Psychic surgery on your own sofa to remove negativity and deep fear as performed directly by a team working in another realmhealing staff of hermes

Fear, terror and panic attacks were the order of the day

At the time of my awakening experience in February 1995 I was still very much pre-occupied with the intense feelings of fear, panic and terror that had started to emerge within me 18 months previously. These feelings had reached a peak of intensity and debilitation in November 1994 about 3 months previous to my awakening experience. Since then, although they were still very difficult to cope with, they had been reducing very slowly and overall I was aware that it was getting better.

Abdominal pains

At the same time I was also having pains in my abdomen area which had first appeared when I returned from Brazil and seemed to be related to the healing I received there. These pains had reached a certain level of discomfort and then remained at that level, I accepted them as part of whatever it was that I was going through.

In the summer of 1995 a few months after my awakening experience my friend Joan came to stay with me. We were sitting in my lounge talking when she announced that she had just become aware of wearing (in an energy sense) the uniform of a nurses and was intrigued as to what that meant? Shortly after that my Spirit Team turned up. This was my Native American spirit guide with his family.

Energetic healing & Psychic Surgery performed & facilitated by spirit guide helpers

His wife came forward carrying a knife and Joan informed me that they were going to carry out some energy surgery. So, lying back on my sofa I went through very much the same experience that I had had in Brazil (as described here) except I was much more aware of what was going on.

I could feel where I was being cut and see what was being removed. It was a deep black lump of what I can only describe as gunge. Joan told me that the psychic surgeons in Brazil had done all they could but that they did not have enough time to do all that was necessary. This was why I felt the pains. So, this work was going to finish off what they had started there.

Black lump of negativity cut out and disposed of

This black lump was the focus of some negativity that I had been building up that was directly related to my response to the feelings I was having of fear and terror. In fact part of me was so attached to this that the spirit team enjoyed themselves by taunting me with it. They held it above me saying ”Are you sure you want to get rid of this?”, ”Are you really sure?”.

It struck me that what I was having done here on my own sofa in Co. Durham was as deep and profound as I had experienced in Brazil. So, one of the understandings that this days experience conveyed to me was that I myself now had some strong capability to connect and resolve things more independently with help from the Beings that I had drawn to me. All that was necessary was that I ask, stay open and go with the flow.

Science and spirit meet . . . . or maybe not

Again for someone of a scientific background and all the distorted preconceptions of reality that this set of beliefs entails then this type of encounter would be considered at best a hallucination and at worst the product of a deranged or psychotic mind. On the other hand until science stops excluding consciousness from it’s model and all that consciousness is capable of then it will continue to be brilliant at manipulating physical reality and producing the likes of mobile phones but a waste of time at understanding the fundamentals of existence and all that is possible beyond the strictly physical.

I am a scientist by training with 16 years working in a medical research environment with scientific papers covering a very diverse base of subject areas. For more on my experience in these areas then read here.

Oh and the abdominal pain; it faded away over the next week or so and the gut focused fear all got easier after this too.