One of my clients Shirley was in a phase where she had been trying to release some painful heart focused trauma energies which stayed blocked no purple leprechauns from another world - not the green commoner garden varietymatter what she did. She has bad heart pains from a blocked emotional heart trauma from a past life.

She has been trying to open these blocks to release the trauma which normally with this healing approach is easy but everything she does is blocked.

Lots of Invading Purple Leprechauns seem to be a healing session distraction

After a day working to do this at home just to make things more complicated her house is ‘invaded’ by what can only describe as invisible called purple leprechauns; basically, she’s got a lot of purple little people jumping in through her front window and then wandering around her house!!!

Although she can see and access other realities and so is very aware of their presence she is trying to figure out what on earth these beings have to do with what she is currently struggling with.

So, she rings me up to get my advice and we focus on trying to reveal who is responsible for the Leprechauns. After some time consuming and very strong focusing efforts we notice two beings at a great distance whom it seems absolutely wont come any closer and as such are obviously trying to avoid being seen/being confronted.

Is this a Past life incarnation or is it an Experience form an Alternate World or Parallel Universe or Magical Realm?

After a while I then realise that even these beings are working for someone else and so we apply another focus to bring this third being forward.

It turns out that Shirley had been a resident on a magical world which of course was where these beings originate.

It is this world where she originally experienced this pain and anguish which these beings had helped her deal with by sealing and keeping these feelings isolated within her.

Healing Efforts Specifically focused on Attempting to Access Previous lives only seem to make things worse?

So, it appears as if it is these ‘distant’ beings whom are intent on blocking her from releasing trauma from past lives and or from other worlds in her past.

The audio below is an edited version of this encounter, with both Shirley and I coherently accessing this alternate world that seems to allow ‘magic’ while on the phone to each other; I live in the UK and Shirley lives in Georgia USA.

If you want to better understand what we were dealing with in this example in actual healing terms and how something done many, many lives ago can still be actively limiting you in the here and now then listen to the following audio as this is an explanation of the purple leprechaun session given to another client when she was dealing with something similar (See the problem with Gods article).

Real Alternate World & Real Parallel Universe Possibilities

Since originally writing the first version of this page I’ve direct experience of coherently accessing alternate worlds that do at times seem to be ‘magical’ and or which allow ‘magic’. In that this site presents a vast number of anomalous and very anomalous experiences then I’ve been trying to figure out ‘how reality would have to be’ to account for these . . . so, over the last few years I’ve compiled evidence that we are duplicated copied people. Which essentially means that ‘YOU READING THIS’ are a copy of someone else living on another world in a parallel dimension . . . despite that this might seems ‘balmy’ I also seems to be able to either access this parallel/alternate universe and or am able to access the memories of the person whose life I am living out . . .

So, if we are duplicated/copies of other people such that our life here is ENTIRELY pre-defined then this means that you have to be ‘cajoled’ specifically with respect to important events as well as important people i.e. specific events and or people YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO EXPERIENCE & MEET AS A COPY OF SOMEONE ELSE . . . now if you aren’t mentally retarded then you’d be able to figure out that ‘key’ people as in a ‘spouse/wife/husband/partner’ and or close friends you will HAVE TO BE MANIPULATED TO MEET, coincidentally we have a massive number of coincidences and so called synchronicities around meeting ‘key’ people . . . plus if you think about this a bit more then you’ll eventually figure out that if you are a duplicate of someone that had an accident then you’ll be manipulated (and then likely experience VERY BAD LUCK) as part of actually having some accident . . . conversely, if you are a copy of someone that didn’t have an accident you are also likely then to have extreme ‘good’ luck with respect to avoiding accidents . . . unfortunately in describing this and laying it all out on another page AND setting up a poll/survey then all of the evidence points to ourselves being duplicated people (you can read this page here:

How a Simulated Copied Person’s Life CAUSES are Calculated to Lead to Specific Already Pre-Defined Future Outcomes – They DON’T Have FREEWILL).

Also, if we are living within an entirely software defined fake reality then we’ll be managed to be unable to properly evaluate logical reasoned as well as rational presentations with respect to OURSELVES  LIVING IN A FAKE REALITY ‘EVIDENCE’ . . . for example if we are living in a duplicated reality then this means that duplicates of ourselves would have designed and built what we are in . . . which ‘if’ they did then we’d be doing the same here (as duplicates living the same life) . . . unless you slow down technological advances . . . so much that they’d never be able to do this . . . BUT if they do slow technological advances down then we’ll have people here with abilities that are due to them simulating someone with advanced NEURAL IMPLANTS . . . coincidentally I’ve a whole series pointing out the anomalous experiences that relate to these two pages of which are:

Compiled Real Evidence of Real Parallel Universe & Alternate World Possibilities

Also to design an entire world you’ve likely be working within a VAST VR Globe while predefining and laying all details of the earth surface throughout all history . . . in other words you’ll have copied duplicated people here with ‘weird’ experiences because they are ‘working in the sky’ within a 3D wireframe globe and global backdrop . . . while they basically ‘PRE DEFINE EVERYTHING’ . . . coincidentally I’ve also compiled all the evidence relating to these possibilities, which you’ll find on this page here:

In other words I’ve already compiled evidence that we’ve parallel worlds, parallel MV’s . . . . the above page also gives lots and lots of links to more pages of evidence too!!!!

Other Interesting Healing Session Examples with Shirley . . .

Shirley also has the following examples of other healing sessions on on another site, just click on the below titles that you are interested in: