This is a continuation of the previous page here where I describe my encounter with what I can only describe as a ‘conscious’ weather system while walking in the Scottish Torridons.

On the previous page I describe myself apparently having some control over the weather. On this page I give more details of what I was doing and what I was aware of as I was doing it that are likely important in terms of making weather adjustments.

As described on the previous page I was giving the ‘weather’ a very focused and directed telling off and in doing this my attention or ‘will’ was naturally becoming more and more orientated to seriously and directly engaging with the rain and wind on a large scale: which translated means “the weather system of that area”. You could also say that I was extending my consciousness and my senses to connect to and to engage with the entire local weather system as much as possible and to such a degree that ‘IF’ something was responsible for the dire weather then there was no way it was going to avoid me as I directed my attention at itself.

If anyone that reads this does actually go walking in the Torridons then I’d recommend that you try this for yourself. I suspect that it’s more to do with that specific region and less about me particularly as after the first ‘over the top’ bath tub deluge response I was more and more aware of directly engaging with ‘whatever’ was doing this.

Which was in my terms a very large and obviously ‘conscious’ (as in ‘intelligent and responsive’) weather system. Because of this, the last few ‘requests’ were actually polite and respectful requests they were not baiting’s, rants, raves or dares.

Examples of Personally Interacting with Air Spirits, Air Elementals & Storm Spirits

It ‘felt’ as if this weather consciousness, air elemental or air spirit was at least 15 miles in diameter and that ‘it’ was lets say very definitely both enjoying and amused with our interaction.

Before I started to write the last page I was aware of air spirits BUT I thought I’d never actually encountered one. However what I describe as my ‘Weather God’ experience happened about a decade before I became able to ‘at will’, consciously interact with nature spirits and other subtle domains and I’d forgotten about this air spirit and storm elemental experience. So, by the time I gained this subtle awareness ability I’d forgotten about my earlier weather consciousness interaction.

For a few years after this walk I’d occasionally engage with the weather ‘IF’ I needed specific weather and ‘negotiated’ for it I actually got what I wanted. From what I can remember now I probably only did this a half dozen times BUT I also only did this when the ‘weather forecast or the ‘outlook’ indicated that the weather would not be as I wanted. Because I rarely did this and then because I’ve not been engaging with nature for over a decade (spending too much time ‘thinking’) then after a while I actually forgot about doing this.

I also actually ‘like’ most varieties of weather. I skied for years and I like all kinds of ‘snow’ from blizzards to those large soft falling flakes that result in a muted atmosphere and subdued ambiance particularly when you are in the middle of a wood. I often ‘like’ rain too, sometimes, when there was a massive storm with enthusiastic thunder and lightening I’ve been known to drive to the best local vantage point to watch it and be in it.

How to Become Aware of, Connect to and Engage with a Real Air Fairy or Air Sylph

A ‘representation’ of an Air Elemental

The book: ‘The Real World of Fairies’ (written by Dora Van Gelder) describes 3 types or air spirits. The sylph which inhabit the clouds and work with them and are considered the sculptors of the fairy world. Then, there are the air fairies associated with wind and storms and finally, there are some immense air spirits who live at high altitudes, resemble great dragons with huge heads and have long bodies and a long tail. They are centres of energy and power of some sort.

From what I can find around it’s likely an air fairy or air elemental that I inadvertently engaged with on this day.

Do you have Storm Elemental Abilities to Control the Weather: Have you Consciously Tried to Influence or Change the Weather?

Have you heard of anyone being able to consciously influence or change the weather?

At first when I was in the process of writing this page I couldn’t think of anyone and I was quite sure that I’d not read or heard about anyone doing this either. However some web searches brought up some interesting very pages or sites.

A very comprehensive page here describes different cultures in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. The ancient phenomenon of weather control (bringing the sun or making it rain) as performed by shamans in various cultures around the world. The shaman brings about the desired changes in weather. Similarly, various Indian tribes have rain dance ceremonies. In such cultures, human beings are viewed as but one part of the complex, living whole of Nature, connected to all other living things and to Nature itself. The same site gives a comprehensive resource links page here on these are other ‘odd’ things. Another page but less detailed page giving a brief history of weather making practices can be read here. A detailed .pdf document download of North American Shamanism with a focus on rain making can be found here.

There is a site on ancient myths and tales with a .pdf download on thundergods here: On Thundergods and Thunderbolts.

Was this a Real Experience of a Weather God interacting with Myself?

On checking, I find that ‘amazingly’ we have had so called god’s of various bad weather phenomenon for different cultures in the past. For example:

Examples of Greek-Roman Weather God’s

  • Zeus/Jupiter god of the sky, rain, lightning and thunder.
  • Poseidon/Neptune god of the sea storms.
  • Iris goddess of rainbow.
  • Fulgora lightning goddess.
  • Aeolus king of the winds.
  • Uranus / Caelus god of heaven.
  • Aether god of the air.
  • Tempestas storm goddess.

Examples of Norse Weather God’s

  • Þórr god of heaven, of thunder, of lightning, of rain.
  • Óðinn god of the sky and the wind.
  • Freyr god of rain, fertility and harvest and seasons.
  • Njörðr god of harvest, fertility and seasons.
  • Ullr god of snow and winter.
  • Þorgerðr goddess of the hail storm.
  • Irpa goddess of hail storm.
  • Rán goddess of the sea storms.

Now, there are many different cultures with ‘weather’ god’s BUT you’ll get the idea with the two examples I’ve listed above . . .

After writing the above, I’m wondering if what in the past we’re described as weather god’s we now describe as air spirits or as an air sylph. This seems pretty likely to me!!!

Was this an example of myself being a Rain Maker?

This page here gives a good general history of rain making and weather interventions carried out by talented weather specialists around our world. Someone’s practical workshop rainmaking experiences are described here. The above are comprehensive in comparison to the entirely poor offerings presented on wikipedia here.

Air Sylph & Wind Spirits In Mythology & Folklore

Air Spirit, Sylph

The air sylph (also called sylphid) is considered to represent a mythological spirit of the air. The term was first used by Paracelsus in the 16th-century, who described sylphs as (invisible beings) of the air.

For something that is supposed to be a ‘Myth’ there are rather a lot of cultures that have given very different names to the same invisible, mythical form:

  • Gaoh, Algonquian for “Spirit of the Winds”
  • Kajsa, Scandinavian for “Wind Spirit”
  • Kamaitachi, Japanese for “Wind Spirit”
  • Tate (god), wind god/spirit in Lakota mythology
  • Stribog (Stribozh, Strzybóg), in the Slavic pantheon, the god and spirit of the winds, sky, and air
  • Dogoda, mythological Slavic spirit of the west wind