When visiting my girlfriend in Brazil I had many healing sessions at a well respected healing centre offering free services to the local community. At this time I was weighed down with fear and terror with no cause and wanted to find solutions outside of medication. This was my first experience of energy healing.healing hands

Living in a bubble of fear and terror?

In July and then later in the year in later September 1994 I visited my then girlfriend in Brazil (this was about a few months before my awakening experience). At that time I was emotionally having a very hard time; I seemed to exist within a bubble of fear and terror. These feelings were very intense (to say the least) and I was getting more and more lost in them. Although there was nothing in my life that I could readily identify as being the cause of these emotions, there was a feeling that they were linked to the relationship with my Brazilian girlfriend. This seemed crazy to me as rationally there was no reason why this should be the case.

While in Brazil however she asked me if I would like to see a healer. Although I knew nothing about healing this offer felt right so I agreed. I also felt that as nothing else was providing an understanding never mind a solution it would be worth trying. So, the arrangements were made and we drove for three hours one afternoon to get there. When we arrived however I was surprised to find that it was a vast healing centre and in fact a central resource for health and healing in that part of Brazil involving about 60 energy channellers.

Healing sessions & Psychic Surgery in a Brazilian community healing centre

This centre operated three evenings each week. They opened their doors at 7.00 and worked until everyone was seen (sometimes not finishing before three in the morning). Although this was a quiet country town, there was no space to park our car within a quarter mile of the building. Some people had driven up to 500km to get to this place and amazingly ambulances were arriving with patients from local hospitals. This was a normal evening for them with a minimum of about 300 people to help.

As soon as I entered the building I knew that I could trust these people and that whatever they did would be fine. I was signed in (everyone was logged onto their computer system) and I had to wait until called. At 7.30 they invoked and invited the Beings from other dimensions that helped with this work. As this was done, each of the healers was entered by a particular spirit and from that point on we were dealing with another consciousness within that body; spirit incorporation if you like. Personalities changed, stances changed, modes of speech and even language changed. It turned out that the spirits used a different language with each other (it was best described as a mixture of African and Portuguese) and only those who had worked there as helpers for many years could understand what they were saying. Very Strange!

Psychic and Spiritual readings made to diagnose conditions

That first evening when I was eventually called, they took me to a room where a general health diagnosis was carried out. The healer / medium placed his hand on my forehead and went into a slight trance. A few minutes later he announced that there was nothing wrong with me from a physical, emotional or mental stance. He then indicated that I should join another queue to get more information.

This second queue was to see the main Being who dealt with problems and challenges of a more spiritual nature. When my turn came and I was seen by this Being I was again ‘scanned’. He then told me that my problems were spiritual and karmic in nature and that I was also a medium (this was news to me) and that I was not doing anything about it (eh, well what do you do about it?). I was recommended to wash using certain herbs and use an invocation while doing this until the next week. I was then led to and asked to wait in another queue.

Intensive Chakra, Meridian cleansing & Energy body clearing

When I got to the front of this queue I was confronted by a man with a knife (Woooh). Who proceeded to very precisely and strongly move this knife over my body (more time was taken over chakra areas and main meridians) following a very definite procedure. They called this psychic micro surgery. They said that it was like having normal surgery and that I would have to rest and take it very easy for at least three days as I would be wrecked. I was given a sheet explaining contra indications as well as of things to do and things not to do.

This last procedure I was told was to open me up. The main consultant had indicated that this was recommended as they needed to have better access to properly understand what was wrong and what they could do to help. So, this was done and I was asked to come back the next week. I spent the next three days completely wrecked most of the time in bed.

Back again for some proper Psychic surgery

The next week found me again having a consultation with the main Consciousness who after spending time ‘scanning’ or ‘tuning in’ to me pointed me in the direction of yet another queue. Here I was asked to lie down on a stone table. There were about 8 people working together for this procedure. One person / Being was in charge and coordinated all that was going on.

So, with me lying down, this person did a general scan of my whole body. He then told me that he would be doing work on my spleen and pancreas and then on my forehead (third eye). He told me to relax and to meditate while they did their work, he said that normally they would get people to say the Lords Prayer but that from his scan he knew that that was not my way. As he started the others there all held up their hands to channel energy to me, I lay back and relaxed.

He started on my abdomen area (spleen and pancreas). It felt as though he was holding his hands very strongly on my body there and moving them in a very vigorous and intense way. It also felt as if there were hands inside my intestine area moving things around generally. The sensation made me want to laugh, something I was desperately trying not to do in case they took this the wrong way.

The whole procedure lasted maybe 10 minutes. Afterwards when I told my girlfriend what I had felt she said that his hands were never closer that 1 foot above my body. So, he never touched me which was amazing because I definitely felt as if someone rummaging around my insides. I was very spaced out and shaky when they finished. I would now describe this as being like a seriously major cleansing.

The psychic surgeon said that his main team of four other beings were not present in this reality. He also told us that a nurse would come every three hours to check me out and help me during the next week. I was taken back by this as firstly this service was not charged for (donations only) and secondly we lived about three hours away. On mentioning this I was told that it was a spirit nurse.

Daily arrivals of the Spirit Nurse are noted!

Again I spent the next few days wrecked. However during this time I would often be startled by a very strong wind approaching – much like a tornado. The windows of the house would rattle very strongly – these was the outer signs of my spirit nurse arriving. This spirit wind happened two or three times each day (that I was aware of) for the next week. Also the first night after this procedure I was told that many lights appeared in my room while I was sleeping and that they spent time around me. This scared the living daylights out of my girlfriend who was of a very scientific persuasion and these happening were pushing her views of reality considerably.

I had my last session at this centre the next week. They did a similar lying down procedure, all the work was to help support and strengthen me as they knew that I would be leaving and would have to endure a long and tiring journey. On retiring to the UK I was at a loss to find another healing connection on my return as this was not an area that I had any experience with although this page here describes my next ‘healing’ session.

This healing centre in Brazil was very open and very non-denominational. They worked with each person as an individual and with their concepts and levels of understanding.

Spiritual Awakening led eventually to deeper understandings

I was in Brazil this time for 3 weeks. During this time I split with my girlfriend. It felt like the only thing that I could do.When I returned to the UK I had my spiritual awakening experience happen about 5 months later and this was the start of deeper awarenesses and understandings (this is described on another page on this site here).

It took me about 10 years to understand what was going on here. Brazil is a country that represents worlds that some soul forms of mine found themselves stuck with.

The values in Brazil very strongly do not reflect my own and they lived in hell trying to retain their values for an exceedingly long time each and being subjected to the suppressions, injustices and uncaring attitudes there. I only found this out while living there with my then partner Cris, where we of course were guided to live in a place where these types of negative values were presented to us every day and yes it was hell.

Life had been repeatedly presenting me with things I did not understand

I could not understand when I worked at the University why I was being connected to so many Latin American people; Brazilians, Mexicans and others. It ended up that my best friend was a Brazilian – a nice guy and I spent time enjoying the Brazilian evenings organised by the Brazilian society. It seemed like I could not avoid this connection, even though I was not attracted to Brazil in anyway, in fact it struck me as odd as I have very strong attractions to many other countries around the planet and Brazil would be way, way down any list of preferences to visit.

I understand this now, this was me being guided to experience the same as my original forms to both release them from what they experienced there and to move beyond what this experience had caused them. In a sense my Brazilian girlfriend was a representation of that experience and being in her presence was bringing out how they had felt. She could not understand why I had to split up and I cannot say that I knew at that time either. I do now though.

Soul level self suppression to survive a suppressive environment

My forms there had to hide themselves, their values and their capabilities to simply ‘survive’. When I lived in Brazil with Cris both she and I needed the same type of presentation to help us make movements. We both did, we lived in many ways by pushing past the boundaries that our original forms had held themselves to; to regain these areas. Since returning to the UK I have been revisiting these worlds in energy terms and for 5 months have been releasing the embedded emotions that my original forms had built up coping in this environment. Time is different here to what these original soul forms experienced and the lives here do not allow an equal representation. I had 5 forms stuck on what I call Brazil worlds and each of these forms spent 5 lives there and each life was 10,000 years long in human terms. Hence I find it difficult to relate to these deeply held feelings that are being released through me. I cannot relate to them because lives here are very short and cannot in anyway represent what my original experienced in terms of long term stress, debilitation and self suppression to survive.

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