The is an introduction to nature forces the nature spirit realm and my experiences of encountering them.

Since experiencing my ‘spiritual awakening’ I have had many direct encounters with nature spirits as have many whom have made the mistake of spirit of the tree - nature spiritswandering around in the woods with me on guided awareness walks when I was doing this.

Past lives & Incarnations as a Nature Spirit

It turns out that I have in my past history spent time as many different nature spirits living in that dimensional ‘realm’. I’ve had times living as the smallest fairy right through to Pan and almost everything in between. Whenever I go out into the woods I am surrounded by a multitude of nature spirits whom consider me to be their friend as they recognise my ‘energy’ from the times I spent in this other realm. As they treat me as an honorary nature spirit while I am in their ‘space’ with them then my heritage is not a surprise. Its great fun, and a reminder to myself that my and every ones multidimensional nature is indeed vast.

Many people it seems have been Nature Spirits too

As part of these awareness walks we would establish a communication line to ‘spirit’ and the beings around us. In getting people to ask questions, many found that they had experienced being a nature spirit in that realm. Others found that they had been an angel, rarely however had someone experienced both of these in their history.

As a scientist by background then this ability to access other dimensions came as quite a shock, perhaps more of a shock to my colleagues at the university where I worked than me when this started to happen. As I am impeccably honest and known for being completely straight then the general attitude was one of rising panic. Because if I was talking about these things from first hand experience and would not make anything up then perhaps my extended view of reality is more encompassing  than theirs. Entirely true.

Belief in Nature Spirits or Elementals

Oh, and just to make myself perfectly clear . . . . .


In the same way that I do not believe in my mother; shepixie in a tree exists and I can talk to her as well as I can some friends and colleagues in other realms. Belief is only required when experience is lacking. I now hold to as few beliefs as possible about anything, they are for me a complete and utter waste of time and only hold to keep you from experiencing reality as it really is.

For dimensionally challenged scientists everywhere; this is my stance. I am not lacking, dysfunctional or disorientated – you are.

So, at least half the people who come to my communication workshops find that they have had incarnations in the nature spirit realm. To use the word incarnation here is probably not adequate to describe this type of ‘life’ experience. It is possibly better to say that we chose to place part of our subtle energy consciousness there to experience what it offers.

Past Life and connections with other Realms will remind you of themselves

For people with STRONG connections to their nature spirit lives whom let’s say identified with or REALLY enjoyed these times then this will result in them experiencing nature spirit reminders here. This will range from reading books about them to actually feeling presences or having direct contact with nature spirits in some form.

This is particularly the case when you live somewhere that is close to an area that has nature spirits some or ALL of whom YOU ACTUALLY KNOW AS FRIENDS. So, you can find yourself  attracting your friends and have them trying all sorts of things to make YOU aware of them.

As the nature realm resonates very closely to ours then it is easier to have contact with these beings compared to most others.

It is also true to say that our actions here on earth have more of a direct effect on this realm than any other. The reverse is of course also true. Hence we have had, are having and will continue to have stronger direct links with them than with other Beings while we have our attention focused here.

Relationships between Nature Spirits or Deva’s

You will notice as you read the articles presented here that I do not often try and explain relationships between nature devas and so on. Nor do I discuss evolutionary pathways. I see many explanations which not only contradict each other but also my own direct experience. You have to ask – where is this information coming from, on who’s authority, with what agenda and what awareness.

Think of it this way! Ask yourself if you where approached by a nature deva and asked to give an explanation of human evolution in terms of physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual awareness or relationships would you be able to give an explanation which would be better than say 20% accurate with regard to the all encompassing larger picture. I suggest you could not do this and I also suggest that 20% is optimistic and that it will be more like 5% accurate for most people.

Why then are explanations leapt upon when given from beyond and held to as if they are the truth. Irrespective of what intention is behind any encounter they can only be taken as the best available under certain conditions.

At the end of the day we have much to learn. We can choose to make this learning curve faster by continuing to hold an open mind and by being willing to let go of what we already think is the truth . . . or not!

Attitudes that discourage or eradicate knowledge

The more you cling to what you think is true the less you will attract or even see what is beyond this and the more you will interpret what you are presented with in terms of your current limited understandings.

The sad things is that some scientists have decided that their assumptions of how reality works is correct and therefore label what falls outside of these limited and irrational boundaries as a product of psychosis or delusion. This type of bigoted never mind insulting attitude sort of results in them having less and less data presented to them to remind them that perhaps the delusions are THERE OWN as whom is even going to admit to having such encounters?

I know lots of people whom have had some weird encounters or experiences but with no climate of openness or acceptance but rather the opposite these experiences are kept hidden . . . . .

As it is a scientists job (at least you would imagine so) to collect the broadest range of data, then perhaps they can explain how creating a climate that limits the presentation of data is in anyway conducive to understanding reality in a larger sense? That’s truly delusional and actually irrational if you ask me.

Where to find Spirits of Nature

Most of the encounters written about here are from my time living in the UK. At that time, I used to hold guided awareness walks and was able to give nine out of ten people some access to this realm. Nature spirits by and large are more common in fully naturalized areas or places that are well looked after / loved; that is, they are rubbish and pollution free. I was fortunate enough to live close to a woodlands trust wood which was (and I hear still is) an absolutely magic place – teaming with little people.

For all pages about Nature Spirits; Nature Spirits & Devas. To try and get in touch with Nature Spirits yourself then work with our exercise; Engaging with Nature Spirits. or spirit guides then read Contacting spirit guides and friends. I will leave you now to enjoy some of my nature spirit encounters and limited explanations.

How many of you reading this have interesting tales of your own? If you do then why not tell us about them by using the comment box below?