One of my clients Shirley was in a phase where she had been trying to release some painful energies which stayed blocked no purple leprechauns from another world - not the green commoner garden varietymatter what she did. She has heart pains from a blocked emotional heart trauma from a past life.

She has been trying to open these blocks to release the trauma which normally with this healing approach is easy but everything she does is blocked.

Purple Leprechauns are a healing session distraction

After a day working to do this at home just to make things more complicated her house is ‘invaded’ by what can only be called purple leprechauns; little people purple jumping in through her front window and around the house.

Although she can see and access other realities and so is very aware of their presence she is trying to figure out what these beings have to do with what she is currently struggling with.

So, she rings me up to get my advice and we focus to bring out who is responsible for the Leprechauns. After some time consuming and very strong focusing we notice two beings at a distance whom wont come any closer and are obviously trying to avoid being seen.

Past life incarnation on a magical world?

I then realise that even these beings are working for someone else and so we apply another focus to bring this third being forward.

It turns out that Shirley had been a resident on a magical world which of course was where these beings originate.

It is this world where she originally experienced this pain and anguish which these beings had helped her deal with by sealing and keeping these feelings isolated within her.

Past life healing efforts make things worse?

So, it is these beings whom are blocking her from releasing them.

So, the following audio is an edited version of this encounter, with both Shirley and I coherently accessing this magical world while on the phone to each other; I live in the UK Shirley lives in Georgia USA.

If you want to better understand what we were dealing with in this example in actual healing terms and how something done many, many lives ago can still be actively limiting you now then listen to the following audio as this is an explanation of the purple leprechaun session given to another client when she was dealing with something similar (See the problem with Gods article).

More about Shirley . . .

Shirley also has some examples of WholeSoulWork healing sessions on my other site so if you are interested in reading these then go here –

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