While travelling/vacationing in the south of Brasil (towards the end of the three year phase that I lived in Brazil) we stayed for a few days in a small town called Gramado. Shortly after arriving and finding a place to stay we walked through and explored the town itself picture of green imp(it’s very ‘German’). While checking out a tourist map I spotted a waterfall in the middle of this town which for some reason I really wanted to investigate.

So, Cris (my then wife) and I set off one day to find this place, unfortunately It turned out that the map was typical of Brazil in that it only vaguely related to ‘actual’ reality and so was not in the place marked – however, we did eventually find it.

For a place in the middle of a town it was very pleasant as well as secluded so we sat down for a while and just spent time feeling into the place.

Meetings with Real Gnomes, Dwarfs & Another Water Spirit Within a Restricted Living Space

While sitting there, Cris noticed a variety of discarded bunches of flowers in the stream below the waterfall and then made a comment about it being a place that people came to invoke and work with nature spirits.

In other words the discarded bunches of flowers, implied that there ‘should’ be nature spirits around, which was a little puzzling as we seemed to be unable to could find any!!! Eventually after sitting there for a while, we felt/noticed them well away from where we were (basically, they seemed to be deliberately as far away from us as possible). However, in just continuing to very passively sit there then the water spirit member of this group (which also seemed to include some dwarfs and gnomes) became curious about ourselves and eventually came close enough such that we could start to talk/communicate to her/that form.

These Nature Spirit (whom represent ‘competent’ subtle forms/people) it turned out were used/abused/harassed to help make Love Spells & Love Potions in Attraction Rituals

All of the larger, and obviously ‘intelligent’ as well as ‘responsive/interactive’ nature spirit forms in a basis sense ‘represent’ versions of ourselves whom are NOT INTERFACED TO A HUMAN BODY FORM!!!! All of the larger nature spirits that various people ‘feel and or see’ are basically representative of the subtle form that is of our real body form of our ‘real’ selves as it is when we are NOT INTERFACED TO A HUMAN BODY . . .

So, nature spirits are being presented within our fake reality here specifically to very specific people here whom because they are simulating someone whom actually lived as a subtle form!!! I.e. they have experiences of being a subtle being and hence then have experiences of living as a subtle form within the subtle/none physical environment while interacting with others as subtle beings within that environment . . . basically nature spirits are a way of (exceptionally badly I might add) presenting specific people with experiences they are ‘expecting’ in a way that is very specific to themselves (outside of consensus/shared reality) . . . and this is specifically done because one of the agenda’s of our reality is to try and convince as many people as possible than all the are is the human form and NOTHING MORE!!!!

Turns out that the abused, made to help make Spells Nature Spirit Group are very Wary of Humans

In having a chat with our stream focused nature spirit group it turned out that all of them were very, VERY wary of humans because they were being regularly invoked by some of the people in the local town whom are basically wanting/using them to help make love spells, love potions and attraction via various rituals. Basically, spells etc. all relate to what is ‘possible’ within a parallel as well as very different and essentially invisible reality space that is none physical. This parallel reality is energetic/resonance/frequency based such that spells i.e. being able to influence people at a distance directly or indirectly is a ‘normal’ part of the functioning of the forms/people in that reality (for more details of this read this page here and the following one).

So, the above, coupled with the fact that we noticed that the stream water was very polluted such that the area/subtle space they we’re restricted to was not exactly in a good state all of which was actually contributing to make the nature spirits (subtle forms whom we really are) ill in our terms as they were also using their own energies to do this; leaving less and less for themselves.

In this respect, It is understandable then that they wanted as little as possible to do with humans whom don’t even seem to realise that they are actually INCARNATED VERSIONS OF WHAT NATURE SPIRITS REALLY ARE.

The Gnomes, Dwarfs & the Water Spirit despite being unhappy are also frightened to move home when we Mention this Possibility to them

We asked why they had not moved away, left this place to find a new home (because this had me very puzzled too)!!! However, they then explained that the tarmac road running over the stream above and below the waterfall (and that there was a continuous road/tarmac barrier on all sides, everywhere, basically completely surrounding where they lived) effectively cut this place off and made it very difficult for them to leave (for some reason the ‘tarmac’ seemed to be presenting an impossible to pass perhaps ‘toxic’ barrier). They also said that they were frightened of leaving this place as they did not know anywhere else to go (which if they’ve been containing/limited to this space for many decades would be true).

During this chat the other nature spirits had been drifting over as they were curious as to how involved the water spirit was with us so we ended up talking to them all and we asked them if they would like us to find somewhere for them to move to.

We explained that we could open a dimensional portal (because we’d already done this before a few times, specifically to ‘move/relocate’ nature spirits/subtle forms as I explain on this page here) and move them directly from here and so they did not have to travel in real terms.

Because in their experience humans had always abused them they could not quite get their head around how any humans would do anything to help them. They were even more perplexed that any human would have the abilities to do what we said we could do. So, we explained that we were very friendly with nature spirits, that the land we had owned had many nature spirits there whom we had invited to stay with us and that recently we have moved these friends to somewhere better since we left.

So, still sceptical of us Cris said that she would come and talk to them that night in her subtle energy body form (as the astral body form is a way of allowing specific people here to in hidden/personal to themselves ways to experience themselves as the SUBTLE FORM THEY REALLY ARE) and so reassure them that we knew what we were doing and could really help them. We also explained to them that we would be staying in this area for about 2 weeks and that during this time we would find somewhere for them to move to before we left and that we could open a portal specifically so that they could view/look at the new place before deciding if they wanted to move there or not.

Within a few days we found a new B&B place in the next town (only 4 miles away) and while there we visited a vast local nature reserve within which we find this massive waterfall within it’s boundaries:

large Brasilian waterfall with nature spirits living beside it

And we cannot resist.

Making a Dimensional Portal or Worm Hole to Teleport Some Stuck & Abused Nature Spirits

So we make our way down a wooden stairway that allows us to get as close to the bottom of the waterfall as possible from the closest platform to the waterfall. I then sit and open a portal, while sort of half giggling as I do this because I just know that the nature spirits are not going to Stairs leading down to a huge waterfall in brazilian nature reservebelieve what we have found.

This image represents a dimensional portalSo, we do open a portal right next to the base of the fall providing a direct opening to their contained living area/waterfall place and then I go and invite the water spirit to have a look. As she steps through I also notice that they are all ‘packed’ that they are actually ready waiting to leave. So, it doesn’t take long before they all move through the portal just to have a look at what the water spirit is talking about . . . and ‘yea’ . . . they really cannot believe the place we’ve found for them.

However while they are moving all of their ‘subtle things/items/stuff’ through the portal to the new place, I also notice that they were also pensive, sad about something!!!

I eventually realise/feel that they are all thinking about another nature spirit friend of theirs that was also part of their group in the past whom I eventually realise, actually did manage to cross the road barrier, BUT was then never able to return (he/it couldn’t get back to be with them)!!!

In thinking about this now, it’s likely that the surrounding tarmac barrier/road would occasionally have some road works being carried out that would result in an entire section of the road being completely dug up which would mean a break in the tarmac barrier (until they finished doing what wanted and re-tarmacked the road!!!!)).

So, while moving they are also remembering and also missing their friend too while also being worried about him maybe finding his way back to where they were (during the next road repair efforts) to then find them all gone/disappeared/no longer there.

Creating and Opening a Subtle Reality Worm Hole or Real Dimensional Portal To Teleport Nature Spirits to their new Location

So, you have to get your head around this. While sitting on a wooden seat overlooking this huge waterfall I then in a remote viewing sense internally ranging/scanning down their river that in physical distance terms is about 15 miles from where we are in search for their lost friend. I eventually do actually find him and after having a chat with him to explain what is going in I also bring him to their new living place too.

It is a magic moment to feel and ‘see’ their joy and amazement at their new home/place. We leave them leaping about unable to contain themselves. So, a new home for a water spirit, some gnomes and dwarfs is found.

This nature reserve for safety reasons doesn’t allow anyone closer than about 150 meters from the base of the waterfall so we know that they will be undisturbed by people and that they also have many miles of open river below to explore compared to their old location which only allowed them to move within about a 40 x100 meters tapering space at most.

So, has anyone reading this had any experience of transporting any type of nature spirit or even a ghost through a portal? If you have then write about it in the comment box below. Don’t be shy?

I should point out (as I already have on another pages here) that doing this was somewhat ‘shocking’ in that considering this and then doing it, was all ‘completely’ automatic, i.e. I automatically ‘ABSOLUTELY EXPECTED’ to be able to ‘move’ a bunch of ‘nature spirit/friends’ by opening and then teleporting them through a worm hole!!!

It’s literally taken well over a decade and a half to realise that this is a NORMAL ATTRIBUTE/ABILITY of our ‘real’ likely lying in a pod ‘somewhere’ subtle body form.

Yea, it’s very likely that you reading this completely mistakenly ‘identify’ with yourself as being nothing more than a human BUT your human form is actually nothing more than a remote vehicle/avatar which your real self (as a subtle being/form) is then interfaced too . . . I explain some of the anomalous experiences that we have here that relate to the subtle body form and the environment on this page here, best to read it all, although, as I write this the teleportation information is in a comment!!!!