In my early 30’s myself and my girlfriend of that time spent almost a week staying with an English friend in Munich, Germany and while there we took a bus and visited the Dachau concentration camp. Having read about the holocaust and being appalled at what had happened I wanted to visit such a place for myself, mainly because it felt right to do this particularly when I had the opportunity to easily do this rather than avoid or not think about these things.

Visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich, Germany

Even though this was in April and overall it was cold, rainy and for part of the time in Germany it even snowed the day that we visited Dachau was a very nice warm, clear and sunny day, so the ‘atmosphere’ in terms of the day ‘as a day’ was good. As we walked from the bus stop and got closer and closer to the concentration camp entrance it all still continued to feel ‘good’.

I’d like to make it clear now that I’m generally very ‘sensitive’ and I’d normally feel or perceive or sense a ‘bad’ atmosphere even at a distance if there was one. I was also actually half ‘expecting’ that I’d feel a negative ‘atmosphere’ or bad vibes as I got closer to the camp. However when we reached the camp and walked down the outside perimeter approaching the entrance it still all felt and seemed ‘fine’.

I was still feeling fine all the way up to the imaginary line that separated the outside of the camp from the inside of the camp. In other words the point where you would be in the act of taking the one step that would have you shift from being outside of the camp fence at the open gate line, to step through the gate space to then being inside the camp.

So, I was walking along the side of the road with my girlfriend and as expected we gradually and quite naturally got closer to the open entrance. I was still walking normally as we reached the open entrance and I was still feeling fine, I didn’t have any anxiety and I still didn’t feel any bad vibes. In other words until this point this was just like any other ‘walk’, on a nice sunny day, it was just as it you’d expect walking down any street, road or path.

It was at this point that ‘the fun started’ because rather than just walking normally through the very wide open gate ‘space’ into the camp and entering the camp ‘space’ which is what should have happened I actually walked right into what can only be described as an invisible wall. I literally experienced myself crumpling up against an invisible and fortunately mildly elastic barrier.

Illustration of invisible subtle wall barrier at entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp
Illustration of invisible subtle wall barrier at entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp

My girlfriend whom obviously must have had some sort of pass to automatically get through this invisible barrier didn’t have any problem at all and looked on in amusement as I gave a half decent impression of being one of these street mime artists giving a performance of trying to find my way through an invisible wall.

I probably spent about 10 minutes, maybe longer trying to breach this invisible barrier while simultaneously trying to behave in ways that would give me the best chances of not being arrested if anyone was watching. Fortunately there didn’t seem to be many people around.

Eventually either because I was persisting or because of hanging round for a length of time I found myself being able to step into and enter the concentration camp grounds. The barrier had changed from an almost solid wall to just mild resistance which then allowed me to move through itself.

That’s when it became really bad because on entering the camp space I found myself walking within what physically felt like thick mud or a treacle swamp with the mud or treacle coming all the way up to my thighs.

Engaging with Dachau Concentration Camp Ghosts

My upper body was clear but my lower body felt resistance all the time and particularly so when I moved. Also, it wasn’t an inert or passive resistance either, what I was pushing through was moving all the time and even worse it actually felt alive. To be honest it felt as if I was pushing through invisible, not very solid ‘people’ whom it felt must all be all crawling around on the ground. I also felt hands touching myself as I made an effort to walk around within the camp space.

To say that this was HORRIBLE and disturbing would be a great understatement. This happening actually had me personally feeling that the people whom had died there were very likely still there. The more time I spent within the camp space the worse I felt. It didn’t take long before I started to feel the onset of a background stuffy headache and increasingly to feel more and more ‘ill’ in a very general sense including feeling very slightly sick. I had intended to walk around the entire camp and enter some of the cabins and the museum BUT it quickly became obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to stay in the camp space for that length of time so after walking around for what would probably be no more than 5 minutes I left.

All of these effects dissipated when I exited the entrance. My girlfriend walked around the camp, entered some of the cabins and spent time in the museum. She problem spent at least 45 minutes in that space and on talking about it afterwards she didn’t feel anything of what I felt. The friend we were staying with said he’d heard of others whom had felt and experienced ‘weird’ things when visiting that concentration camp and other camps too.

The very strong ‘exclusion’ barrier could also explain why I didn’t feel any bad vibes at all (when I normally do) until I got into the camp as this barrier would very likely be keeping what was inside well dampened down.

I have gone to quite a bit of effort in providing the extended descriptions above to ‘sink’ the ‘throw away’ and entirely stupid and in my case none existent psychological reasons why I might imagine a barrier that I physically directly hit and which was so effective it stopped me in my tracks while I was in mid stride. This incident happened during the time when I was working as the manager of the bio-medical mass spectrometry unit at Newcastle University and was well known for my all round competence and clarity of mind.

Please note that it was another 5 years after this event after over a decade of practising to orientate toward and to engage with my full arsenal of senses and perceptions that I eventually gained the ‘skill’ to become aware of and to directly engage with so called ‘none physical’ realities at will.

Trapped Ghosts of Jewish Origins Sealed behind Energetic Barriers on a Devastated World

As I write this page, this all happened about 23 years ago.

Jump forward almost 20 years from that Dachau concentration camp visit and I’m working as a therapist.

One of the things I do is trace clients issues back into the past (through past earth lives and beyond) to try and identify the origins of issues so that we can gain more understanding and context with respect to the original setting which can give us a much better idea of what is actually most contributing to specific current issues and debilitating problems.

One day a client with Jewish ancestry become aware that she had a lot of ‘ghosts’ around herself, a very ragged and unhappy bunch of ghosts whom are presenting themselves as if they are stuck somewhere. In tracing back to the original circumstances that corresponded to the presence of these ghosts we find that this client and these others have not only all physically died on a planet but they are all being prevented from re-incarnating while as ‘spirits’ they are also being prevented from leaving the physical ‘space’ of that physical world.

When I accessed these ‘ghost’ people in the original circumstances they all seemed to be living in caves or underground spaces. It very much felt as if they couldn’t reach the surface or they were stuck below the surface.

It also felt as if the planet they had been living on while being ‘incarnated’ as physical forms had been subjected to an Armageddon type event causing everything physical to be destroyed including all physical life forms. You could say that the entire planet was laid to waste and made physically uninhabitable while the real ‘dead’ people as subtle beings were kept trapped within the boundaries of that planets physical space by a very effective and a very strong subtle containment barrier.

In other words, these subtle ‘ghost’ people had no physical forms to incarnate into while also being prevented from moving away from their own devastated physical world to either a decent ‘subtle’ environment or to another world with physical ‘life’ that they could engage with.

Could it be the Presence of Invisible Subtle Barriers Preventing Birds from Entering Concentration Camp Spaces?

It wasn’t until a few days after exploring this ‘ghost’ issue with this client that I remembered my Dachau visit and then realized that what I had experienced there bizarrely seems to tie in very well with something that happened in the past to my client with Jewish origins and ancestry. I’ve also read that it’s been noticed that birds seem to either avoid or not enter concentration camp ‘spaces’. Perhaps birds and other forms of ‘life’ are also being kept out by these invisible ‘exclusion’ barriers?

Does anyone know if other ‘life’ forms avoid or are present in unusually low numbers within concentration camp spaces? Butterflies or other insects for example compared to the surrounding land?

Has anyone else experienced anything related or similar to what I describe here and particularly while visiting a concentration camp?

Has anyone else had any experience of being either blocked, barred or trapped by what would be a non physically visible barrier not just at the entrance of a concentration camp or around these spaces?

On this page here some leaves a description of themselves hitting the same type of barrier:

I was on a school trip to a nature reserve in Britain known as the Brecon Beacons, we were climbing a rocky path next to a waterfall upward which was clearly dangerous & quite frankly it was stupid on the teacher’s part to allow children to be climbing freely up it. Anyway I went toward the edge to take a peek when my face hit an invisible wall, it sounds crazy but I fell backward & when got back on my feet I saw that the ledge I went to peer over was just a climb of outlying grass, so if I had stepped onto it I would’ve plummeted to my death or would’ve seriously injured myself. So something stopped me dead in my tracks, some sort of intervention by something or a form of reality glitch, I still recall it very clearly.