When working at Newcastle University as a junior research associate I was getting a lift into work each day with a friend of mine called Paul.

Each day we by and large followed the same route (depending on the traffic). Most days our normal route would have us driving over the river Tyne into Newcastle on what we called the ‘High Level Bridge’. I’d normally get into work for about 8.30 and so we’d probably be going over that bridge at about 8.15 each morning.

highlevel-bridge-across-tyne-newcastleAs the High Level Bridge road only allows single file traffic each way then in rush hour times we were often in nose to tail traffic and with traffic lights present at the Newcastle end of the bridge we expected and we were used to the possibility of having to stop and start as we were driving over the bridge. So, you can expect that your speed over the bridge will likely not exceed 20 miles per hour and that you are on the look out for the car in front having to slow quickly or even of stopping completely because on most days this would happen at least a few times.

Paul was a good driver such that it was very rare (once or twice I think over probably a 2-3 year period) that I found myself feeling it necessary to warn him that the car in front was getting dangerously close (in my terms).

Passenger & Driver Both Blacking Out While Driving Over a Bridge Just for a Second or Two

One morning however for no reason that either of us could fathom and particularly Paul we both literally seemed to ‘wake up’ as we drove into the back of the car in front. this was at the far end of the bridge at around the point we where coming out of the bridge tunnel (there is a railway over the top of the bridge).end-of-highlevel-bridge-newcastle

For myself when we hit the other car it really did feel as if I’d just ‘woken up’, although afterwards I could remember the journey as we approached the bridge and some of the start of driving over the bridge until we were about half way across then everything after that was blank until we drove into the back of the car in front.

Thinking about it now we both would have had to have been made ‘unconscious’ for at least a couple of seconds simultaneously for this accident to have happened.

Which is why neither of us could understand how this accident could have happened. How could we both just ‘lose consciousness’ at all let alone both together. It wasn’t as if either of us were dead tired or were having trouble staying awake that morning and Paul’s driving was the same as usual, he wasn’t drifting off or driving differently that day.

Paul was particularly disturbed by this and kept asking ‘What happened? How did that happen?’ as we dealt with the driver of the car we’d hit.

Neither of us had any explanation except that we obviously both felt that something very weird had occurred.

What I now find particularly interesting is that the morning this accident happened was one of those very, very still almost surreal and ‘blanketing’ atmospheric, ‘atmosphere’ days.

It wasn’t foggy it was just very still although it almost ‘felt’ as if it SHOULD be foggy because of the general atmosphere.

Why did this happen on a day that had this specific ‘still and spooky’ atmosphere?

A day with a Surreal, Spooky Paranormal Atmosphere we have an Unexplainable Car Accident

Is this just a coincidence? Are these types of atmospheres deliberately used to dampen down or hide ‘something’? Are they somehow ‘created’ or ‘manifested’ to cover up or keep hidden ‘odd’ reality events?

I should point out that not only do I avoid medical ‘medication’ I’ve never taken any ‘recreational’ drugs of any type ever at any time during my current life. When this particular incident happened I also didn’t drink alcohol either.

Potential Geopathic Stress Underground/Under Bridge Stream/River Car Accident Possibilities

Ages after this happened and ages after I first wrote this page I recalled reading way, way back in the past that the edges of streams or underground water sources can under certain conditions result in geopathic stress AND in some cases this can cause ‘weird’ things/experiences to happen . . . if you check the aerial view of the bridge crossing you’ll notices that we hit the back of the car just after driving above and over the river waters edge . . .

In doing an internet search for information on these possibilities I found a few sources not only confirming this possibility but also implying that geopathic stress is an already known possibility/factor in causing car ‘mysterious’ accidents, the ‘quote’ I give below I found here, which provides way more detailed information covering all sorts of negative geopathic stress possibilities.

EFFECT OF GEOPATHIC STRESS 2.1 Humanhealth. Grmanscientist and a talented dowser, who published a book called “Earth Currents-causative factor of cancer and other diseases” has concluded that 2.5% of the earth?s surface is affected by geopathic stresses i.e. illness causing stresses fromthe earth.Tromp (1949) hypothesized that the human system passing at high speeds through a field would undergo changes on approaching conductor such as agroundwater stream of water and the body skin potential will decrease. He postulated that the relative conductivity of soil and the groundwater stream, along with the speed of movement, conductivity of the atmosphere would affect initial skin resistance. This hypothesis is of specific importance as it relates to the movement of human system with speed over underground water veins. This may throw more light on the aspect of accidents on mysterious spots on highways

so, we’ve a geopathic crossing the edge of flowing water stress factor and we definitely had a mildish weird, spooky atmosphere too. I say ‘mild’ here because compared to other spooky atmosphere days that I’ve experienced it certainly was . . . check out some of the ‘VERY’ spooky weird atmosphere experiences from the list below . . .

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