This is an audio of what we encountered while working with a client (Maya) to recover parts of herself. Maya’s childhood circumstances were very difficult and to survive she had to dispose of aspects of herself to cope. One of the really interesting things is that Maya actually some how created the environments we encountered in some other dimension.imaginary and real good monster

Within these dimensional spaces she had hidden parts of herself in features of the landscape and also ‘monsters’ and other beings she had ‘created’. She even talks about the ‘logic’ of keeping important things safe in monster form as no one will ever find them.

So, we had two session bringing everything back. These sessions were quite exhausting taking over an hour for each of continuous accessing / facilitation. From these we present 3 recoveries that represent about two thirds of what we did.

Recovering Imagination, magic and Fantasy

So, in the first audio we go through a portal and enter a magical spooky wood within which she has hidden her imagination, magic and fantasy. The key being a standing stone which dissolves back into her when we start the reclaiming process. Eventually the whole environment ‘vortexes’ back into Maya.

Recovering Awareness

Here we focus on recovering Awareness, this brings us to a monk in a maze which reminds us of someone whom Maya talked to and told everything of her life; like she was passing all of what she was aware of to this person. So, this person represents what she did somewhere else to keep her awarenesses safe, that originally she held these in another realm within a monk lost in a maze? Crazy or what?

Recovering Memory Archives

In this audio we enter a nature spirit land beside an ocean. There are some pixie beings here that she is talking to – telling them what is going on. She remembers as a child always talking to her teddy bear, cat, dog and the dear she had on the families land. She also remembers that she could never remember anything about what she had said to them. This represented what she had originally done somewhere else to archive her memories. Again the whole
environment ‘vortexes’ back into Maya.

After these sessions she start to get more awareness and memory and imagination back both in general and also of her situations as a child. This gives us deeper feedback that allows us to resolve deeper issues lying under these.

More About Maya . . .

Maya also has some examples of healing sessions on my other site to look at these go here – She also makes spirit jewelery and has a personal web site as

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