What are ‘Spirit’ Beings, Guides, Angels & Entities?

I’m going to write about beings in spirit, guides and entities here . . . .

What I am going to do is give you a model which although is not ‘exactly’ right it serves two purposes;

  • It keeps it as simple and uncomplicated as possible
  • It sets you up to take on VERY useful attitudes with regards spirit beings, angels, guides, ‘entities’ and so on . . .

What are Ghosts, Spirits, Spirit Guides, Angels and Entities?

In a simple sense it is very useful to think of ANY beings in spirit whether they be guides, angels, spirit guardians or entities as people whom exist and in fact actually live within a subtle environment which is parallel to our own.

It is useful to think of such beings as ‘people’ because you reading this now are in fact nothing more than a subtle being, a subtle entity currently interfaced to a physical animal form body (locally called a human being).

Beings in ‘spirit’ are subtle beings/people that are simply not currently occupying a physical ‘body’ i.e. a vehicle body or physical probe form. You are reading this are a ‘subtle’ being that is currently incarnated, interfaced to and occupying a physical ‘human’ body.


When you die here’, it is the physical body that dies but the subtle energy body form (aka the ‘spirit’, more commonly referred to as the ‘soul’) lives on as the none physical ‘immortal’ being it is. You can think of each interfaced, incarnated human as having two bodies. For my experiences interacting with dead people as ‘ghosts’ then read this article page here: Life After Death Examples, Dead People as ‘Ghosts’ Encounters & Interactions Described.

The physical human body that you and pretty much everyone else ‘identifies’ with here you can think of as being equivalent to a computer game avatar which your real subtle ‘soul’ body is interfaced to. In other words your subtle body form is lying somewhere else with all of it’s senses and perceptions orientated to and focused on the human body you are currently occupying. What you ‘see’ as ‘you’ read this line is actually what your subtle form via it’s senses is seeing through your human bodies eyes transmitted via subtle body interfacing to itself.

So, what we call entities, ‘beings’ in spirit and spirit guides (those whom are assigned to specifically ‘guide’ ourselves while we are incarnated here) are nothing more than other subtle beings whom live within the parallel subtle environment which is separate from our own. This separate environment is of a ‘higher/faster’ frequency or resonance while this physical environment is of a lower ‘denser/slower’ resonance.

It would also be useful for you to start thinking of angels, spirit guides, demons, guardians and so on as subtle soul forms living in the subtle environment whom have a certain role and or reputation and or agenda and or personal interest with regards yourself as this is more accurate than thinking about them in other ways.

What are Negative Entities Attachments & What is their Relationship to Yourself?

Because of what I write above, I actually think of and relate to ALL entities, spirits, beings as people. It took me years to continually adjust my understandings before I could begin to properly think like this; in ways that reflect ‘more’ how things really are.

Negative entities, from the perspective of ‘aware’ incarnated people here are subtle beings that are doing ‘negative’ things to ourselves that we would rather they didn’t do.

Now, not only do you have two bodies BUT before you had your memory wiped you’d have had a subtle LIFE in the subtle strata. Amazingly, just like here you’ll have subtle beings as family, friends and acquaintances AND just like here you are likely to have known subtle people in the subtle environment that for various reasons you didn’t like, didn’t get on with and or had fall outs and or fights with.

Unfortunately, here you are at this very moment interfaced to an physical animal body form while for the most part being completely immersed in this physical life unaware of your subtle origins and past. You are unaware of even where your subtle body actually is because all of it’s attention/your attention is focused on what is going on here. So, what happens when a passing subtle being that you fell out with and whom doesn’t like you notices your inert, laid out subtle body and decides to shout at it and perhaps even prod and poke it with one of it’s subtle appendages?

Understanding the Origins of Negative Entities and Spirit Attachments

So, so called negative entities are in a very basic and accurate sense nothing more than subtle people that YOU IN YOUR SUBTLE PAST KNEW and which you had some falling out or unfinished business with.

Of course, unknown to most people here, we have all been incarnating and having our memory wiped for quite a few lifetimes AND amazingly having lives here with other incarnated subtle people whom for the most part are also completely unaware of these possibilities.

So, in previous, more primitive, more ‘hit someone over the head and run’ past life times, it is very likely that you upset others and others upset you. As you are an interfaced being and any upsets here impacts your subtle form then when people are between incarnated lives then they may also start interfering with your subtle body too.

The above are the most likely scenarios for why you may have an entity attachment.

However, in rare cases some subtle nutcase that you actually didn’t know can of course stumble on your interfaced body and do whatever it wants to it.

Having many past lives here with ourselves being unaware of our subtle form and it’s origins can make things difficult for ourselves at times. For example, in a past life where you harboured a grudge, did not resolve a disagreement, held onto bad feelings or reactions against another then it is highly likely that in your current or a future life when that person lives out ‘matching’ circumstances that closely corresponds to the original ‘difficult’ circumstances then your unresolved issues with this person can impact yourself sub-consciously and cause part of your subtle energy body form to detach and be attracted to this person and this part of your subtle body would then be AND could actually be seen as an ENTITY ATTACHMENT to that person. When this happens you might get insights, intuitions and or dreams of the original ‘negative’ circumstance, you may find yourself having background feeling of being angry with and or belligerent towards ‘someone’ . . . while not being able to become aware of any details or real context.

Each persons entity attachments originate from and keep them connected to the person (whether this person is currently in a body or not is irrelevant). So, energies, soul fragments and subtle energy ‘parts’ from yourself can be someone else’s entity attachment and vice versa.

Some Examples of How Negative Entities & Negative Attachments Arise & Persist . . .

If someone betrayed or seriously hurt you in a relationship such that you really wanted them to never ever find happiness with another then chances are that your energy body will be off trying to sabotage this person every time they try to have a relationship in any future life and of course the opposite is equally true.

If you become jealous of someone and don’t want them to be successful then you could well be sabotaging their efforts as an entity in their life and of course in the opposite scenario they could be sabotaging yours.

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