Little people having fun at my expense; Pixies, dwarf and gnome humour

shannons-pixieAbout six months after being introduced to a deep connection with the nature spirits I took my parents out for a walk in the local wood where nature spirit interactions were I’d regularly encounter all sorts of nature spirits. My parents are quite conservative, my father is an atheist and believes that when you die that’s it, my mother is more open. It was however quite awkward at times as my parents like most people could not really handle my ability to access and directly ‘see’ these other realms never mind interact with the nature spirits I saw.

My Encounter with a Real Gnome Nature Spirit Shock!!!!

So I did very well as we walked through the wood to contain myself and not speak of what was around us. However, this was blown because as we where passing a stream, I saw a gnome. It was sitting on the stream bank and happily fishing with a wooden rod. It was wearing all bright clothing (as they do).

Well, as part of me was thinking that’s it you’ve totally cracked up now, he turned and waved at me. I just found it very hard to believe that here was a creature or Being presenting himself looking exactly like the plastic gnomes in peoples gardens.

Real Life Gnomes, Pixies and Dwarfs getting up to Mischief & Having Fun at my Expense?

After he saw me, there was quite a lot of activity and I sensed, dwarfs and pixies around too although they remained hidden.

They seemed to want me to leave the path and follow the stream through the wood. Anyway I could not quite handle explaining to my parents why I wanted to fight my way through the dense vegetation to follow the stream so we continued along the path which ran parallel to it.

After maybe fifteen minutes the path crossed the stream and we rested there, however I was drawn, felt drawn to walk further along the stream until I reached a specific tree.

A friendly Real Green Pixie Nature Spirit Encounter

Sitting on a branch of the tree with its feet merrily swinging underneath was a pixie.

pixieIt greeted me and we had a conversation of sorts (I cannot ‘hear’ well, although I make up for it with other internal senses) which finished with him asking me to be sure that I come back to visit them again sometime.

At this point I re-joined my parents and we started walking back the way we came. After about 100 meters I noticed a wet grapefruit sized smooth stone covered with green slime lying on the path to the stream side (which now lay about 30 meters to our right). I was sure that I had not seen this stone when we had come down just ten minutes earlier.

Trail of slime covered rocks represented the stream

Twenty meters further on was another, then another and so on. I pointed these out to my mother as by now I knew they had not been there earlier. The grass was very short, so we would have seen them if not fallen over them. No one had passed us and even if someone had there was nowhere obvious where the stones had come from.

I then heard giggling from the right and realized that as I had been unable to come to and walk by or in the stream, the gnomes, pixies and dwarfs had (in a manner of speaking) brought the stream to me!!!

There must have been at least thirty of these regularly placed stones laid all the way down the path. The giggling continued as we walked down the path. A delightful encounter.

Predictably, some Desperate Perhaps Imagined ‘Rational’ Explanations Are Offered?

My mother (like most people do) was desperately trying to come up with some rational explanation. It’s simply amazing how irrational such explanations are when people are desperately trying to cling to a particular set of assumptions?

. . . . Yes, well, someone must have rode a horse past and thrown them up . . .

REALLY?!?!?!!? . . . in which case . . . as there is only one path . . .  then why then did they not pass us? Why did we not hear them and if there was a horse throwing up rocks then where are the holes that the rocks came from? Oh eh!! And why are they covered with green slime? Maybe it’s invisible horse spit is that what that is??

. . . . Or maybe . . . we’re just imagining these stones, that’s IT – maybe were having a mass hallucination – just the three of us – that’s much more preferable to scientist types than having them question their basic assumptions. Gosh I mean, we cannot question sciences basic assumptions can we? That would be like that time when someone tried to tell some church/god orientated folks that the sun doesn’t actually go round the earth?

So, do we have any pixies reading this?

Has anyone else had any encounters with nature spirits? Want to dare tell here? I mean I’m a medical research scientist and I’ve encountered them and according to recent polls in the UK 50% + of people ‘believe’ in PSI and supernatural encounters which seems to sink scientists views somewhat doesn’t it and particularly as it’s the more educated whom ‘believe’ the most?

While on the other hand talking about these puts yourself at risk from being considered delusional.

I ‘should’ perhaps point out here that if asked by some ‘Survey/Poll’ if I ‘believed’ in ‘Fairies, Nature Spirits, Ghosts’ I’d have to make an effort to try and explain to them that No/NOPE/I absolutely Don’t Believe’ in these forms AT ALL . . . specifically because in that I have consistent and direct interactions with at least some of these forms . . . then it follows that no belief is then possible . . . I might perhaps ‘believe in the possibility’ of something but in having consistent as well as DIRECT interactions with ‘something’ say, equivalent to myself occasionally consistently meeting/encountering say a postman/woman doesn’t then result in myself magically then ‘believing’ in the existence of postman either!!!!

In this respect ghosts and nature spirits are as real as post people, postmen and postwomen . . . as overall, over the longterm I ‘see/percieve’ and interact with them at about the same ‘frequency’ as I do nature spirits and ghosts!!!

Dare you reading this write about your ‘weird/impossible’ experiences in the comment box below?