Still. silent and spooky atmosphere grave yard
Still. silent and spooky atmosphere grave yard

In that I’ve a few very odd scary spooky atmosphere day experiences, at least enough that I thought I’d write a page about these, the very ‘weird’ spooky, or very still, very quiet/silent while also surreal atmospheric atmospheres (almost to the point of having the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end) with examples of what I and others I know have experienced with respect to ‘weird’ perceptions, events as well as some scary ‘encounters’ too while under these conditions.

I’ve noticed that on such days the general atmosphere as in the actual ‘atmospheric’ conditions are presented as being ‘somehow’ very still and very silent, almost surreal and also at times very ‘spooky’ and or scary. I’ve noticed that on virtually all such days the sky is either very overcast (can even look ‘foreboding’), or sometimes it’s also misty or foggy to varying degrees.

Visibility can be very good to not very good at all on these days. On these types of days, if there is even a slight ‘blustery’ breeze this often ‘kills’ the ambiance and scary spookiness.

Have You Found Yourself in a Still Silent Forest That’s got a Scary Spooky Atmosphere?

In thinking about this then I think it’s very possible that if you’re in any wind at all, even a slight breeze then all the sensory engagement that we are subjected to due to the breeze or wind will overload our senses in a general sense and so make it much more difficult in the breeze ‘static’ for us to be able to deeply perceptually engage with the environment around us.

Still, misty and silent, spooky landscape atmosphere
Still, misty and silent, spooky landscape atmosphere

I noticed this recently because in looking out of the window it looked like one of these days BUT the moment I stepped outside it was immediately obvious it wasn’t and this was because there was a slight but noticeable blustery breeze.

Why are some Days & or Places Spooky with a Surreal Silent as well as in some cases ‘Scary’ Atmosphere?

spooky atmosphere dark alley
spooky atmosphere dark alley

During these atmospheres I personally feel as if my senses are stretching to try and become aware of anything within them that is; ‘going on’ however, paradoxically while I am under the ‘impression’ that I am personally more sensitive in these particular conditions I actually feel as if my awareness and sensitivity are actually somewhat reduced and are not actually functioning as well as they do even under ‘normal’ conditions of use.

You could say that these specific conditions make me ‘feel’ as if my own senses are also being blanketed or dulled while paradoxically at the same time these particular ‘conditions’ (for me) quite often engender the feeling that ‘something’ is about to happen or could happen or is actually IN THE PROCESS OF HAPPENING, but is being kept hidden.

The other odd thing that I’ve noticed about these atmospheric ‘atmosphere’s’ is that people in them often themselves become very quiet, they don’t talk, or they stop talking or if they do talk they talk very quietly and in hushed tones.

In general while in these I’ve noticed that people make way less noise, while ‘noises’ in general also seem to be blanketed, dampened or suppressed.

It’s almost as if these atmospheres force people to go around on tip toe trying to be as silent, as quiet as the surreal ‘quiet’ they’re experiencing being stuck within!!!!

Could Spooky Surreal Scary Enforced Silent Atmosphere Days be DELIBERATELY Hiding Spooky Things?

Yet another other thing I’ve noticed about these specific spooky atmospheric ‘atmospheres’ is that ‘IF’ something ‘weird’ does happen while you’re in them then it seems to me that it’s actually difficult to talk about them both while they are happening as well as afterwards.

It’s almost as if the suppressing ‘blanketing spookiness scariness’ carries over in some impressed psychological way and stays with you for a while or quite a while afterwards, which quite often makes it difficult to talk about weird these as well as any ‘incidents’ that happened during these.

It’s also interesting in that as I’ve been writing this page, and specifically while trying to write the above then I’ve been becoming aware that it’s actually very difficult to write about these ‘atmosphere’ experiences in any detail and perhaps specifically in the terms I’m trying to frame them in.

At the point I am writing this line for example I’ve only written 4 very short paragraphs and I’ve had to slowly go back, edit, expand and re-write these literally probably about 30 times so far. This was also while feeling that a lot of what I’ve already written is still ‘not right’ and that I’m missing a lot that I’ve not quite thought of yet.

As you are reading the following pages, try and think of any of your own experiences that included any of these types of ‘atmospheres’ and particularly of anything weird you experienced while these types of atmospheres were presenting themselves . . . AND . . . if you do think of any experiences of these try and write a comment describing them BUT be warned the god of spookiness makes it as difficult as possible for anyone to do this . . .

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Also, if you’ve experienced something ‘similar’ see how easy or hard it is to write as much detail of it as possible and leave it as a comment below!!!!