unicorn-2While living in Brazil with Cris my then wife we consciously connected with a nature spirit ‘tribe’ one each; in England, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden. These tribes had the same ‘attitude’ as Cris and I toward pushing the boundaries and exploring new ways of living so we invited them to come to our land in Brazil to form a different community between these three tribes and the local beings already on the land in Brazil. (Brazil does not have the same ‘type’ of nature spirits as we do in Europe, they are quite different beings).

As part of this we opened portals so they all could meet and decide who wanted to come and what they wanted from this. Eventually about 120 of them decided to come and form their own tribe on our land; we felt very honored that they did.

Unicorn’s and dragon want to move to a new home too

I was very happy as I have very strong connections to all of these beings and I feel better with them around. So, we had elves, pixies, fairies, water spirits, gnomes, dwarfs, three unicorn’s (a huge surprise) one dragon and some leprechauns amongst others.

waterfall on smallholding in BrazilWhile on the land I would take time out to connect with them and they with us and there was always a strong but background interaction going on. However when we sold the land they decided that they did not want to stay there if we were gone. So we told them that we would look for somewhere suitable to move them too as soon as we could.

So, we left and the next few months we relaxed, catching up with ourselves afterA fern tree as a house for a fairy being exhausted from the ‘land’ experience and the effort it had taken to achieve what we did there. As part of this time we traveled around the south of Brazil as we had heard that the ‘attitudes’ in that part of the country and much more European (respectful, ‘correct’) and we had put up with enough of the opposite where we had the land which had been a constant stress.

So, we eventually spend time in a city in the south of Brazil called Curitiba which turns out to be one of the best cities in the world. It is really well run, with integrated transport a high standard of living with load of parks and plazas. They have 15sqm of green space per person. While site seeing in this city we visit what they call the ‘German’ wood. To our delight some German colonists must have smuggled some nature spirits along with them as there were a few in this wood. A couple of fairies, and a few dwarfs and pixies. BUT they were fairly lonely.

Tree fern fairies, dwarfs and pixies stand guard

I noticed one of the fairies first as she was sitting in the fronds of a tree fern (see above picture) and then noticed another fairy in the woods to the side.

Hansel and gretel house in german wood curitibaSo, we had a chat with them and asked if they would like some company. We explained that we had lots of nature spirit friends and we were looking for a better place for them to move to.

At first they were not sure; they were obviously a little taken back at the thought of 120 others including a dragon and unicorn’s suddenly invading their space.

Opening a dimensional portal or worm hole

So, we opened an energy portal (a worm hole if you like) back to our land in Minas Gerais and let them meet face to face. It did not take long for them to decide it was OK and that they could get along so they all moved to the German Wood.

I check in on them from time to time and they are doing OK, the full size dragon is very laid back and is left to watch over the youngsters whom treat him like a grumpy but special uncle – quite funny really.

It is interesting in that the terrain in the nature spirit world there is not the same as it is for us. Where the dragon lives is underground to us but not to them? Quite strange. This wood is; Bosque Alemão curitiba brazil and link to Google maps is HERE.

The long term plan is to move them all back to Europe but I have not found a place for them yet. Hopefully sometime soon.

Our land in Brazil had 6 acres of which 4 were tropical forest with 400 meters of stream running through it. The picture on the left shows our biggest waterfall. To read about our smallholding in Brazil; the land, designing and building our house, then go here.

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Yet Another New Home for these Nature Spirits

I recently moved this ‘nature spirit tribe’ to a friends land in the UK in the middle of 2011. If you want to try and engage with these nature spirits then this land is presented on a web site HERE and you can contact Jane Bailey (read the comments below) to arrange a visit sometime.

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