reiki healing symbolBefore I was guided to do Reiki I was already doing energy and healing work naturally without any formal initiations or training, I was fully interactive with my guides, fully aware of them able to see them VERY coherently.

When I went for my first Reiki ‘initiation/attunement’ and was presented with both the basis Reiki information and the ‘guidance’ of these Reiki masters I very quickly felt both confused and lost in terms of the confining attitudes and restrictive training presented as a normal part of the Reiki healing system.

The presentation and approach in a general sense seemed to me to be at odds with something presented as and or considered spiritual? Which in my mind is or ‘should be’ about promoting change, openness and creativity amongst other things rather than (for example) exclusivity and restriction.

Natural or intuitive healing Possibilities were neither Acknowledged Nor Respected?

The lack of some of these qualities was confirmed not long after my second Reiki initiation when I was politely (Well actually not politely but I am going to be polite about it) sent to Coventry by the locally, VERY well respected Reiki masters whom I had been working with. This was when I was actually told very adamantly/directly that there were ONLY Reiki energies, and in a manner that strongly suggested that only Reiki energies were ‘right’ or ‘correct’ or the only ones people ‘should be’ using/working with. This was patently not only completely untrue in a general common knowledge sense BUT it was certainly untrue with regards my own very much ‘broader’ experiences.

It was also then made indirectly very clear that I would not be offered a place to do the Reiki Mastership.

As Reiki healing is considered a somewhat essential rubber stamp to ones presentation of energy work I was left feeling somewhat lost and let down by both this episode and the general limiting attitudes and understandings amongst Reiki healers.

A respected offer to receive my Reiki Mastership Attunement

Within a few months however someone who asked for a healing from me and who could feel the quality of what I was working with rather than making an assumption of quality because of a ‘BRAND’ name or a particular presentation offered to give me the Reiki Mastership initiation.

This offer however, still left me puzzled. As I was looking for what would give me a much better alignment with what I was focused on achieving which was about me exploring and finding myself at deeper and deeper levels and this had been amply demonstrated to be lacking within this particular system then why did I feel as if I was being guided to do this initiation?

What Actually Happens During a Reiki or other Healing initiation or Attunement?

Puzzled but following and trusting what I felt was right, I went for this Reiki initiation. It came as no surprise then, that the person initiating me although (like many) was glued to the ‘R’ word system/approach had in fact had many unusual initiations with regards paths that have a much greater and more importantly a somewhat broaded and more open attitude than Reiki. It was these energies that I was here for rather than the Reiki ones. So, I got via a formal Reiki style initiation what I needed from all of the energies that she was connected to. I thank her very much for this opportunity I very much appreciated this.

A Negative, ‘Scale of Awareness’ Limiting Crown Chakra Sealing Cap is detected after a Reiki initiation?

However, a few days later while working with Michael Bradford as part of a self mastership group focused on personal empowerment and self mastership, it was pointed out to me that I had a negative energy cap sealing off access above my crown/crown chakra which was then ‘essentially’ capping/limiting/containing my awareness ability. Let me make this more clear/explicit, this was designed to block and to limit and contain my abilities to become aware of ‘whatever’ when tuning in and evaluating clients in healing sessions. In other words it was designed to prevent me/anyone with this from actually becoming aware of ‘NEGATIVE/LIMITING/CONTAINING’ items such as your subtle body form having negative/limiting implants within your ‘energy field’!!!

Which was altogether very strange because in the last session I had with Michael we had actually identified removed a crown chakra awaneress containing cap from myself before the Reiki initiating weekend making myself very surprised to find that I had another of the same. An energetic sealing cap is just that. It acts as a filtering barrier to seal off or ‘cap’ particular energies and frequencies as well as of cutting or blocking subtle energy connections as well as awareness to other energetic systems and or one’s own inbuilt healing capabilities.

For a more in-depth reading on these areas then read HERE.

Awareness Limiting Crown Chakra Sealing cap removal & disconnection from Reiki energies

This item, it was determined had been placed there as part of the Reiki initiation, this was to try and keep me aligned (or more accurately glued and attached) to this energy system. This apparently happens at the mastership level. This explains why many who start off with Reiki find it so hard if not impossible to move beyond it.

So, I not only removed this cap, but also disconnected myself from ALL the Reiki energies and Reiki support teams (about 20 minutes work) you could say that I de-initiated myself.

Again from the perspective of Reiki people this is an impossibility and of course it is both if you believe it and don’t have either the energy levels or higher level connections and consciousness to support doing it.

Freewill violations by Being bound to a healing system?

People say that Reiki is a good healing system to start out with to learn the basics to be used as an introduction to healing.

I cannot disagree more; Reiki is a front, it is for the most part a means to attract good people to discourage then from REALLY exploring any further by keeping them limited and ‘happy’. It’s AIM is to offer people a limited and ‘nice’ energy set to play with to HOLD people to these levels, limitations and understandings and to keep them there. It ‘by and large’ keeps people bound to certain frequencies AND it contains (dumbs DOWN) and limits awareness of other dimensions, connections to other groups and ways beyond Reiki (or the now many Reiki clones) it also tries to block or limit other MD abilities. It also connects you to ‘feel nice’ energies and as a result often has people become addicted to a regular Reiki fix and this is why there is a standard call sign of ‘Oh!! Reiki is sooo wonderfull . . . ‘

From my own experience is see Reiki is a shiny, sparkly and lovingly presented ball and chain with dire and negative consequences to healing potential, spiritual growth and expanded awareness in the current as well as future lives.

Too much is taken on trust. The authority of the ascended master administration; the spiritual hierarchy is all encompassing. None question it. Although, we are told to exercise discernment we are not encouraged to be discerning towards those telling us to discern. We are not expected to question this government – because that is what it is. Earth at this time presents ALL misalignment’s hugely amplified to its humans residents so that we have a chance to see them. Offerings such as Reiki are about helping you to remain as unaware of things outside of certain boundaries as possible, it helps you to NOT question but to accept AND it encourages you to propagate itself.

One of the gifts of this place is that it OFFERS us 10 times the discerning power compared to any none human. As such it is sad we are not given more freedom to use this environment as it was intended. Perhaps those guiding us are themselves being misguided; they do not question these areas either or why the design to free us has already failed us three spiritual cycles previously and is about to fail a 4th time . . . .

For something more respectable then try Magnified Healing instead

Anyone concerned with their evolution would do well to stay away from Reiki healing, initiations and all Reiki variations. Try Magnified Healing instead a much marginalized approach with only 40,000 known initiations which must be a fraction of the number that have taken Reiki. As Magnified healing offers much more opening, expansive energies, is freer and does not keep you bound to itself and is more powerful than Reiki then of course it is not allowed to attract people rather people are kept away from it.

Quantity as in having ‘MANY’ Healing Initiations are perhaps not a measure of either Quality or Effectiveness

Quantity has never impressed me as a measure of quality. Early last century in the UK the majority of the population used to smoke and you were considered and often treated as an outsider and picked on if you did not smoke. My father as a none smoker experienced this attitude as a teenager to a point where he was bullied to try and force him to take up the common habit – join the sheep.

My advice; take up smoking rather than train in Reiki as you are likely to experience less long term debilitation’s as a consequence while also getting an immediate physical demonstration of how much it will f**k you up in the long term.

The sheer power of Reiki to ensure entrapment and dis empowerment & POOR QUALITY HEALING

Sometime after this capping experience I had a Reiki master come to me wanting advice and help. She had been puzzled as to why her level of awareness and abilities to access had been much reduced since the Reiki mastership initiation. So, as this is someone with inherent natural healing abilities already beyond what Reiki can offer and this demonstrates very well what I am trying to make you aware of here.

The sealing filtering cap is designed to block and limit awareness as well as progress beyond a certain point, in the so rather than her energy cap holding her to what she already had it resulted in her being brought down to the same level as it holds all others to.

Natural Inherent Healing & Awareness Abilities can be Blocked during Reiki healing Attunements & Initiations?

So, rather than leaving her feeling expanded (but capped from further expansion) it actually noticeably ‘REDUCED’ what she already had/her own natural abilities to the level that most Reiki healers are not allowed to move beyond.

As a result she was aware of having much less abilities after the Reiki mastership than before, and had also been feeling disconnected too; that is she had lost energy connections that she had before the initiation because they had been blocked too. This is exactly the effect that the energy cap has on someone with either natural or developed capabilities beyond Reiki; to have them cut off and or reduced.

It would not be incorrect to state that Reiki is a healing limiting and containing system basically just offering the equivalent of a drugged up ‘feel good’ type boost without actually doing much in terms of ‘effective’ healing at all!!!!

Reiki Initiation Cap Reduces Subtle Awareness, Subtle Abilities & Skills & Prevents Healing Expansion

So, we worked together to take away the energy cap and restore her original connections. She could feel the difference straight away; the awareness and capabilities that she had from before the Reiki mastership returning.

Here is an Audio of me explaining this to a client Shirley whom has related experience of limitations to spiritual growth and awareness.

Then she did the most amazing thing; demonstrating the power of the Reiki system illusion, energy drug and resulting spiritual brainwashing. She continued to offer the full Reiki training to others even though she knew from direct experience what had been done to her, she went on to pass the same awareness blocks to others following her.

I found it quite astounding that the manipulation of people involved with Reiki is so strong that even when they are made directly aware of and can feel what has been done to themselves they still revert to passing the Reiki capping curse onto others.

‘But Reiki is just so wonderful’; which of course it is because it is deliberately made addictive.

Will Reiki healing addicts heal the planet?

I don’t think so . . . .

. . . . what I do think is that Reiki addicted junkies will make more Reiki junkies until there is no one left to help you out of the Reiki don’t get healed while made to feel good black hole.

Reiki is a classic example of an energy system being presented as something that it is not. Unfortunately Reiki is not the exception but the norm.

  • These situations were a reminder that you have to generate your own motivation, focus and alignment and don’t assume that what you hear is the truth, no matter how well meaning the people are who speak it.
  • For those with a strong and independent focus to evolve then this often has us guided not to what is aligned but what isn’t so that we can move on from it and deal with any parts within ourselves that resonate in the same way.
  • I have just re-written the first level training manual of my own approach completely for the 7th time in four years. It now not only bears no relation to the last manual in any respect but would be unrecognisable as something with any connection to the first written. This is as it should be; a reflection of your own continuous movement and not being glued to some paint by numbers style healing system . . . . . .

Reiki is also one of those energy systems that tries to keep you tied to it’s energy connections forever and not even just for this life BUT all future lives as well. I’ve also read a few times that you cannot be disconnected, that you will never lose what you are given.

Disconnecting from the Bad Reiki Initiation, Bad Attunements and other Limiting Healing Energy Sources

That you cannot be disconnected from Reiki is actually presented as ‘a good thing’ is bizarre enough but what is worse is that people are so desperate to be part of ‘something’ that they don’t question what this really means.

With Reiki they even take this one step further and force this to be true by trying to cap and so block any expansion beyond it.

You should understand the sheer arrogance of any beings or representatives of an system for them to say or even suggest that there is nothing that can supersede what has been given – i.e. there will be no change or movement – because this is what this really represents . . .

A Guarantee to NOT MOVE

Which is of course wonderful if all you want to do is stay the same and not actually grow?

Do you understand this?

A truly spiritual system would make further movements easy by providing information and the ability to help you disconnect from any and all energies that you have now out grown, rather than keeping you shackled to itself with no way of removing the shackles.

Advice on De-Initiating, De-Attuning or Un-Initiating Yourself from Debilitating Energy Sources

In the comments below I replied to Heather’s comment about disengaging yourself from an initiation with a brief update on my understandings. I’ll expand on this now. We are each living in a virtual reality here and we are each living a script that defines our lives. What is defined in the script determines (by and large) the outcomes with respect to our lives here. So, if you have on your script that you took an initiation then that’s what you get. If in the script you released yourself from the initiation then you’ll be able to do that (or someone else will be able to do that) otherwise it will be difficult or impossible. I’m not a ‘healer’ (I mention this elsewhere) I’m a researcher and I’m a general ‘larger scale’ researcher. In this respect my script allows me to research very broadly. For example I can have an initiation and ‘get’ all that comes with this. If I then find things wrong with the initiation I can ‘research’ and get rid of it. This is also why many healing / medical things work for some people and don’t for others. I also mention elsewhere that I’m very busy and I’m not interested in working with people in any capacity. However, as everything I’ve been doing is about finding ways to deal with negative issues automatically then I’m offering a full automated absent clearing of all subtle crap as I describe on This would include ‘caps’ and disconnecting you from disabling initiation energies. If you are interested then read this page here.

The debilitating Psychotically Positive orientation and Arrogant Reiki attitude phenomenon

Occasionally some people (for example ‘Jaz’) attempt to post comments here that are along the lines of ;

“I recently had my first Reiki treatment, and since the effect was so positive I immediately did my first initiation. I was also initiated into krya yoga at the age of 15. Personally, I’ve had very positive experiences with all of the above. I don’t think Reiki, or any other method is the only one that’s valid. And many people I’ve talked to had excellent experiences with Reiki. But I do think that one’s mindset is important if they want to do spiritual work. People with an arrogant or close-minded attitude will also attract the like. No spiritual school is absolute!”

REALLY!! You imagine that I’m not aware that many people have ‘so called’ positive experiences of Reiki or other energetic ‘ways’? Have you read other pages here or did you comment after reading just this one? I do make a point of ‘pointing’ out my extensive range of experience and MD abilities here. Have you listened to any of the ‘audios’ for example? It’s also insulting to denigrate others experiences or to in such an offhanded manner consign them to a ‘bad’ or close minded attitude that in fact you yourself are displaying. Your comment here about ‘attitude’ is grossly insulting and itself arrogant in it’s tone and an example of a strategy oft used by people whom have zero ability to contemplate assumed ‘negative’ things. So, I’m giving notice here to ANY others offering comments displaying such ‘arrogant and closed-minded’ attitudes. They will be deleted without reply. For those that want to sail along and avoid the ‘contradictions’ then fair enough but then don’t denigrate those that are actually able to turn toward and investigate such contradictions to find out why they occur.

For a page describing how all channeled ‘universal’ healing energies are in fact artificial then read this page HERE.

For a page on exactly how artificial channeled healing energies act on the subtle energy body read HERE.

For a list of many different ways that we are being manipulated to make us lose subtle senses and abilities while also trying to limit direct experience of subtle realities and subtle issue origins read this page HERE.

Reiki Healing Delusions Know No Bounds

After writing the above to make why I’m presenting this page quite clear. I’m still getting ‘stupid’ comments. This below is a comment written by ‘William’ that I’ve moved to the page with my reply to it following. His original comment is HERE way below.

Williams Comment . . .

Since you apparently delete all comments that do not fit your assumptions, I expect this will not be up for long but I’ll offer an observation anyway. There are only two basic motivations, two things that influence our beliefs and actions. I refer, of course to love and fear. Your comments and those of the people whose comments you have left up all strike me as being very clearly driven by fear… fear and misunderstanding. You clearly have no idea of how a Reiki attunement is done and what it’s effect is.

It is true that because Reiki is simply a vibration of pure Source Energy and every person attuned to that Energy will interact with it in their own individual way, there are many different practices all calling themselves “Reiki”. Some are very formalized and inflexible but most embrace the diversity of “Reiki” practices. Perhaps the Reiki practitioners that you encountered were rigid and inflexible and were not offering anything that you found useful but this nonsense about a “Reiki Cap” is just plain laughable and displays a woeful lack of comprehension. Even if a Reiki Master wanted to put such a cap in place it would be impossible. A blockage of the sort that you describe can only be self-imposed. Your fear-mongering on his subject is very, very sad. My own experience has been that Reiki provided a solid foundation for spiritual growth and, far from being a hindrance, provided a springboard to ever-increasing awareness and growth. While my practice is now primarily a Shamanic Lightwork incorporating Crystal Energy Therapy, Arcing Radial Light Healing, Sacred Geometry, Merkaba Energy Fields, and Shamanic modalities including soul retrieval, spirit release, energetic cord cutting, and the Rites of Munay-Ki of the Inkan Shamans, Reiki is still a primary foundation of my work. All of the Reiki Masters that I know have taken their work far beyond simple Reiki and are in no way hindered from exploring any other modality that they are drawn to. Reiki is just one of a myriad of vibrations of Source Energy but it is a very beautiful and powerful energy which provides strength and confidence to grow and expand spiritually and in no way restricts of hinders the practitioner.

In over 4 years you have apparently only had 23 comments that fit your prejudices adequately to leave them up. You have, no doubt deleted many times that number of comments from those who do not agree with your fear-based notions. I challenge you to leave this up and offer a thoughtful response.

My Response . . .

Oh goodie a brainwashed Reiki fan actually manages to leave a comment. As a start William here is a ‘fact’ for you. I’ve not had one comment left ‘against’ what I’m presenting here in at least a year, in fact it’s soooo long I cannot remember it might be two years or more. Any ideas why?

On this page HERE are details of an implant that is found in 99.999% of brainwashed Reiki healers, new age, new spirituality, lightworker types. Guess what it does? Oh dear oh dear what it does is it makes it very difficult for the implantee to actually confront anything even slightly negative, you are just not allowed to rather you are made to run away.

Misunderstandings: Well, it’s difficult for new age healer types to have misunderstandings in terms of what they themselves use or believe in because of another implant they all have which I describe HERE. It’s a fantastic implant to put into people William if you want to stop them from actually thinking about things in any deep way at all. It particularly stops them from becoming aware of the contradictions with regards what they are doing, saying or presenting because it automatically mentally translates terms used in interactions in an effort to persuade people that they are all talking about the same thing.

Fear: Wow what an insult you make there William. As you’ll become aware if you ever actually get round to reading these links then fear is what you end up facing in spades when you actually start finding out what is REALLY going on. On the other hand some ‘fear’ I used to have before I found what was MAKING ME FEARFUL was being dampened down by another implant which again I conveniently describe HERE. It’s an amazing implant William because it does an amazing job of managing the emotions of new age types. It does attempt to dampen down negative emotions BUT that’s just the start. For example it seamlessly manages the implantees emotions so well, that it can even make you feel as if you are engaged with a pure ‘energy source’ when working with particular healing energies. That’s how good it is.

Love: I’ve actually loved myself enough William to make a determined effort to find out what was ‘really’ responsible for my negative issues. I seem to have done amazingly well in this respect because all the issues I wanted resolved which I list on this page HERE are all now ‘properly’ resolved. Fantastic Eh!! and I only actually resolved these when I got ‘woken’ up enough and loved myself enough to leave behind all the junk energy systems.

Pure Source Energy: I’m glad you mentioned pure healing energy sources William because it certainly is an area that is very misunderstood. I’ve a page HERE (although you need to start reading from HERE a few pages before this to understand the context) that describes the Reiki healing energy source in detail. You can get this sort of detail William if you get off your arse, throw out all your assumptions and actually go looking behind the facade. It’s not pretty though, you really do have to get those fear issues sorted before venturing out too far.

Reiki Caps: What sort of experience do you have of ‘cap’ or ‘subtle energetic implant’ type things William? What’s your experience of being aware of and finding and dealing with these types of things never mind of tracking down whose responsible for them?

Although it a bit out of date now, here is some of mine:

Subtle Energetic Implants: As far as I can tell I’m offering one of the most comprehensive and detailed presentations covering subtle energetic implants on the web. Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult for other so called ‘subtle’ aware types to get this detail because when you are hampered by having an implant that actually sabotages your ability to scan the ‘REAL’ energy body while also in many cases presenting ‘fake’ results then this could explain the lack of decent and comprehensive information presented elsewhere. I describe this implant in some detail HERE.

Soul Retrieval, spirit release: and soul fragment retrieval. I’ve done a bit of that too. The weird thing is that my in depth investigations ‘yet again’ seem to cover many areas that others are not aware of. For example are you aware that many negativity cleansing techniques actually work by dispersing away your energy field? I describe these HERE with a list on the following page of the ‘practices’ we’ve specifically identified actually responsible for this (at least at the time that page was written). Some subtle cleansing tech systems do this rather well too which I describe HERE. With the end result that you yourself William will find that you’ve lost between 20% and 80% of your energy body material due to these. While often not being aware of this either.

Here are some comprehensive pages covering soul fragment and soul retrieval in more detail:

Energetic Cords, Ties and Attachments: Got some pages on these too. HERE is one.

Is this ‘thoughtful’ and comprehensive enough ‘response’ for you William? Are you able to think about your own prejudices that you present here? Or NOT?

The Persistence of Shamanic Lightwork Reiki Wisdom

William didn’t get the message the first time and left another comment which you’ll find below HERE. Within this comment Williams ‘Wisdom’ is in “quotes” and my responses follow once again. Isn’t this fun . . .

Have you had a negative or bad Reiki experience from a Reiki Initiation or attunement?

Has any one else experienced ‘weird’ Reiki (or any other energy system) attunement and initiation ‘oddities’?

Would you like to tell us your story?

Write below . . . . .