Northumberland has some fantastic and very ‘magical’ mixed woodlands. Hareshaw Linn is one of these places, it’s heavily wooded and also very enclosed with the gorge river outflow going right though the small town of Bellingham where you can park at the trails start.

Hareshaw linn Gorge main waterfall from the left
Hareshaw Linn Gorge main waterfall looking from the left bank.

In reading about Hareshaw Linn it does apparently have a reputation for being somewhat ‘magical’.

I’m not surprised in the slightest.

After finding this walk I made sure that I returned to it once or twice most years when I could. I’ve even climbed in the gorge with friends, where the three of us attempted to climb the cliffs to the right of the biggest waterfall that’s difficult to miss at the head of the gorge (the meter or so of overhang had us stumped if I recall correctly).

Why is Hareshaw Linn gorge a magical place?

I’ll point out now that I walked in this gorge for many years before I gained the ability to become aware of nature spirits. When I did gain this awareness, it was obvious to me that Hareshaw Linn would be a place worth checking to see if there were any nature spirits using the gorge as their ‘living space’.

So, the next time I went to Hareshaw Linn I was making an effort to ‘feel’ the environment for anything present.

As a result Hareshaw Linn turned out to be the second place that I encountered a fairy form.

Once again the fairy in question completely failed to conform to my ‘expectations’ of fairies and so my ‘confusion’ with respect to ‘real’ fairies was to continue with this encounter.

As you are walking along the path up through the gorge it winds back and forwards from one side of the valley to the other and crossing the river via wooden bridges.

Fancy foot bridge within Hareshaw Lynn gorge (C) IanGClark (none commercial use)
Fancy foot bridge within Hareshaw Linn gorge (C)

It was as I approached one of these bridges on the left side going up that I started to feel the presence of ‘something’, so I stood to one side and gave myself a few minutes to more deeply ‘feel’ into this ‘presence’, to find ‘where’ it was and what ‘IT’ was.

I gradually became aware that the ‘presence’ was in the undergrowth off to the left of the path and as I focused my senses on that area the presence gradually ‘resolved’ into a thin figure that looked to be quite tall (relatively speaking) and it was wearing green.

It was a confusing combination and so, once again I was having trouble figuring out what it might be?

As it was predominantly green in colour and for some reason I had fairies as being ‘white’ then I thought it might be a pixie, on the other hand I was pretty sure that pixies were supposed to be very small while this figure was quite tall!!! So, what was it?

How to Know when a Fairy is really a Real Fairy?

The figure was sitting in a tree at the point where the branches of the tree splayed out about 4 or 5 feet off the ground. So, it was in that sense pretty much in the very same environment as the first fairy I had encountered. They do seem to have a preference for a tree that has an open branched area part way up to ‘lounge’ or position themselves in.

Hareshaw linn gorge stream
Hareshaw Linn gorge stream (C) Dan Hargreaves

While pondering and trying to decide what sort of nature spirit it was it seemed to get down from the tree and then presented itself as standing beside it. I was then able to get a better look at it.

It was definitely tall, perhaps 4 feet tall and it did seem to have smallish translucent wings.

The other ‘odd’ thing was that this form I ‘felt’ was male and not female. As for some reason I thought that all fairies were female then this also had me stumped classification wise. Just what sort of nature spirit was this?

At this point I mentally started to ask it questions to see what response I’d get . . .

Me – “Hey!! . . . are you a fairy?”
Unidentified Nature Spirit – “Yes”
Me – “Well how come you’re green like a pixie then?”
Fairy – “£%^*$%$?!!! – I’m not a pixie!!!”
Me –  “Hey . . . . Eh!! . . . are you a male fairy? I thought all fairies were female? . . . . . . . ”
Fairy – “I’m a ‘MALE’ fairy”

I could tell that he felt ‘exasperated’ by this exchange and I could just imagine him thinking:

“Don’t humans know anything?”

I’m not quite sure why I thought that all fairies were female. But that’s definitely what my expectations were.

Now, all of this was going on 20 years ago and this encounter was within a few months of me becoming aware of such things. Since then, the accumulation of my ‘understandings’ of the none physical realms have expanded enormously largely due to having a greater variety and diversity of encounters over the intervening time while also spending time ‘thinking’ about reality in a larger sense too.

Are Different Nature Spirits Distinct Specie Types?

In this respect I’m now not sure that all nature spirits actually fall into a distinct ‘species’ type. I’m not even sure that any nature spirit type can even be thought of as a distinctly different species.

Map of Bellingham and Hareshaw linn gorge
Map of Bellingham showing Hareshaw Linn gorge

Because of this I’m now of the mind that what I encountered at Hareshaw Linn that day was perhaps a mixture of different nature spirit types. In other words the nature spirit I saw on that day I now consider was mostly presenting as a ‘fairy’ while perhaps having some ‘pixie’ and even perhaps some ‘elf’ characteristics.

In the physical we are used to thinking in terms of defined ‘species’.

In fact we are ‘trained’ to think in terms of each physical ‘form’ being a ‘defined’ species and hence we end up in ‘thinking’ terms automatically expecting that each form is a species and as such will have specific and defining characteristics.

In this respect, is it sensible to automatically assume that these difficult to access ‘forms’ present in some a none physical space will conform to the same patterns that are exhibited and which we can readily identify with here in the physical?

For example, I’ve noticed that some others encountering nature spirits call all nature spirit types: ‘fairies’ or “The ‘fae'”. In other words some people accessing these particular none physical spaces are automatically describing all these forms in more ambiguous less specie specific terms.

It’s perhaps entirely possible that specific nature spirit groups or tribes present in specific places think of themselves as ‘fairies or ‘The fae’ in the same way as we think of ourselves as being ‘human’?

In which case perhaps asking a nature spirit if they are a ‘fairy’ isn’t sensible?

The Anomalous Presentations of Anomalous Nature Spirit Encounters

The original post that I wrote that described this nature spirit encounter is here. This web site was originally presented to help people become aware of what is possible with respect to nature spirit and other none physical encounters. It was written to HELP people whom themselves wanted to encounter ‘nature spirits’ to have their own encounters.

In this respect then ‘why’ were my original descriptions of my own encounters so ‘brief’ and lacking in detail? I wrote about a 130 words on that page about this encounter and about 1500 on this page.

Why did I not ‘think’ of presenting my moment by moment ‘sensing’ experience that was the reason why I was able to become aware of these things and to directly engage with them in the first place?

Why didn’t I do this when it now seems obvious that what I was presenting was quite pathetic in terms of the detail given for pages that were specifically about helping other people to have their own encounters with nature spirits?

It doesn’t make sense.

It seems to me now that not only is there a so called ‘rational’ attitude intent on discouraging anyone from spending time thinking about these types of encounters even just with respect to the ‘reality’ possibilities these encounters provoke BUT it’s also now very obvious to myself personally as I’m going through my old articles here that people having these encounters (including myself) are seemingly not actually ‘thinking’ very deeply about these encounters either.

Would there be any reason as to ‘why’ reality itself seems to be orientated to dampen down the ‘detail’ as well as the scale of ‘thinking’ with respect to these types of encounters?

Is there any reason as to why people having these encounters themselves don’t seem to be able to think anywhere near as easily or as clearly about these particular topic lines compared to what others would consider to be less ‘weird’ topic or thinking lines.

This has obviously been the case for myself.

After all, it’s only ‘thinking’ isn’t it? It’s particularly only ‘thinking’ when these lines are actually not in the slightest weird to myself.

How to Learn to become aware of Fae, Fairies & Nature Spirits?

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