This happened in my late 20’s so this was well past the sleep paralysis phase I write about on another page here while also being in the middle of my meditating for an hour+ a day phase which was helping in that I at least perceived that I was sleeping better.

By this time I had my own house in a village called Burnopfield in Co.Durham. At the time of this ‘experience’ I’d been living in this house on my own for at least a year.

I was quite ‘security’ conscious and the doors were locked at night etc.

The Viewing of a Living Ghost Shortly after Waking Up

I woke up one morning with myself lying on my right side. In a semi aware state with my eyes partially open but not really looking at anything I adjusted myself into a more comfortable waking up, becoming more aware ‘state’.

As I did this then my eyesight did what it normally does and gradually resolved from the standard ‘eyes just waking up’ murky, fuzzy half asleep state into a clear view of the room and bed down the right hand side of the bed.

However, rather than getting a clear and ‘expected’ view of my room just as it had always been for the last two years I ‘froze’ in shock because rather than being confronted with the expected open view what I actually say was someone standing very close to the side of my bed (almost touching it). They were facing myself and they were probably standing about 3 or 4 feet away down the side of the bed.

I made a big effort to not ‘visibly’ react and I pretended to still be asleep. I then ‘adjusted’ myself as if I was making myself more comfortable while moving my head so that I’d be able to see this persons upper body. With a better inclined view then I could see that they was bent or leaning forward slightly as if they were trying to get a good look at myself. Their expression was one of being concerned about me almost as if for some reason they wanted to make sure I was OK.

Paranormal Encounter of Seeing an Astral Traveller or Undead Ghost

There was absolutely nothing ‘vague’ or ghost like about this figure.

This ‘ghost’ person was solidly visible for at least 5 seconds and probably more like 10. For the last few seconds I could clearly see them in detail and then they simple DISAPPEARED. They didn’t move and walk away, one moment they were standing there looking at me then the next moment they were gone. Quite simply they vanished into thin air.

Even more bizarre was that I personally knew this person.

This very solid ‘apparition’ was a woman and I knew her as a neighbor of my parents (she was older than my parents). Which at this time had her living about 10 miles away in a bungalow around the corner and across the road from my parents. I’d not had any direct contact with her for many years and likely hadn’t ‘thought’ about this person for quite a while either although it’s likely that I’d see her occasionally as I’d always drive past her house when visiting my parents.

At the time I saw her she was very much alive and well and probably was for at least another 2 more decades after this event.

This ‘living’ apparition sighting had me shaken up and very disturbed for a few days.

At the time this happened my house would have been over 60 years old and it was not possible to walk in the bed room without at the very least inducing slight squeaks and creaks from the old floor boards. I also kept my bedroom door closed and how it engaged as ‘closed’ was with a spring ball socket mechanism and as a result of this it was impossible to open or close without making a significant noise. Basically, there wasn’t a handle to turn to retract the mechanism, it retracted when you pulled on the door handle with enough force that the latching mechanism would be jarred out of it’s recess in the door surround. This couldn’t be done without making a very noticeable noise which would be enough to wake anyone in the bedroom never mind that this happening would directly indicate that someone was trying to either enter or leave the bedroom.

This was probably about 6 years before I’d managed to engage with and learn to use a more expanded range of senses and perceptions than the general population is familiar with which as a result had me able to view other ‘people’ in other none physical realities and subtle realms at will.

At the time of this ‘apparition’ I’d no experience of ‘seeing’ things in this way.

Could some ‘Apparitions’ be caused by the Astral Body becoming Visible under certain conditions?

Illustration of Astral Projection and Astral Travelling
Illustration of Astral Projection and Astral Travelling

The only thing I can think of is that from what I can remember of this woman whom would have been a neighbour of mine for 20+ years was that she ‘did’ seem to look out for me and in a sense is likely to have made sure I was OK in the street where I lived as a child. In this respect it’s possible that she was dreaming about me or thinking about me while having some sort of astral or out of body experience which had her ‘spirit’ form or ‘astral body’ visit me to make sure that I was OK.

This would fit in very well with what I saw of her body language and the expression on her face. It would also perhaps ‘fit’ that this undead ghost sighting happened at the point where I was waking up which I’d imagine would be the most likely time that I’d be in a receptive state or an altered state of consciousness that allowed me to physically see this impossible visitor.

In writing and thinking about this now, then yet again this is yet another weird experience that I’ve never mentioned to anyone. In other words this is yet another ‘example’ of the well hidden ‘don’t say anything’ protocol that will be keeping the incidence of these type of very ‘weird’ experiences very low indeed.

So, have you reading this had a similar experience?

There is a good web site on ghosts here . . .