First encounters with some sand spirits on the beach close to Alnmouth in Northumberland

sanfWhile walking along a local beach I became aware of sandy coloured cloaked spirit figures. These figures seemed to rise up out of the beach as I walked along. I tuned into them to try and discover more about them.

They were in my terms yet another type of nature spirit forms whom in their case are looking after the beach environment. They seemed to each radiate timelessness and acceptance and there seemed to be one of these beings every 20-30 meters along the entire beach.

When I stopped and spent time tuned in/directly engaging with these forms I could feel what it was like to be these Beings.

They ‘felt’ in energy/resonance/feeling terms as if they actually ‘were’ the beach!!!!

When I stood within them, within their energy/resonance/how they felt then while doing this, this had me feeling the beach as having a solidness and a timelessness that’s very hard to convey/express in words.

The Crashing & Cascading Waves, Sand Dune Spirit Subtle Energy fields Experiences & Feelings Were Almost Overwhelming

Naturally occurring sand relief sculpture (photo taken, copyright by nomm-de-photo)

On this particular day, the sky was over cast and there were enthusiastic waves hitting the beach and while being ‘engaged’ with these beach fae & sand dune spirita it was amazing to feel what they felt each time a wave came in and swept up the beach over the sand.

The best way to describe it was as if the ocean was making love to the land, It actually felt as if there was a huge rush/infusion of energy or ‘charge’ almost overpowering as each wave engulfed the beach and the sand beings standing there seemed to almost became filled with the ocean.

In a sense I could deeply feel the ocean as it washed up the beach caressing the land as it went – it was VERY powerful, almost overwhelming.

When I finished engaging with them and sat down then they also seemed to start to do some energy work on myself because I started to feel lots of cleansing ‘energies’ impacting myself as I just sat there.

The feelings of the ‘cleansing’ was very strong such that it felt like they must have been using the energies they took in from the waves to do this. As I was at that time going through (yet another) phase of releasing negative or imbalanced energies/states then this was yet another perfect/coincidental encounter that also left me feeling very much better afterwards.

I also saw the same type of sand being spirit forms on a different beach a few years later.

Sand Elementals & Sand Dune Spirits are perhaps Associated with Spirals and Vortex’s

Interestingly someone had drawn some very large spirals in the sand and it seemed to me that the beach spirits were more able to interact within these areas.

Again and particularly within the spirals there was a lot of subtle energy/resonances around during this encounter giving me the impression that I must have arrived after someone else that was more in tune with these forms had been interacting with them.

In writing this page and rereading it while editing it, it strikes me that an equivalent term to ‘spiral’ at least in a 3 dimensional context would be ‘vortex’ which in ‘air/sky’ terms would perhaps equate to a tornado and also on a much larger scale a hurricane. I suspect that both tornados and hurricanes will likely also have their own nature spirit ‘minders’!!!!