The unusual tale of inadvertantly taking home a mermaid while collecting driftwood

mermaid encounter on beachIn early 1996 I went with a couple of friends (Sean and Tassos) on a major drift wood collecting expedition to the west coast of Scotland. We filled the car, it was not impressed – well we did have some two foot diameter tree stumps in the boot and enough small bits to sink a battleship.

On returning home after dropping off Tassos we covered most of the floor space of my dining room with the bits. My friend Joan arrived just as we got back. As we sorted through the wood it became very obvious that something strange was going on.

The ancient art of reading drift wood symbology

Virtually all of Sean’s pieces were of staffs, the smallest was about ten centimetres in height, the largest two meters. Whatever their size they all had animals on them. The largest had a handle which was a perfect storks head, the lower beak of which when looked at from the front was a complete hog. On the other side was both the head of a mouse and another of an eagle. They were all perfect – you could not mistake them and their symbolic representations when you understand Sean’s background. Tassos were all of the ocean, he had whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and so on. Mine fell into one of three categories, the first were all covered in spirit faces (of many very different looking and strange beings), the second had many representations of eyes and the third group were long pieces, undulating, rippling and snake like.

Hidden Symbols of our Multidimensional Past

When you put this into perspective multi-dimensionally then it makes sense. Sean has had many incarnations as Herne the deer hunter. This is the nature spirit which looks after the devas that look after the animal forms – hence all the animal forms present on his pieces and hence the staffs. The staff is a sign of magic through nature. Tassos is from the sea he has had existences as whales and other sea creatures as well as sea spirits – hence all the symbolic representations of this in his pieces. For myself I am here to co-ordinate between many different Beings from many different levels. I have already being doing this in many existences, and have been known elsewhere as a diplomat or negotiator – hence all the different and diverse faces that represent all the Beings that I am working with. I am also here to try and present a better larger picture of ALL THAT IS – to really explain the workings of reality – hence the eyes to represent this larger perspective. The undulating and rippling pieces represent my energy work. Both the eyes and the rippling pieces represent my ability to multidimensionally access and see all? I ripple between realities; the reality walker.

A Real Mermaid had came home with the drift wood

Sean wanted to be introduced to the dining room water spirit (see the ‘Water Spirit‘ article) so Joan helped facilitate this for him. However when he started to describe what he was seeing – a dark haired woman with seagulls flying around her head. Well! I thought – that’s definitely not my water spirit. It turned out that we had somehow managed to bring a mermaid back with all the wood from the beach. She was now standing among the pile of wood in my dinning room (an article with pictures of my house at that time showing a lot of the driftwood and the dining room where the water spirit and the mermaid appeared can be found here).

Now although she was present in ‘energy’ terms she was not ‘visible’ in this dimension. I could ‘see’ her if I tuned into the energy of her and if I stood where she was standing then I could feel what she felt and what it was like to ‘be’ her.

When Tassos heard of the mermaid he immediately came with his girl friend. We each took time to stand in her energy and commune with her. As we did this we would find ourselves undulating at the hips and standing with our feet splayed out. It was also immediately obvious to all of us that she was not happy. This was because although she was not in her optimum environment – that is her equivalent of our deep sea. So, although she is an energy being from another environment by coming with us she had also moved in her own environment and was now well away from the sea.

Time to say good bye to the Mermaid?

Tassos who (for very obvious reasons) became the negotiator between ourselves and the mermaid became completely linked to her and was able to ask questions and hear the answers. As a result of this exchange we were able to call in some light beings and with us all working together we transported her back to her own environment.

Strong connections with the ocean

We could only do this because of Tassos’s incredibly link to the ocean. When we later discussed this deep connection it turned out that he was conscious of swimming with the whales during sleep and (much to the consternation of his girl friend) would often wake with a bed wet with sea water in the morning. The only problem that we had was that Tassos’s connection was so strong with the mermaid and her home environment that we had to frog march him around the room for about twenty minutes to bring him back from his journey with her – he would have been quite happy to stay with her.

I visited the mermaid in energy form a few times in the weeks following. When we explored this incident we were told that it had been set up as part of our education. It greatly facilitated Tassos to get his own awareness and connections into perspective and made him more comfortable and accepting about it. Interestingly enough he was a student at the University where I worked at that time doing Marine Sciences. He later got a research job on a Greek island looking after Monk seals – not a surprise to any of us really?

What do mermaids really look like?

Most pictures of Mermaids tend to be drawn as a human female with a fish tail added and often; lets be quite specific; sexually naked – this last bit seems more a product of wishful imagination rather than a good representation of a mermaid. They are not human and although they may not wear clothes they don’t make a habit of flaunting their sexuality and they are also much more flowing and have something of a magical feel to them which is often not conveyed either. So, the following pictures present much more of the ‘flavour’ or ‘taste’ of how these beings really are compared to other pictures that I have seen.

All of the pictures below are copyright © Stephanie Pui Mun Law and are from the web site shadowscapes. Click on a picture or the banner at the bottom to visit her site.

fantastic picture that very well represents a mermaid

a mermaid picking seaweed in the ocean

fantastic pictures of nature spirits, myths and legends

Are Mermaids Real? How to Connect with or meeting a mermaid

If you want to learn to connect with a mermaid then our exercise ‘Engaging with Nature Spirits‘ is the place to start. Mermaids are definitely worth making the effort for. I would recommend that you read the Introduction to Exercises first.

There is a great informative page here that described mermaids, mermen and other sea and water spirits and goddesses the myths of these in different parts of our world.

Documented Reports of Mermen as an Encounter of the Third Kind on URECAT

There is a page here describing reports of a Danish Royal commission that investigated the existence of mermaids and mermen in 1723.

So, has anyone reading this had any encounters with a mermaid or other nature spirits? Anything? Want to tell us what happened? Write about it in the comment box below. Don’t be shy?