1. My Science Background & How to Develop Psychic Abilities By Figuring out How to Cure a Stammer/Stutter

Because this page and in fact this entire series has been way harder to think about never mind then ‘coherently’ layout/write then I’m going to point out at the very start of this series some background information about myself and particularly with regards my scale of experience AND ‘knowledge’ as well as my growing ‘ultra’ sensitivity and awareness of ‘none physical’ paranormal phenomena AND why this developed.

So, various angles/aspects of my ‘increasing sensitivity and expanding awareness’ as well as some of the bizarre phenomenon/side effects that arose because of decisions I made as well as the personal ‘orientations/alignments’ that I started to PERMANENTLY HOLD MYSELF TO will be described over the next 3 or 4 or more pages including the unfolding and increasing as well as unforeseen (at least to myself) side effects of these!!!

Basically, if you reading this, are ‘REALLY SERIOUS’ about wanting to understand what the nature spirits actually ‘are’, (which has taken me almost 3 decades to figure out) AND given that what they actually are is going to be somewhat shocking and particularly with respect to what this implies in terms of our entire reality as well as our circumstances ‘here and now’ then I’m writing these specific pages to give you a decent coherent as well as comprehensive back story of myself inclusive of pointing out the most important details/aspects of my background/past experience as well as the full scale of anomalous experiences I’ve had so that anyone actually reading this series has at least some chance of understanding all the pieces and elements of my experiences that are part of the jigsaw/logic that naturally lead to the final conclusions!!!

I am sure that it will seem Bizarre to some, that I Actually Have a Serious/Hard Science Background!!!

After finishing a University degree and being unemployed for about 6 months (during which I did a course in software programming and started to learn to write software) I was then employed as a junior research associate within a university medical research focused department (Clinical Bio-Chemistry & Metabolic Medicine to be exact), which over the first few years had me working on various research projects as well as writing complex software for a specific departmental project. However, a few years later (now employed as a research officer), I then spent a decade or so as the manager of a university central resources biological focused mass spectrometer unit/facility where I looked after, trained users, ran and maintained 3 or 4 different mass spectrometers of different types (GCMS, IRMS, PYMS to be specific).

During this time, (and in my own time and as part of my own interests) I became interested in and started to write statistical analysis software which was then adopted by my department and then as the word got around other University departments too. It was more and more used because it ended up offering about 20 statistical tests of both parametric and none parametric types and even eventually including various multivariate analyses too while also allowing full as well as immediate and easy data input as well as editing of input data as well as batch processing, while also ending up offering more statistical tests than the University’s mainframes SPSS package as well as being many times more convenient than SPSS (no having to enter data in a punch card format for example). Basically I ended up being a very competent software programmer as well as a semi expert in statistics too . . . in other words my science involvement and my scale/range of science focused ‘expertise as well as competence’ would have been well within the top percentile of academics such that despite that I had neither an MSC nor a PHD I was made manager of a university central resources facility . . . which to be honest was ‘unheard of’ . . .

A list of science papers with myself as a co author that I accumulated during this phase can be found here!!!!

However, I left my managerial science position after about 16 years to become self employed as a healer, therapist practitioner . . . this was after training and working with various people/practitioners over a period of time.

How to Cure a Stammer by Concertedly Investigating the ‘Causes/Origins of Influences’ Contributing to the Stammer & Speech Block!!!!

This ‘alternate/bizarre’ shift was mostly prompted because I actually originally had a severe stammer speech block (from very early childhood) which, because this severely handicapped myself and particularly with respect to my interactions and ‘job tasks/functionality’ within the university then at a certain point this prompted myself to spend some time figuring out and defining specific strategies/approaches, somewhat intentionally designed to gradually combat/eradicate the stammer.

However, it didn’t take long before this effort ended up turning into an on going and continuously evolving program to eradicate/depreciate my stammer which worked exceptionally well over a 5/6 year period because during this time scale the stammer shifted from a 95% ‘speaking properly/normally’ failure rate to a 95+% success rate.

However, after about 6 months into these ‘eradicate the stammer’ program, I adapted/extended these efforts such that I actually started to continuously attempt to SENSE & FEEL INTO MYSELF, MY INTERNAL STATES/INNER SENSATIONS, VERY SPECIFICALLY EACH TIME WHEN I WAS SPEAKING TO SOME ‘VERY SPECIFIC PEOPLE’ . . . now I started to do this with certain people because I’d noticed that for some reason that I absolutely couldn’t understand/fathom, I still had consistent stammering/speaking problems with these specific people (when with others I was always much better) . . . however, an unexpected side effect/outcome of these specific efforts was that over many years, I found myself gradually becoming more and more ‘sensitive/aware’ to an unbelievable/extreme degree to PRETTY MUCH ‘EVERYTHING’ (I’ll go into greater detail of these in later pages of this series)!!!!

Let me make it clear, the work/employment shift I describe further above that happened in my mid 30’s has me spending a large proportion of my time speaking/talking to my clients (as a healer therapist), both to ask questions as well as to provide explanations and advice too. In other words by my own figured out evolving/adapting efforts/strategies/program I’ve effectively eradicated the stammer/speech block which now only very, very occasionally partially/slightly appears when I’m ‘EXTREMELY’ stressed and or very, very tired. For anyone that’s made it to this page because they actually have a stammer then more details of these stammer eradication efforts are presented on the next 2 pages, including details of what where the likely most contributing causes at least to my own stammer as well as the details of the body breathing mechanisms/functioning that in becoming dysfunctional because of extremely difficult early childhood circumstances were very likely to be the direct cause of my own stammer and hence then could be contributing to others stammers too!!!

How to Develop a Psychic Awareness & Psychic Abilities while Making Concerted Day in Day out Efforts to ‘Cure a Stammer’!!!!

So, starting in my early to mid 20’s I was gradually finding myself becoming more and more progressively ‘sensitive’ to, basically ‘EVERYTHING’ . . . while simultaneously over the same time period in that I wasn’t socialising AND I also preferred to read rather than watch TV (what a waste of time these are), then I ended up reading lots of books on a very wide range of subjects (and have continued doing the same for the last 30+ years) such that I’ve a very large scale as well as depth of ‘knowledge’ spanning a vast scale of ‘interests’ coupled with myself also being exceptionally ‘practical’ too!!!

So, for example, after reading a single book on ‘building design/construction’ a few years later (after moving to and living for 3 years in Brazil, where I worked with my then wife as a healer therapist (she was a healer too)) I designed and then worked on/figured out the construction of a house (while mostly working as the site foreman) of this and then other buildings. The first, as in ‘our house’ was very different in design terms compared to ‘standard’ houses of that region (which had the builders nervous and worried because they were building something outside of their experience/comfort zone)!!!

After being built, our house/chalet actually stood rock solid as a small tornado passed over it (I describe this building a house effort here)!!!

So, I’m EXTREMELY knowledgeable of an extreme scale and variety of topics/subjects and particularly with respect to myself trying to gain insights into while trying to figure out and understand the basis and or possible origins of my own and then as a healer therapist, others’ debilitating/limiting health and or negative personal and or ‘life’ issues as well as then some of the many, many, many different types of anomalous experiences that I’ve personally directly experienced myself and particularly of the specific anomalous experiences that our assumed ‘real’ reality apparently regularly presents to a wide range of people.

Some Details of My Experience & Abilities of Myself Investigating & Evaluating Some Specific Anomalous Experiences

For example, I’ve read a lot about the Mandela Effect anomalous memory effects, which are of memory anomalies where many people ALL misremember the exact same item/thing as now being different in exactly the same way (it’s almost as if a sub group of people within our population are all collectively misremembering (at different times) the exact same item in exactly the same ‘wrong memory’ way as all other people whom are misremembering the very same item). However, in that many, many people have apparently experienced one or more of these BUT in that I myself ‘personally’ specifically wasn’t ‘definitively’ aware of myself having any Mandela Effect anomalous memory experience then in my terms, I don’t then consider myself to be PERSONALLY QUALIFIED TO EVALUATE OR WRITE ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC TYPE OF ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCE . . . and this is specifically because in that I personally wasn’t aware of having any Mandela Effect, then (in myself being exceptionally ‘rational’) I’m very aware that I’m not actually in a position to evaluate something that is of a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that I actually have ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF MYSELF!!!

However, in that I actually did at some point become aware of having a Mandela Effect memory alteration experience, then this prompted me to start thinking about AND then writing of this specific anomalous experience in ‘unbelievable’ detail such that over many months I gradually become aware of and catalogued a whole host of sub anomalies that are ‘VERY’ specific to the Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect (this is the one I had), that UNBELIEVABLY everyone else has completely ‘missed’.

So, my analysis of my own personal Mandela Effect memory alteration experience ended up as a 14 ‘web’ page series (equivalent to about 100+ pages of A4), and this is the case because I go into the background of myself (including detailing my intensive efforts of recalling memories as part of accumulating more and more details specifically about some anomalous experiences I’d had many decades ago), as well as all angles/aspects of ‘memory’ functioning as well as all of the important factors that facilitate and or impede memory recall and particularly with respect to the actual circumstances where from one day to the next my ‘memory’ of two commonly purchased and hence then the most commonly ‘perceived/seen’ specific Walkers Crisps packets are seemingly ‘swapped’.

In this respect, the Walkers Crisp packet Mandela Effect anomalous memory experience specifically is utterly, absolutely different to perhaps all other Mandela Effects memory anomalies specifically because it is not of one memory being changed into something else BUT it is of the memories of the colours of two different items being SWAPPED.

Despite that my specific Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect is apparently commonly experienced and is hence then given as an example on many web sites writing about the Mandela Effect, I cannot find anything written/presented anywhere else on any Mandela Effect web site that even suggests that anyone has actually noticed that the Walkers Crisp packet Mandela Effect is ‘ABSOLUTELY’ COMPLETELY UTTERLY different to all other Mandela Effect examples . . . even more worrying, is that this is also the case for science focused Mandela Effect sites too!!!

In other words, even sites that have a fetish for ‘observation’ seemingly haven’t been able to ‘observe or OBSERVE sufficiently well enough’ to notice that the Walkers Crisp packet Mandela Effect is actually exceptionally different IN MANY, MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO ALL OTHER MANDELA EFFECTS!!!!

My many, many, many pages analysis (as opposed to a paragraph or two which is ALL YOU’LL FIND ELSEWHERE) of my own Walkers Crisp packets Mandela Effect starts here: Mandela Effects Anomalous Memories Comprehensive Discussion & Analysis Series, ‘HOWEVER’ rather than attempting to read all of these I’ve one single page within this series that would be worth reading because it specifically presents my analysis of the full scale of blatant anomalies specific to anyone having the memories of two very specific crisp packets being swapped i.e. it is the page that specifically presents all of the individual sub anomalies with respect to this specific Mandela Effect that apparently ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ELSE HAS MISSED.

So, if you reading this want to evaluate how good you are at figuring out at least ‘some’ of the ‘in your face’ obvious factors related to a very, very common anomalous experience then spend some time thinking about and trying to become aware of all of the IMPORTANT as well as ‘obvious’ factors that you’d have to identify and then assess specifically related to two crisp packets one blue and one green of two very specific flavours/varieties (out of 9 different flavours/coloured packets/varieties) as part of analysing this specific Mandela Effect JUST with respect to the ‘STATISTICAL’ likelihood of this specific Mandela Effect example being a realistic example of ‘misremembering/forgetting’ . . . .

So, have a think about the ‘logical, very basic’ 2+2 = 4 numerical, basic maths and statistic type factors as part of trying to become aware of as many of these as you can before reading the next page . . .

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