This is an audio example of the work done with a client when we were exploring the origins of what was causing him to get very reactive / angry toward others (for little reason) – particularly his relationship partner.

monsterFrom the focus to bring the cause forward we eventually have a very impressive golden spirit appearing. However, this being does not feel right to me in various ways so we re-focus to have this being present itself as it really is to then have what we can only describe as a monster / demon combination.

Shape shifting monster demon & Magician entity attachment causes temporary confusion

We then work to release this entity attachment which is slightly more complicated than usual . . .

As there is yet another misdirection in that this being itself is a front for another one. So, again we do a focus to bring this beings ‘boss’ forward to have what can only be described as a magician, sorcerer type turn up.

A Magician Sorcerer is the real cause of the relationship problems

This magician turns out to only be half a magician and the problem isnot very good magician casting spells that it is quite insecure and so in a past life where this client has pointed out that some of his ‘magic’ tricks are not ‘real’ magic but sleight of hand as in smoke and mirrors this upsets him.

As a results this magician sends how spirit side kick which appears to use here as a monster demon to cause Samuel problems which for the last couple of weeks has been making him very angry and reactive. So, although this was from many lifetimes ago this unresolved attachment was still acting to cause relationship problems for this client.

Example of Revealing a Hiding entity attachment and of then performing an Entity Release

So, we have to confront this magician being and persuade him to stop interfering with my client Samuel. In one sense this is an entity release of a being acting against my client.

It is often surprising how little it can take to cause someone in a life to do something stupid but quite damaging against you.

An entertaining Audio, with again both myself and the client for the most part accessing directly and being interactively aware of what is going on while we work to resolve this issue. This being pretends to cast a spell on us toward the end as a facing saving gesture all smoke, spit and mirrors really.

Healing of anger reactions toward relationship partner

This attachment was having a very strong effect on this clients personal relationships, causing over reactive anger and moods. You would be surprised at all the ways your life can be affected by such as these.

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