A day out interacting with the nature spirits at Belsay Hall Northumberland encountering; pixies, fairies, a waterdwarf in the gardens spirit, dwarfs a troll and a nymphile.

Belsay hall groundsBelsay Hall is a magical place, the grounds are extremely well kept and are a natural haven for a variety of nature spirits. There is a secluded quarry garden which joins the Greek style villa with the old castle and it is here that they are most prominent.

Nature spirits seems to appreciate clean, natural and landscaped areas. They are more likely to live and therefore be around in areas free of rubbish and where the nature is treated with respect, care and positive intentions by those both passing through and maintaining the place. This is obviously the case with Belsay.

Taking a spirit girl for a walk

What I write here is the garden encounters we experienced on the same day as the time warp experience in the house. The whole day was quite intense with none stop multidimensional interactions. So, all of the encounters I describe here are with the little spirit girl in tow; keeping us company.

The first nature spirits to be encountered are at the point were we enter the quarry garden proper. This is where you pass through a gate set in a light metal fence. The path goes right then left andBelsay Hall Northumberland grounds you have some trees along the path on the left hand side. Virtually every time I pass here there is at least one fairy sitting in a tree. Sometimes there are two. They seem to like trees that hang over somewhat with a vantage point in the middle. All of these fairies are relatively speaking quite large; they are about one and a half feet tall.

Faeries having fun

A friend that came with me another time was temporarily abducted by one of these fairies and dragged by the hand around the lawns of that area; much to his amusement and more so mine. Watching a six foot six guy with his arm out stretched being pulled around by an invisible fairy is quite a sight. Shouting to ask if he has been taking his medication and does he know that we are due back at the local ‘institution’ in another half hour is a good way of ensuring privacy to our adventures as well as additional mirth.

A little further on from here (about 50m) there is an entrance slit on the left that takes you into a large circular arena type area. This was where I encountered a water spirit standing right in the centre.

Water spirit in a damp arena area

Quite an unusual spot as there is no running water, but this place is almost always damp and this day it was wet. I spent time standing with her and enjoying her resonance.

When I walked out to return to the main path I was completely stunned to see a small being sitting on a tree branch just opposite the entrance. It was swinging its legs back and forwards enthusiastically. It was about a foot tall and completely clothed in vivid green leaves with a small robin hood type cap and green leaf boots. Basically mega green. I had never seem anything so vividly before. I stood transfixed staring open mouthed . . .

Eh! Are you a pixie then?” – “Course I’m a pixie what do you think I am?”

Joan the friend I was with was falling about laughing. “He thinks you’re a bit thick; not knowing what a pixie looks like.” A great little fella; I was very honoured to encounter such a cheeky one as my first. As we continued down the path there were more pixies and some dwarfs on the left – dashing around and behind the pond; keeping out of sight.

First encounter with a real troll

A trollArch way at Belsay hall that had a troll beneathWe then tried to walk under the archway and couldn’t as there was a huge being standing in the middle of it. Great big grey Being, very solid and very definitely not going to move to one side to let us through. This turned out of course to be a Troll.

So do Trolls guard entrances and bridges then?

Or maybe it was just having fun with us? Actually it was not until later that I became aware of the connection between Trolls and there propensity to guard bridges.

This was the first and only time I have come across a Troll at Belsay. I would suggest that there is more chance of seeing the same here as they are deep in the earth rock types and the quarry is probably a good environment to see them on the surface?

I am always aware of pixies and dwarfs in the quarry garden, along both walking areas. They are always around.

A small green man wants a ride?

The strangest encounter of the day occurred as we were driving away and heading for Alnmouth. I became aware of a small green man standing in my lap looking out over the steering wheel. He was about 8 inches tall and very comfortable with me; like he very much knew what he was doing even though he was so small. I was so shocked I almost lost control of the car. I was told that he was a nymphile (whatever that is?)- a very nice Being great fun. He was of course hitching a lift. What a laugh eh!

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So, has anyone reading this had any encounters with these or other nature spirits? Anything? Want to tell us what happened? Write about it in the comment box below. Don’t be shy?