Tales of different encounters with Dwarfs – the underground nature spirits

I met dwarfs regularly as part of my unfolding journey. The funniest was during a couple of weeks when there were road worksold dwarf crouching at the bottom of the valley close to where I lived.

A real dwarf hitching a lift into town

I traveled this road every day to get to work. Each morning as I waited in the traffic queue for the lights to change a dwarf would jump in and make himself comfortable in the passenger seat. The first time it happened I was quite shocked.

It turned out that he was catching lifts into town and although I asked him if he wanted to be dropped off anywhere in particular he always declined. This went on all the time the road works were present. It certainly made the journeys more interesting and entertaining.

Being passed Spirit Knowledge

dwarfAnother time in the local wood I stopped and sat on a fallen tree stump. As I relaxed and enjoyed the silence an older (and larger than most) dwarf resolved before me. He certainly could have been the dwarf king as he was dressed as one. He approached me holding a large old book in his hands. He was offering it to me. I took it and thanked him. The book in this encounter was a representation of taking in knowledge. At different stages during my spiritual unfolding I am deemed responsible enough to have access to a new level of knowledge and or spiritual awareness. This was a regular event and probably happened at least once a month during the first six years of these encounters. The exchanges were with all sorts of Beings and involved all sorts of items, but they all represented a passing of knowledge or awareness so this was a book of knowledge in energy form.

Dwarf Bread is a bit tough

On the return route while on one of my jogs up the Derwent valley I stopped to watch the sun go down. I was only there for a few minutes when a Dwarf and his son came and sat next to me he. It turned out that they were out for a walk and a picnic.

As I sat there feeling / sensing this interaction his son was doing the typical child type things, leaping over my legs and generally diving about.

At one point I was surprised to find myself being offered a sandwich and a mug of beer. The sandwich was err!!, well tough to say the least but the beer was very good more like Belgium rye beer – I would recommend it.

It was not until a few years later when reading the Terry Pratchett books that I understood how tough dwarf bread can be. Obviously these were taken internally with my energy body within that realm I did not eat anything physically.

Maybe you yourself have had some encounters with drarf’s or other nature spirits? Want to tell us what happened? Write about it in the comment box below. Don’t be shy?