spellsFrom the same session I relate being attacked by a wizard when dealing with another client while taking her through releasing some spirit attachments and as a result I then understand that very strong magical spells have to be dealt with by individual focus else they wont be ‘resolved’. I should say that magical attacks like this are probably not common.

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