The film Inception, reminded me about some ‘dream’ incidents that a past relationship partner had while we were together.

Throughout our relationship we had a constant stream of never ending subtle crap, both from so called light and dark entities and factions as well as entire ‘spiritual’ groups messing with ourselves in all ways imaginable including to try and cause us relationship problems virtually ALL the time we were together.

We dealt with many different and in some cases very ‘interesting’ things constantly.

Recently I was reminded of one very specific set of manipulations when I watched the film called ‘Inception’.

Can Dreams be directly Managed, Manipulated, Invaded & Interfered With?

Real life Inception Film Style Managed Dream Experiences
Real life Inception Film Style Managed Dream Experiences

My partner, had a phase of complaining of ‘guys’ turning up in her dreams with ‘my’ energy whom were consistently NOT being correct or right with her. Like wanting weird, aggressive or let’s say disrespectful sex or they’d behave in other ways that certainly did NOT represent myself.

Dreams often present people, whom we personally know BUT they have a different physical appearance such that they can look like someone completely different. So, even through someone in a dream is physically completely different to their real life physical self you still in the dream often KNOW that the dream person is the physical ‘real’ person you know.

Basically, she was having dreams with someone whom although did not physically look like me, they gave the strong impression of being me while also initially presenting the underlying ‘energy’, behaviour or persona that strongly suggested they were ‘me’ BUT they’d then change and present behaviours and or attitudes that were definitely ‘not me’.

She ended up having these managed, ‘Inception’ like disturbing dreams regularly most nights and most nights more than one ‘not right’ dream involving someone very ‘suggestive’ of myself whom ended up not being right with her consistently.

Deliberately Interfered with Dreams to Cause Relationship Problems

The regularity and consistency of these dreams she felt was starting to directly impact how she was relating to and how she felt about myself. These dreams were gradually creating doubt, distrust and were at risk of having her view me as these ‘dream’ versions of me were presenting themselves rather than of how I actually am. Which from her expression and the looks she gave me during the times we talked about these dreams they were definitely having a very negative impact on herself and on her view of myself.

Invaded and Manipulated Dreams
Invaded and Manipulated Dreams

At first we just talked about these dreams, about what has going on within them and how they were impacting her. However, as we could not directly or conceptually relate these dreams or even of dreams and dreaming in general to ‘subtle’ realities then it took us a while before we decided to do what we did automatically for other ‘weird’ problems and directly check if anything was impacting or manipulating her dreams that were of subtle or ‘spooky’ origins.

This is what we’d normally do. We’d normally check to see if there were subtle ’causes’ for any ‘odd or negative’ aspects of our lives or ourselves.

To do this, we’d put all of our attention on the ‘problems’, on how we were being impacted and in deeply feeling them we’d use the feelings, perceptions and energies as an entry point to engage with and to track down anything causing, creating or being responsible for these. For everything else this virtually always ‘eventually’ led us to a subtle being, beings or even an entire group whom it would turn out were responsible for ‘doing something’ to cause ‘whatever’ was going on with ourselves.

When we’d engage with the beings and their origins within the ‘subtle’ environment we would often perceive a ‘physical’ layout that best represented in conceptual terms the single being or the groups origins and interests.

For example there would perhaps be a ‘guru’ Ashram setting as a backdrop or a dark cave ‘demon’ space that would best represent the beings we were tracking down.

An Inception Dream Film Studio set-up with a Director, Producer and Actors . . .

However, when we engaged with and then tracked down those that were responsible for her having these particular dreams our reality felt as if it was being ‘wrenched’ because on accessing the origins of these ‘messed with dreams’ we were presented with what we could only describe as an entire FILM STUDIO SETTING which was complete with a producer, director, script writers, actors, make up people and even camera support crew all bizarrely presented as if they were on another level of reality.

Staged Dream Film Studio Crew
Staged Dream Film Studio Crew

So, there was an actual dream ‘scripting and production’ group whom were systematically and regularly invading my partners dreams to ‘redirect’ the content of the dreams with the very specific aim of gradually damaging our relationship with each other.

They were basically script writing my partners dreams, they had different ‘dream’ actors taking the role of me, and each dreams location and scene was set up by the location and scene setting people. All, done so that my partner would end up with a very long ‘season’ of dreams that were being manipulated and managed in very specific ways to try and achieve a very specific outcome which was to damage our relationship and to push us apart.

The Manipulation of Dreams was kept Subtle & Indirect

Just like in the inception film the manipulations were kept subtle and indirect. I think if the ‘actors’ had obviously looked like me then it would have been too obvious that something was wrong, but because they came looking like others while also presenting aspects of myself at least initially then this would work better particularly as the strategy was to manage her dreams over many months to gradually build up the effects they wanted.

So, they were very much using the dreams to indirectly ‘suggest’ and to sow ‘seeds’ of discontent that would grow within the person having these dreams.

As this was relatively early on in terms of my own and my partners ‘subtle’ experience of subtle effects and sabotages and the first time we found ourselves engaging with a ‘group’ that we would NOT be able to easily ‘relate’ to as having ‘subtle’ origins then rather than deal with them as we did of ‘subtle’ others messing with ourselves then we were naïve and a bit lost as to how to deal with these.

I can remember being really taken back at encountering the film studio setting when ‘accessing’ so called ‘spiritual’ levels and having to deal with ‘normal’ people (as directors, producers, film crew and so on) and not classical ‘entities’, useless ascended masters, demons and so on.

In this respect we initially approached those in the film studio space in a very polite sort of ‘what’s going on here, we know what you are doing, so, stop it’ way.

They then gave the impression that having been caught then they’d leave us alone.

Unfortunately they didn’t. It just kept continuing as it had been and we kept accessing them in a more upset, angry way until eventually we seriously lost our temper and we trashed the entire studio setting. You could say that we laid it to waste. From that point on these specific dreams stopped.

So, the film ‘Inception’ from my perspective is a very accurate ‘representation’ of entirely real dream invasions that can actually happen.

Basically the entire dream scripting studio set up was actually very similar to how the dream invaders and manipulators were presented in the inception film when they were very carefully planning a dream inception and then carrying it out.

Are Some of your Dreams Actually Directly Re-Programming your Waking Behaviour?

Again I’d forgotten about this particular personal management variation until I saw the inception film. Again, I then didn’t write about this anywhere because it’s just too weird AND once again I forgot all about this manipulated dream example when I decided to write about all the different ‘weird’ reality experiences that I’ve had in this lifetime.

So, manipulating your dreams is not only VERY possible it’s happening to some people and once again the last thing anyone with disturbing or regularly disrespectful dreams will do is to consider that their debilitating dreams are being deliberately orchestrated from beyond the increasingly ‘unreal’ physical.

I’m not sure why scientist types are super glued to particular assumptions? For example that reality is ONLY physical, that it’s always consistent and that it adheres to so called natural laws while also being amazingly super sure that HAHahhahahaahhahaha it’s absolutely ridiculous to even vaguely consider the possibility that there might be something ‘spooky’ and decidedly NONE physical acting on people.

Perhaps their ‘set in concrete’ assumptions are programmed in and maintained by managed dreams?

It’s very interesting that myself and my partner in all the time we were together had daily, continuous and completely unbelievable ‘spooky’ manipulations of more varieties than you could possibly imagine all focused on damaging our relationship or of trying to split us up or in some cases to cause things even worse than these to happen. That all of these manipulations originated from the invisible ‘spooky’ subtle versions of reality while all being done because we were both unbelievably competent at engaging with and OPENLY exploring all aspects of reality and in so doing were becoming aware of more and more manipulations that originate from the so called ‘spiritual’ realms.

In other words if I was in anyway a sceptical, suspicious type then I’d have to conclude that ‘reality’ ITSELF was making an enormous effort to cause problems between ourselves and was doing this specifically because of our abilities and because together we’d figure out a lot more about reality then we would separately.

Hence anyone actually making it to this web site and reading some of these pages here will likely find a lot more giving them pause for thought than just about any other ‘spooky’ web site ‘out there’.