pixie in green hatA hilarious encounter while introducing a friend to nature spirits at the intersection of a busy pathway where local walkers take great pains to avoid a direct encounter with crazy tree hugging types

Introducing friends to nature spirits in a tree circle

With my two friends Pauline and Alan we had many multidimensional adventures whenever we were together and particularly when we are in nature. As our awareness has increased we went to various places so that we could ‘play’ and openly explore our increasing capabilities. On one such day out we all went back to the original tree circle where everything had begun for me; this is the place where I had my spiritual awakening.

Because of what I have said about my opening experience then Pauline wanted to feel the earth energies coming from the ground and so knelt down and put her hand on the ground to tune into these. In the mean time Alan wandered off to one side and is temporarily out of sight.

Cleansing of the earth energies of the tree circle

I am moved (literally) to the centre of the energy circle, here I am gently lent forward and my hands and arms started to do circular movements just like you would when washing a car. My right arm was moving clockwise, the left anti-clockwise. This became so fast that my arms felt as if they would fly off. I did this for about five minutes and was then moved to walk around in a circle just inside the inner tree ring and obviously around the earth energy centre, this went on for another ten minutes or so still with my arms flying around. This activity was it seemed designed to cleanse and boost this earth energy point.

Being guided backwards by nature spirits in a wood to show trust

In the mean time Alan has been approached by a large contingent of nature spirits. There are dozens of all different types and much to his delight they each come forward one at a time and introduce themselves to him. When this is finished they take his hand and lead him around within the full tree circle area – he feels that they are seeing how much he will trust them.

They then decide that this is a little too easy so they start to lead him backwards weaving in and out of the 200 meter diameter circle which is of course full of trees.

Tree huggers on over drive

So, picture this in your minds eye . . . . .

We have a large stand of trees which just happens to be at the intersection of three major pathways through the wood. Just off from center we have a woman on her knees with her hands on the ground and face up to the sky (we should mention here that Pauline is a bit self conscious and is hoping that no will ever see us). An obviously crazy guy who has his arms flying around like a helicopter as he walks very fast in a tight circle. Then finally another seemingly crazy man who seems to be lurching backwards very fast all over within this stand of trees seemingly at random.

Out the corner of my eye I see a middle aged couple approaching, they are studying a map. They stop and the guy, with his finger on the map, glances in our direction, he freezes and his eyes go wide (perfectly normal reaction – I see this all the time).

They have a huddled conference and opt to skirt to the extreme right, which just happens to be on the edge of a large drop. You can see that they hoping to be able to pass unnoticed? No Chance!! The nature spirits have other ideas.

Alan’s guides take him from the extreme left of the circle weaving backwards (and at high speed) all the way through until he is about two meters from this couple, who are now at the mid point along this drop and have nowhere to escape to. Alan who is having a great time and who is completely unaware of these people is, at this point swung around completely.

As Alan turns and finds himself facing this now startled couple he gives them a big grin, says HI and is promptly lurched off at high speed in the opposite direction. It’s moments like this when, if my arms weren’t about to fly off I would be rolling around on the ground ill with laughing.

Tree huggers unite EH!!!!