The strange times when I had a water nymph visiting and arriving in the corner of my dining room.

Water spirit in your dining roomWater Nymph encounter in the dining room

About six months after my waking up, during a visit by my friend Joan we found that I had a water spirit (also known as a water sprite or water nymph and Undine)  in my dining room. Most of the time we would find her in one particular place although she was not exclusively stationed there. We think that there must be an underground water hole entrance at this spot because we could not see her spending too much time away from water.

She interacted with me for more than six months from when I first became aware of her. She would often merge her energies with mine if I spent any time in one place in the dinning room. When this happened, I would find myself undulating gently like the ripples of a stream. This seemed to be her way of saying hello.

It took me a while to get used to her presence as I was very visual during this period and it was quite a shock at times to walk into my dining room and see what I in the  first instance thought was as a woman standing in the corner of my dinning room – especially early in the morning when I was not quite awake.

Description of a real Water Spirit or Water Sprite

She was of medium height, and looked like a person made of water, she was many shades of deep green and blue and she constantly undulated as though water flowed within her. She also had longish watery hair and a woman’s face – hence the ‘she’.

Water nymph, water spirit
Water nymph, water spirit

Even now many years later I miss her presence. To a certain extent it felt as if this interaction was part of both of our unfolding education, she was learning things while visiting this humans abode as was I by her presence.

A year before her appearance I had re-tiled the kitchen floor. I was very creative in the house and laid three colours of vinyl tile to created a design that represented the contours of a lake when looked at from above. It would have taken me about half a day to lay the tiles as original 30×30 cm squares. However, this excessive creativity took me at least two weeks using a sharp knife and scalpel to sculpture the lake shape contours from the tiles to completely cover the kitchen floor.

A Lake cut from floor tiles beckoned the Water Spirit

The sculptured tiled lake flowed the full length of the kitchen but narrowed to a channel as it came up against the door leading into the dinning room.

When making that water exit part I had been surprised that I had finished it that way with the open outflow as it actually felt better making it fully enclosed. It seemed to me that I was unknowingly planning for this encounter well before it actually happened.

This outflow through the kitchen door was exactly orientated to where she eventually appeared and stood over a year later which was right in front of my dinning room alcove storage and shelving unit (photo below). Recently (mid 2013) I was returned some photographic albums that I’d lost and amongst them was a photo of the unit I had designed and hand built into the corner of my dining room where the water spirit would appear in front of.

Where the water spirit appeared in my house
Where the water spirit appeared in my house


Pine paneled, hand made, and individually designed kitchen units with 'lake' floor
Pine paneled, hand made, and individually designed kitchen units with ‘lake’ floor

Notice the large ‘wool’ lily pond wall hanging to the right of this alcove space and the curtain to the left that strangely depicts what can only be described as a flowing water pattern. Click on the photo for a larger image. The unit and shelves are all hand made, the drift wood I collected from Northumberland and West Coast beaches and the pottery vases, bowls and ornaments I designed and made to.

Having the water floor representation in the kitchen and the hand built wood unit bedecked with natural drift wood pieces, other, personally made natural paraphernalia while also having the surrounding ‘symbolic of water’ curtains and lily wall hanging probably made it easier for her to stretch away from the water hole spot and enter the dining room and to spend time in the kitchen.

She would sometimes become curious about what I was doing in the kitchen (cooking) and enter the kitchen to watch me.

Which as the kitchen had more wood in it then a real wood and a ‘lake’ floor then she probably felt at home there.

Healing cleansing while interacting with Water Spirits

Water nymphs are good to interact with when you need cleansing which I did as part of my clearing work to raise my awareness and to shift my shit, this was the perfect phase for her to help me to do this.

Have you reading this had any encounter with a water sprite, water nymph, undine or any other water spirit type? Anything? If you have then tell us about your encounter in the comment box below. Don’t be shy?