Alan being dragged off into the middle of a stream for some healing and also horsing around with the Black Knight while in the local woods

This adventure was with my friends Pauline, Alan and another friend Julie, this time we all went to my local wood which is nowBlack knight guardian nature spirit well used to crazy happenings.

Hilarious healing session with a water spirit in the middle of a stream

We parked the car off the road and walked to the wood entrance which is just beside a bridge over a stream. As we pass through the gate to the wood Alan is literally dragged off through the undergrowth on the right and eventually finds himself balancing on a few stones right in the middle of a large stream.

Here, Alan is put through a series of back stretching exercises. He is bent forwards, then backwards, is twisted and so on. The rest of us are sitting on the bank enjoying the entertainment and shouting derogatory encouragement. Alan tells us that this is being done by the water spirit.

He has a bad back and quickly understands that the manipulations that he is being subjected to are designed to help with this condition.

He is also afraid of water and is also half amused / scared that this is being done in the middle of a stream.

Next an entertaining encounter with the black knight

This goes on for about fifteen minutes or so and then Alan comes out from the stream and we continue on our walk. BUT – not for long. Within a couple of hundred yards Alan stops and asks me if the Black Knight is around (one of the main nature spirits). I tune in and confirm that he is. Alan tells me that he is standing in front of him and that the feelings of love and connection are so strong that he is being overwhelmed by them.

Alan has had existences as the Black Knight and so this encounter and his feelings are no surprise to me. About two thirds of the people I work with have had part of their soul consciousness exploring and working within the nature spirit realm.

So, we again end up hanging around for a few minutes waiting for Alan who (much to our surprise) starts dancing (well for anyone who knows Alan that’s quite a shock in it’s self). He tells us that he is dancing with the Black Knight. Great!! After a while we lose interest and wander off leaving Alan jiving away on the path.

Riding a Spirit Horse is fun to watch

Five minutes later as we are sitting by the path further on in the wood Alan (literally) gallops past as a child would who is on an imaginary horse.

Pauline is a little worried and heads off after him. A few minutes later Alan wanders up with an amused grin on his face saying that he was riding the Black Knights horse which Pauline has now taken from him. As if by confirmation Pauline giddy ups past our location also grinning.

What can we say. These types of encounters continue although at a much reduced rate. We even got to meet Ganesh the Indian Elephant God towards the end of the walk. This is a complete surprise to me as I knew nothing about Asian Gods. A grand time was had by all.