This adventure was another one with my friend Joan. At that time I made furniture and would visit Boddy’s fine tools and timber devils arrow standing stone buroughbridge beside Boddy's fine wood and tool storeyard at Boroughbridge I would see and be intrigued by three standing stones set just off the road by the entrance to Boddy’s.

While in the area with Joan we decided to check these stones out. We started by spending time with the one closest to the road which is in it’s own enclosed area – see photo left. We could feel subtle energy running down the side of this one in fact this energy stream made that part of the rock much warmer than the rest.

From this standing stone we set off across the fields to ‘feel’ what we could of the others standingstanding stones in field where we were attached by entities about 100 meters away. However, as we approached these both of us started to feel ‘bad’ vibes. I just felt some uneasiness but Joan was very wary. She stayed back while I went forward to the closer and smaller of the stones – seen in the distance in the photo on the right here. At the point when I put my hand on the stone Joan who was at least 20 meters away by the edge of the field collapsed in great pain and could not move. I hurried over to her and we decided we had to get away, so, that’s what we did. Joan was so immobilised that I had to virtually carry her back to the car. She had been ‘attacked’ by something.

Spirit witch on a broom stick

Sitting in the car she and now become aware that we are both still being attacked by about 4 beings.spirit witch on broom stick attacking Tuning in more deeply we find that 3 of these beings are witches on broom sticks no less (which explains why the attacks were coming through the roof of the car) plus a 4th being whom was working with them but whom is male and looks more like a ‘normal’ negative entity or spirit.negative entity picture

To escape we end up having to drive west about 15 miles before we either shake them off or probably more accurate we leave their domain. All the time while driving they are buzzing us. All in all it was quite a frightening experience that took us a hour or so to recover from and begin to understand.

A witch with caulderon

So, each of these beings is the ‘spirit’ of a witch long dead whom had used the energies of these stones for their own use when they were alive and so in spirit A witch with a crystal ballthey would still turn up on particular dates to do the same. So, we just happened to pick a time when they were active around the stones and they did not appreciate other ‘energy’ sensitive people invading their space.

However, what really puzzled us was that each time we had previously ‘entered’ a negative energy place, we were aware of

psychic or energy protection being placed around us. This would be done automatically by our guides and we would find an energy wall suddenly materialise around us. With our encounters at the Devils Arrow’s this did not happen and after some discussion we came to the conclusion that this had been done deliberately as a strong reminder that we could not rely on our guides to always detect danger and activate psychic protection for us. That sometimes they may not pick up something that we ourselves do. So, they were basically saying that ANYTHING that feels strange / wrong / negative or has a bad vibe then make sure you instigate protection first and to not assume that guides would do this for us.

That was a strong lesson that I held to for many years.

Natural power or high energy places

Although I am very much not recommending that you spend time in negative places you may like to have some tools just in case. In particular for the exercise on making contact with nature spirits it is important that you pick somewhere that does feel good (it may be spooky too) but it should not make you feel uneasy or have any bad vibe.

Power places, attract all sorts of people, beings and spirits whom often are more interested in ‘power’ per say rather than finding their own. As a result many power places are tainted from none loving practices or rituals carried out at such places in the past (or even the present). As in the case of the example above some will be fine except on particular dates that represent the times in the past that any ceremonies or rituals were performed by witches who were probably using high energy times to cast magical spells or to make energies potions perhaps in a cauldron or two? I don’t know too much about ‘witches’ from direct experience myself. Does anyone have any ideas?

Ideas to create barriers of subtle energy or forms of psychic protection

To offer yourself some protection then visualise a strong energy barrier around yourself, like a sphere or egg shape or body shape and make the energy barrier very strong / impregnable. I used to visualise this and also a large multi bladed gyroscope with the energy bands wiping around me all the time to prevent anything getting in.

Examples of psychic protection

Eh!! What can I say? Colours here don’t really matter EXCEPT if they do for you. If you have trained in another life to do this type of thing then you will have a preference for doing things in certain ways which also means that doing them in this past way will be more effective for you. It is a mistake in all of these areas to assume that because something works well for you it will work well for someone else; this is not the case. All of this is about experience, in the moment intent, personal capabilities which are very different from one person to the next as well as what you have used or trained with in other lives. Although here I am offering some advice on energy protection you should be aware that energy protection is a two edged sword; and should be used as a temporary measure only, if you are having to use protection permanently then you have issues to resolve; for more on this read the energy protection notes in the Egyptian past life article here.

Take care in negative energy or bad vibe places

There have been places in some of the woods I have visited where the negative energies were really strong. Some so dreadful that I have had to spend some time during each visit at a distance (50 meters or more away) clearing the negativity and dealing with the beings before it has felt safe to enter the main energy focus area. As a general and very loose rule if you cannot see / be aware of them then often they wont be interested in you (unless you have had associations with such beings in the past (as in past lives) that you are not aware of). It was only when I could access myself that places in the past that I had felt ‘OK’ in would turn out to be ‘antagonistic’ to me when I returned.

Thanks to Chris Lodge for permission to use the second photo in this page. He has a site on standing stones and the like with a page describing the Devil’s Stones with more pictures there – Click Here to look.