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General Spiritual, Healing, Approaches & Therapies

Healing systems, energy work, spiritual or energy healing modalities, approaches, systems and therapies

All Things Spiritual Directory – A searchable directory of thousands of spiritual and religious websites. Includes all major topic areas relating to spirituality and religion, as well as forums, polls, books, and all natural products.
Krish Wellness – Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center – Information on System Brahma Satya of Healing and complete healing techniques from reiki energy healing, reiki trainings and Free Consultation for ALL.
PsychicWaves: Authentic Psychic Medium Readings and Professional Spiritual Services by Rev. Jordyn. – Professional psychic medium readings, spiritual counseling, numerology readings, relationship readings, more. Genuine. Honest. Gifted. Excellent rates and references. Documented skills. More than 20 years experience. Free initial consultation.
Self Healing, Self Exploration Resources & Materials – Resources and materials as exercises to target and facilitate resolution of situational, relationship, trauma and various health issues.

Environment, Earth Energies, Gaia, Earth Clearings

Our relationship with the earth, gaia, earth energy clearing, environmental issues

Journey into Nature – Kauai Shamanistic Nature Walks – Enjoy Nature on walks on beautiful Kaua’i, Hawaii, where you will walk through the doorway into the world of magic.

Inner awareness, Inner Communication, Self Exploration

Finding out what’s happening in your inner space your inner reality, dreams, readings, channelling, inner explorations, meditation, intuition

PracticarYoga – A holistic approach to Yoga (in Spanish).
DAILY INSPIRATION on Spiritual Growth – Spiritual Growth: Daily Inspiration & Counseling on Spiritual Growth, Self Realization, Mysticism and Spiritual Healing

New age, Lightwork Focused

New age, ascension, lightwork, healing, services and products

The Aumara Light And Healing Circle – Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing, join us in global healing and meditation, choose your personal healing stone, browse through our inspiration gallery and on-line bookstore, visit our spiritual marketplace, and much more.

Subtle Energies, Subtle Tools & Energy Medicine

Anything with a focus on subtle energies, chi, prana, life energy, energy tools or energy medicine

More than Jewelry, More than Beauty – Jewelry which reaches to the core of your being and facilitates movement within yourself. Completely hand-made by someone who walks the talk, and always one of a kind, these pieces work by triggering the opening of doors within your soul and reveal what is ready for you to look at. Use them as a tool to express more of the real and deep you, from the inside out.

Information Focus on Pagans, Druids, Witches, Spells & Magic

Anything about pagans, magic, spells, witches, wizards, sorcerers and related information (I’m not interested in sites completely focused on ‘selling’ spells)

Fae, Fairies, Nature Spirits, Devas and Elementals

Sites presenting information about nature spirits, devas or elementals how to connect with them and so on

DifferentNature – Nature’s spirits revealed. – Nature spirits reveal themselves in nature photographs taken with a digital camera. What you are about to see will change the way you look at nature forever (facebook page is here).
Dead but Dreaming – This is a blog site about the otherworldly creatures most often known as faeries. They have taken many forms over the centuries, and interact with humanity in a myriad of ways. Are they nothing but the nebulous hallucinations of gullible people, turned into folktales by imaginative storytellers, or are they messengers of deeper meaning accessed by both mystics and the unwary in altered states of consciousness? Maybe both, and much more. They’ll be investigated here from many perspectives, and perhaps some of their secrets will be divested.

Past Lives, Parallel & Other lives, Reincarnation & Ghosts

Sites presenting information, examples, therapy or exercises relating to past lives, parallel lives or reincarnation

Near death experience beyond the veil – Information, resources, lessons, open forum and more about death, near death experiences, conscious dying, life after life, the evolution of consciousness from a near death experiencer’s higher consciousness perspective.
VICTOR ZAMMIT – A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife – A detailed analysis of the irrefutable objective evidence including a study of what happens when you die.
The Beckoning Fair Ones – This site is a catalogue of the many ways we understand our true-ghost encounters as a form of religious experience.

Spirit guides, Spirit Helpers, Awareness Training & Readings

Anything about spirit guides, getting in touch with them; become more aware of them

Gipsy fortune teller – Divination and inspirations paradise. Card reading with playing cards, tarot, I Ching, wisdom and inspirational quotes in a magical web experience.
Spiritual-one – Spiritual-one is a blog on spiritual growth and development.

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