This was a spiritual awakening and a half. For a research scientist and manager of a laboratory being opened to Herne the hunter encountersabilities to access other dimensions, feel and see subtle energies, subtle energy barriers and commune directly with nature spirits, in one half hour going from being mono dimensional to multidimensional.

My ‘waking up’ happened while with my friend Joan (who was already well in tune with other realities). Our meeting was not coincidental and we instantly felt a very strong connection. The first three to four months of our friendship was spent having lots of incredible multidimensional adventures. Before I start I should say that although prior to this I had one or two strange experiences (as most others have) none of them could prepare me for this.

Drawn to magical places in the local woods

For many years I was repeatedly drawn to spend time at very specific locations in the woods local to where I lived. I took friends to these places but most seemed not to feel the same ‘depth’ as me which disappointed me to a certain extent. When I met Joan it seemed natural that the first thing we do was to explore these areas so this we did.

The first place I took her to was out in the woods a mile or two to the south east of a small town called Hexham (A small market town in Northumberland). We set off walking through the forest, it had been snowing so there was about an inch covering of frosted, crisp snow on the ground which was just enough to give it that ‘blanketed’ feel and special quietness.

Ancient trackers heightened senses

It was about a two mile walk to my special ‘spot’ following an ancient wall in almost a direct line through the woods until you overlooked the ‘Devils Water’ river and then it was a further half a mile west. However, we were maybe a mile up the walled path when we saw two fawns at which point we automatically fell into silence and started to very quietly track/follow them. As we did this I felt/noticed a bubble of energy fold up around me completely surrounding and ‘sealing’ me. I realized/it felt to me that ‘somehow’ I was within the ‘energy/mode/sensitivity’ perhaps used by the ancient trackers and hunters, I knew that no sound could get out and that to a certain extent the ‘energy’ feeling around me was almost moving me through the woods. My senses also seemed to heighten to a point where I could even smell the fawns that we were following (which was very odd because my sense of smell is normally my worst!!!).

We padded through the wood (way off the path/trail) like this for about 15 minutes getting quite lost away from our original track until eventually (and unbelievably) we emerged from the woods at exactly the place where I would sit.

I pointed ‘the spot’ out to Joan, whom excitedly kept asking me if I could see what it was. Well, unbeknown to me (I had all of the time at that spot) been sitting in the middle of a huge tree circle. It was not only very large in size but it was also made of eight separate rings of trees all centred on the exact spot where I would come and sit.

Tree Circle energy point happenings

We both then moved into the centre of the ring; to my usual sitting place and Joan got us to hunker down and place our open palms on the ground so that we may ‘feel the energy’ of this specific place. It didn’t take me long to realize that something was not right as I have skied for years and I know the feel of snow, it doesn’t feel warn to the touch – but this is what it felt like in this spot. I was moving my hands to different places around me and feeling the same thing. Joan then asked me if I could ‘see the energy’. Well as part of me was thinking ‘what is she talking about – seeing energies’ I actually did start to see them, they appeared as cones of flame coming out of my hands that then went down into the ground to a depth of about two meters. Again when I moved my hands around the ‘flames/emission of ‘energies” also moved with them.

Then just as Joan is asking me if I can feel what she describes as ‘earth energies’ coming up and into me/my head a huge beam of white light (about head width/diameter) actually comes down from above me, passes through the top of my head then down through my entire body. It zips down my arms, then my hands, then my fingers until eventually about four to five pencil beams of white light are leaving each finger and linking up with all the trees around us. This energy/beam/’light’ kept coming through me for about three minutes, by which time everything around myself ‘appeared to be’ now be saturated with a brilliant white light. It was as if we were very small ‘light’ people standing on a huge light bulb, I could only make out the trees because they had a faint black outline. That was a spiritual awakening and a half.

Meeting some nature spirits

Joan was aware of what was happening to me and could feel the energies. After a while we both stood up and then made to walk away from the centre ‘spot’ and out of the circle. This proved more difficult than walking in as the combination of our own heightened sensitivity and the ‘apparent’ build up of energies seemed to have resulted in very strong ‘energy field barriers’ presenting at the boundary point of each separate circle of trees. We actually had to ‘forcibly’ push our way out through all eight tree rings. Just as we had exited the last one Joan asked me to now ‘look’ back into the centre of the circle.

I stood quietly and let my senses feel and scan the area that we had come from. Eventually (after likely a few minutes) I began to feel/sense a presence there which then gradually resolved into a black knight on a black horse – a huge horse and a huge man. The horse had the full ‘curtain’ livery gear draped over and around it and the knight had a black helmet and black gloves and boots – black everything. I started to describe the man and his horse to Joan in detail.

My first encounter with the nature spirit pan

At the same time Joan was seeing and describing a ‘man’ of medium build wearing a thin chain mail top suit and dark breeches. The main nature spirit pan playing the pan pipesHe was standing tall and was holding point down a huge ‘light’ sword. The point of this sword was right on the energy centre and the real give away as to who he was were the ‘twig’ antlers that he had on his head.

Normally ‘Pan’ is seen as the goat legged, hoofed and horned being playing the pan pipes that was used by the church as the image of evil – very convenient.

After a few minutes we ‘swapped’ and I became aware of saw and finished describing the chain mail man (Pan) and Joan finished describing details of the black knight (this was how it was to be for the next four months – I was never to be given any opportunity to doubt what was happening).

We then had a ‘woman in blue’ appear. As this was happening I was also getting information directly (just coming into my head). So, I knew that the chain mail man was Pan and that he was responsible for, maybe looked after the energy points, while the black knight was a ranger and guardian – he passes information between the nature spirit groups and also seems to protect specific places. The woman in blue is the highest ‘fairy’ form. She is in charge of all the lesser fairies who look after all the plants and vegetation.

The mythical being Herne the Deer Hunter appears

After about fifteen minutes these interactions seem to be finished and we start to walk off down the path, as we did so we became aware of another ‘form’ behind us and to our right. This new ‘form’ seems to be tracking us and it is on a converging path with respect to ourselves – it/he is getting closer and closer to us as we walk along. Eventually he got so close that Joan and I stop, and we turn to each other to ‘tune’ into this form more. As we did this he came forward very quickly and basically steps into/merges with Joan (who immediately ‘appeared’ to put on six inches in height as well as six inches in breadth).

This being/form then directly ‘spoke/communicated’ to me through Joan. Now up to this point I had been OK with all that had gone on, yes I was somewhat bemused/overwhelmed to say the least but in an overall sense I was fine. However this part/development was really frightening – I did not know what had happened to my friend, was she OK? What was happening to her? It was also at this point all the more worrying as I was relying on Joan’s experience and understanding of these realities to keep myself steady.

Ancient wisdom; a ‘Cup of Knowledge’ is presented

So, in a now somewhat ‘anxious’ state, this being/form starts to speak to me through Joan.

I tells me that they have seen me here a few times and that I have obviously been touched by this place (as I came here regularly to ‘feel’ it). He said a few other things which I cannot remember and then he passed me (in ‘energy’ terms) a beautiful half sphere containing liquid to drink. It took me ages to decide to take this (over what seemed like ten minutes, but was probably two) and then it took me a while longer to realize that I had to drink it (I did and it was very cold).

When I passed it back he then passed me what looked like a small dagger – again it took me a few minutes to decide to take it. When I did, he then stepped out from Joan (who then regained her normal proportions/self) which also allowed me to properly see this being/form for the first time. It was Herne the deer hunter (the Being with the dear skin over the back, as well as a dear/stag head over the top of his with huge stag antlers) – this was a huge guy. This is the being/form whom monitors/looks after the nature spirits that look after the animal (in this wood / the local environment).

Joan told me that the bowl was a ‘cup of knowledge’ and that all the nature spirits around fell about laughing when I drank it because they then realized that what they where trying to give me I already knew I just did not know it myself – this greatly amused them.

Commentary: This walk immediately and profoundly changed my perspective on many things. It made me have to chuck many of my preconceptions out. It forced me to restructure my model of reality to include this new information. For example;

  • That other energy levels, dimensions, planes or whatever exist (that are obviously none physical).
  • That in some way it is possible (and under the right circumstances easy) to see, feel, sense energies and have access to other energy levels/dimensions/planes of existence and be aware of the beings/forms residing there.
  • That information could somehow be placed directly into my consciousness without the use of my normal senses (and without having to actually ‘READ/BE TOLD’ something!!!).
  • That ‘Nature Spirits’ exist, that they are entirely coherent and can interact and hold their own at least as well as we can. Please understand that I do not believe in the existence of ‘Nature Spirits’. Belief is only required when experience is lacking. They exist whether we believe in them or not. Imagine if you can some ‘Nature Spirits’ sitting around in their tea break discussing whether humans exist or not and whether they believe in us, would we cease to exist because they decide we didn’t? I think not.
  • That something much bigger than I had initiated all of this – it was no coincidence – it was a set up. Something had switched on the energy that came through me, and then directed it to the trees. That same something set the whole experience/these encounters up.
  • In an overall sense I was quite accepting of what happened. This was most definitely a wake up call in every sense of the word. The alarm clock had gone off and it was not going to fade into the background under any circumstance and in many ways even though parts of me wanted to go and run screaming over the hills I wanted more, this was more interesting than anything else EVER.

In fact the next few weeks, months and even years have conspired somewhat to make this spiritual awakening seem almost entirely normal and mundane in comparison.