Being guided to meet my first guide in spirit who came with all of his family and continued to do so though out our association

This set of adventures happened while walking with my friend Joan (whom facilitated my full awakening/first awareness of nature spirits (as described here)) to at Planky Mill again. After a while the path lit up with a white light ‘guiding’ trail which we had to follow.

Unfortunately, this trail, very inconveniently managed to be oblivious of all paths and open areas, it had us climbing over walls and scrambling down gullies and almost (at times) climbing up cliffs. At one point we were led to an open glade which was obviously a place of ‘shall we say’ high energy where we stopped and sat and spent time feeling its native american indianpresence/nature.

While sitting there, I thought I saw a Native American off to one side. However the presence was to fleeting for me to really latch on to. Later as we walked on further through the woods, our light trail split into two.

I knew that I was supposed to follow one trail on my own while Joan followed the other.

I find that Spirit Is Guiding Me Via a Spirit ‘light’ Trail (only seen via inner sight) through difficult terrain Within the Woods?

So, I left Joan and headed through the almost impenetrable (it hadn’t been brashed) pines following my trail. When I eventually emerged, it was at the edge of the steep sided valley. To be honest I was not impressed, they were certainly not picking the easiest route. The trail went straight up the (very steep) valley side. After a few dozen yards I was aware of the Black Knight making his way down towards me on foot.

I eventually realized that he was identifying me as a threat to this area of woodland (he is the guardian/protector of the top nature spirit forms) and in a sense, he was on his way to ‘sort me out’. However, I continued, I moved up, while he came down, while we both got closer and closer, with me trying to explain that I was no threat and would not harm anything . . .

The black Knight nature spirit guardian also appears and does his ‘thing’ Presumably because this is all happening in a Large Generally Mixed Woodland

Eventually we directly met and he somewhat menacingly blocked my path. He was very definitely giving me the impression that he was not going to let me through, and so my anxiety had been rising all the time and I was getting quite scared of this encounter/confrontation with what is essentially the ‘Guardian/Protector’ of the top/main nature spirit forms (including Pan, the ‘Green Man’ and the ‘Herne the Hunter’ form too).

At one point I was trying to reassure him by patting him on the shoulder. However, just as I was doing this I remembered the dagger that I had been given the previous week (during which I had my first encounter with most of the main/top nature spirit forms). So, I got out the dagger and held it up point down for him to see. On seeing this he gave the equivalent of a thumbs up sign and walked off.

So, I continued up the valley side.

This was made more difficult because I had strained both my ankle tendons playing badminton the previous week and they were not really up to this sort of terrain. However I struggled on, got to the top and continued following the trail which came to a stop at a large tree. I looked around expecting to either see something or to have to do something but, as there was nothing I sat down and waited.

A Red Indian Spirit guide Appears with other Spirit Friends all having a laugh . . . Spirit Guides Sense of Humor

After a few minutes a moving ‘Being/form’ came into my awareness on my left. It very much felt as if it was appraising me while also seeming to be quite amused too. I could feel about six others Beings/forms in the background and they were all falling about laughing. I realized that they all thought that it was a scream that I had followed their light trail all the way up the steep valley side through pretty much impenetrable unbrashed trees with my bad ankles.

The Being turned out to be a Native American. His hair was arranged in a strange way and he was wearing a bone shield over his chest – he had a great sense of humour (which coincidentally is fairly essential for anyone working with myself).

After a few minutes I left and made my way back down and re-joined Joan. Joan then amazingly gave me a running commentary of my encounter with the Black Knight she somehow knew what had been going on down to the finest detail. It turned out that the Native American with his wife and family would work with me for a few months to help me on my journey

So, it seems as if My first Spirit guide, a Red Indian appears after a (sort of) ‘trusting spirit’ type test

As we were being made aware of this he appeared on the opposite side of the river to where we were, sitting on a dappled spirit horse. He reared up the horse, waved his victory rattle then spun around and galloped off at high speed through the woods. I felt that I had passed some sort of initiation or test by spirit, this was a good day, it felt really good.

My first spirit guide then had made a dramatic and magical appearance.

Commentary: As this was a continuation of day two of my Multidimensional Adventures, they were intent on keeping me busy and my education intense. These experiences made me more aware of the following:

  • They had wanted to see whether I had the determination to follow the light trail (which was in effect ‘spirit’) even when it got very difficult.
  • Things that we are given by spirit usually have some significance and that this would be revealed at some point. The dagger was in fact a security pass that would allow me to gain access to special multidimensional areas within nature.